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What’s up sports fans. Well it happened. I’m sure by now your like me trying to piece together the last 48 hours of the NBA trade deadline, like a bad night of alcohol binging.  You know that feeling of a massive headache, not sure where anything is, and the worst is trying to piece together why you threw you pants in the shower. The good thing is those days are long gone for me. Some thirty years ago in college. I gotta be careful here. I might be revealing my age. The bad thing is we aren’t  in college we are in the present day of the last 48 hours of  the trades,  they’re for real and no one was drunk. Although some people might be thinking Joe Lacob, and Peter Guber were when they made a trade that Warriors fans and NBA aficionados might be scratching there heads about.

After 7 Seasons The Best 2 Guard In The NBA Is No Longer A Golden State Warrior.

I’m sure your well aware that in the last 48 hours the Golden State Warriors traded long time 2 guard, and scoring machine Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks. They also sent a developing and budding defensive standout Ekpe U’doh and 7 foot center Kwame Brown to Milwaukee. In return Golden State got Andrew Bogut and , god I can’t believe I’m about to write this, STEPHEN JACKSON!! Yes, our old Capt. Jack was expected to return to the Warriors. But hold on, wait a minute, the Warriors attempt to make up for this trade, by trading Capt. Jack to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson , T.J. Ford and the Spurs 2012 first round pick. Now I gotta be honest with you in the beginning of this trade I was extremely upset. Because I’m a Monta Ellis fan, and I just couldn’t see the W’s trading him before Andris Biedrins. What is also notable is as much as everyone is warming up to Steph Curry, and I agree, cause I like Curry too.

Ekpe Udoh

Ekpe We Will Miss You

But if I had to pick someone to get traded it probably would have been Steph. Simply because he’s not in my opinion as durable a player as the Warriors need right now. I just thought that Curry needs more conditioning. Well let’s face it, the whole team needs that. But to me if one of them has to go, it would’ve been Curry, with Andris. I also thought Andris would’ve be gone before Ellis would. And how do you just let a rising defensive player like Ekpe go? Okay so, we trade Kwame, which I can see that. He’s injured. But we trade an injured center to get an injured center? If this trade would’ve stayed the way it originally was portrayed I would be still upset. Getting Capt. Jack now is like trying to re-sign Chris Mullin. Don’t get me wrong Chris is a great player, and is in the Hall of Fame, but were not trying to get him to play now. His career is over.

Andrew Bogut Is Now A Golden State Warrior

Kwame-Brown Is Now A Milwaukee Buck

So is Stephen Jackson’s. If he try’s to comeback at the end of this season, who would sign him? I’m not trying to bad mouth Stephen Jackson either, it’s just that it is what it is. You play in the NBA for a time and then you move on to something else. Unless Capt. Jack can prove me wrong, I think after this season I wouldn’t be surprised if he did retire.

Lacob & Guber didn’t get run through the “You screwed the trade up.” ringer long enough before they cleaned it up by getting Jefferson and T.J. Ford. Richard Jefferson is a nice acquisition. Andrew Bogut on the other hand is still a work in progress. Larry Riley was on Comcast Sportsnet last night during the Warriors loss to the Celtics, and stated to Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald that the Warriors doctors believe that Andrew Bogut injury to his leg will heal and he can be ready by next season. This is the problem I have with that prognosis. Doctors make mistakes all the time, and no one can know Bogut’s future, at the end of the day Lacob & Guber are gambling with the fans season with this trade. If it works this post I’m writing will probably get burnt off the internet. But if I’m right you who have read it will be remembering this post. I hope I’m wrong.

Richard Jefferson Is A Golden State Warrior

But they did get Jefferson, and on the business side of the NBA by trading Ellis, U’doh and Brown they’re looking for to the  future results of this trade. The problem I have is that when you look at the franchise track record for trades, it is down right brutal. If your a Warrior fan like me, then you know the saying. If we could bring back every player we’ve traded in the last five years we’d have the NBA championship for the next ten years. Bogut is 7’0 foot at 260lbs. He averaged with Milwaukee 11 points, 8 rebounds with two block shots per game. If he’s healthy he could add what the Warriors want, more beef in the paint. Richard Jefferson is 6’7 at 225lbs. He averaged 9 pts. and about 3.5 rebounds per game. But I think with him it’s playing time. I’ve seen Richard Jefferson light it up when he get hot. Well it doesn’t matter now.

What’s done is done. Warriors executives only want to dwell on the positives of this trade, and this season was short so the trade won’t really matter until next year anyway.  We will see Monta’s reaction on the court tomorrow night when the Milwaukee Bucks take on his former Golden State Warriors. What’s your take on the trade. Tell me what you think. Remember folks, it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


What’s up sports fans? I bet you’ve been wondering why I haven’t put anything in my blog about Golden State’s 2012 season. Your probably wondering why I haven’t put a lot of time in covering at least the first game of the season. I’ll tell you why. Maybe it’s because I feel like this season, even though it is short, is just like every season that preceded it. If by some great miracle that the Warriors get into the playoffs, they most likely will be ousted in the first round. I say by some great miracle because this is a shortened season, So that means their chances are greatly reduced. Now most of you out there who are reading this for the first time might be thinking, that I’m not a Warriors fan. On the contrary.



I’m an enormous fan! I met Charles Johnson or (C.J) when I was nine years old. He used to live right around the corner from me. I still see his sister Michelle everyday on my way to work. No I don’t dislike the Warriors, I love them. But I’m also a realist when it comes to competitive sports, especially the NBA. I’ve been watching it too long to know otherwise. The Warriors owners in the beginning of the 2011-2012 season, as short as it is, wanted us to feel the way we Warriors fans felt back in 2007. We wanted to BELIEVE! But unfortunately the season is turning to be just like most of the seasons we’ve had in the past. Some people will start coming up with just about every solution they think will solve the Warriors winning woes, and put them on the right track.

When it’s obvious that the only way Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are going to get a winning season out of this franchise is to do like all the other winning franchise owners do, spend a boat load of money and get more competitive players. When they do decide to do that, go after the players that know how to win games. Go after Dwight Howard, and when I say go after Dwight Howard go and get him!! Don’t come at him with some rinky dink deal, out bid all the other teams and go get him! Go after Joakim Noah. Go after Rajon Rondo. Go after the players that will win you games. Go after Kobe Bryant if you can. Go after Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, Manu Ginobli, Joe Johnson or Tony Parker. If you need go after Lebron James or even Dwayne Wade.

Whatever player you think will help you win games go after him, and get it done!! Because if you owners think you can stand in front of the crowd of fans, guarantee playoffs by setting up a contract with the fans simply because it brings good PR, and think that’s going to change psychological profile of this franchise, which is to loose, your living in new ownership nieve land. Hey the clippers went after Chris Paul and Chauncey Billips, pair them up with Blake Griffin and where are they now? A top the Pacific Division, sitting at No. 1. Are you listening Mr. Lacob, and Mr. Guber? So far the shortened season and the sea-saw win, loose schedule has shown the same bad formula for Golden State, no consistency for winning games.

It’s sad. I know that when the new owners took the helm, they had good intentions. But really if they mean what they say they will re-evaluate their strategy and put together a plan of action that will get better results. Because right now we’re looking at the same old thing. Opposing teams will come in to Oracle Arena and they’ll be thinking not if they’ll win, but how they’ll win. What do you think? Am I talking loud and saying nothing? Or am I speaking the truth? What’s take on my rant? Send me a e-mail tell me what you think? Remember folk it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!

Giants Celebrate Overtime Win Over San Francisco In The 2012 NFC Title Game


What’s up sports fans? Well we kind of new it could go this way. A way that showed the measuring line of two teams. For the Giants a team of experience and mental stability during a difficult position in a contest. For the 49ers a team with great potential but not experienced enough to get to the big stage. The 49ers don’t have to feel bad about anything. They came to this contest with their game face on, and it showed because even though New York won the game they didn’t run away with the win. They got the win on mistakes. Before the mistakes it was still anybody’s game. Even Tom Coughlin had that look of uncertainty. People will want to get upset at Kyle Williams for making a couple of miscues during crucial moments of the game, but really you can’t totally fault the guy.

What Niner fans won’t and can’t except about the game is it’s history during games like this. You have to credit the N.Y. Giants because they had something the Niners didn’t have in a situation like this, and that is experience. The history of the NFL in championship games is that the team who makes the most crucial mistakes is the team that ends up on the losing end of the contest. I know it’s hard. It was hard for me. I’m a die hard Niner fan, and as much as I wanted to see them advance to one of the greatest accomplishments in ten years, it just wasn’t going to happen that way. Why? Because San Francisco wasn’t experienced enough to be in the Superbowl. Look at what you had in this game. You had the New York Giants a Superbowl team with a Superbowl championship coach. The Giants had Eli Manning, who is experienced when it comes to playing in a NFC championship games.


The Giants had more experienced players on their team than ours. They still had more than 45% of their players from that championship team just a few years ago. On the other side we have the 49ers. A team that had been stepped on for over ten years. A team that needed to send a message to the league that this isn’t the same team you beat three years ago. A team that had to silence it’s nay sayers. They are a team with a rookie head coach in Jim Harbaugh, which when he took the helm at San Francisco many questioned if he knew what he was getting himself into. They had Alex Smith who really the whole league totally wrote off as an NFL quarterback. Vernon Davis and Frank Gore who were still trying to put together winning seasons, only to come up short once their seasons was done. But by the time Harbaugh & Co. got done the league realized they had to take them seriously. Because the team that everyone in the NFL wanted to laugh at was finding them hard to beat.

The Niners put up a 14-4 record for the 2011-2012 season. They have every reason to be proud of themselves. Even Eli Manning stated, “They gave us all they had, and we came up with the win. I’m just glad our guys hung in there. This was a game that could’ve went either way.” Not a bad contest by San Francisco to push the former NFC champions to overtime. Also what is notable is that the Niners are a team that was 6-10 last season. To go from 6-10 to 14-4 is highly unlikely in the NFL. What Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff did in the 2011 season is anything short of a miracle. We shouldn’t scrutinize Kyle Williams for his mistakes we should give him a pat on the back for a great season. Even though he made some mistakes, we true Niners fans know this season is no different than any other season, it isn’t perfect.

To Kyle and the rest of the San Francisco Big Red Machine, we want to let you know, thank you for this season and we’ll be rooting you on next season.The Giants had time and experience on their side. We at San Francisco are just getting started. Best believe we’ll be just as competitive next season as we were this season. Give me your take on next season. E-mail me or leave a comment. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

Alex Smith Celebrates After Running For A Touchdown

Alex Smith Celebrates After Running For A Touchdown

What’s up sports fans? I guess this game was a game of answers. Because even though the Niners closed out the season with a 19 – 17 win over St. Louis, there were still questions over whether or not San Francisco would last in the playoffs, and if Alex Smith would move to the next level amongst the quarterback leaders in the NFL  Everyone in the NFL knew what the Saints could do. The question was if San Francisco could perform at playoff level on the bigger stage. Instead of New Orleans running through the Niners defense with their high flying offense. It was the Niners who scored first and actually was leading 17 – 0 just out of the first quarter. Both scores came on Drew Brees miscues and the Saints turning the ball over.

After this game I have to say that Alex Smith is my favorite 49er. I know a lot of you will say well Richard your just saying that now because they’re winning. The truth is, I thought he was my favorite after the first 4 games of the season. Simply because you have to like a guy like Alex. He endured a very tough road with this franchise. When he was losing I was like most people ready to throw him underneath the bus. I didn’t realize the complexity of his situation. The fact that the guy went through 7 offensive coordinators. It hard to be successful when you have that many people over time calling play and mixing things up so much that you can’t figure out your offense. He endured that and didn’t quit. He stayed with this franchise and continued to go out everyday practice and learn and develop. Same goes to Vernon Davis. He also was with Alex through that time and continued to persevere.

San Francisco has without a shadow of a doubt proven to sports spectators that not only do they belong in playoffs, but they are a serious contender for the Superbowl. Anytime you have a team come up with a win the way they did against a scoring machine like Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, if I’m the other two teams in the NFC right now I wouldn’t take these guy from the Bay Area lightly. The Saints did and look at what happened. The Niners didn’t run away with this one, but the team that was favored to win lost! That too me says that this season is anybody’s season right now. Vernon Davis had almost 200 yards receiving, and two touchdowns. He had a big day with one of those receptions being the game winning touchdown with just 13 seconds left in the game. After the catch Vernon ran over to the 49ers bench in tears. Why in tear you may ask? Consider where Vernon Davis was when he came to this franchise. Consider that he and Alex Smith along with Frank Gore were called the laughing stock team in the lowly NFC West division.

They were told for ten long years, ” The Phony Whiners. You don’t have what it takes to compete in this league, let alone the NFC West.” Tell that to the New Orleans Saints. They’re not thinking that now. This game was emotional from the start, a real roller coaster ride. And now Vernon can get emotional. He has every reason to be. He and the 49ers have earned their right to compete for the NFC title. Alex Smith finished with 24 of 42 for 299 yards passing, he threw three touchdowns and he ran for a 28 yard touchdown, that threw New Orleans defense off because they didn’t see it coming. Alex Smith was providing the offensive leadership this team wanted to see from him in a long time. When the game was on the line he delivered. If your like me a Niner fan, you should be proud of  San Francisco. Even if they don’t win it all this year, we as Niner fans have been given a lot to celebrate this year, from the team by the Bay.

They’ve worked hard, endured the tough seasons but we got something to celebrate because of guys like Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Dashon Goldson, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Delanie Walker, Michael Crabbtree, Isaac Sopoaga, Parys Haralson, David Akers, Andy Lee, Adam Snyder, Aldon Smith, Kendell Hunter, Moran Norris,  Bruce Miller, Carlos Rogers, Ray McDonald, Donte Whitner, Tarell Brown, Ricky Jean Francios, Mike Iupatti, Navarro Bowman, Larry Grant, Ted Ginn Jr., Demarcus Dobbs, Chris Culliver, Anthony Dixon, Tavares Gooden, Anthony Davis, Collin Kaepernick, Ahmad Brooks, Blake Constanza, Tramaine Brock, Chilo Rachal, Jonathan Goodwin, Justin Peele, Joe Hastings, Frank Kilgore, CJ Spillman, Scott Tolzien, Shawntae Spencer, Ian Williams, and none of these NFL players would be able to accomplish what they’ve done this year without Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff.

I also wanted to add that Justin Smith is a Beast!! Can you read this? A BEAST!!! On one play I saw him single handed push the Saints offensive lineman all the way back into Drew Brees, reach over the lineman, and pull down Brees that almost resulted in a sack. The guy is a one man wrecking crew. Our Boys by the Bay deserve a big pat on the back for redeeming in the Bay Area.  So thank you San Francisco 49ers, we appreciate your hard work, perseverence and tenacity on the playing field. But they have another opponent to contend with. Will it be the New York Giants or the Green Bay Packers? And regardless of who it is, can the 49ers get the NFC title game? What’s your take on the playoffs? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!

What’s up sports fans? Did you have an interesting weekend? You probably did with the holidays being here and all. My weekend was the same as any other day. Reason why is because I don’t celebrate holidays. Now I know what your thinking is, “How could he not celebrate holidays?” Well the reason why is because it’s against my faith and I’ve been this way all my life. In any event every year it’s the same. People running around trying to get the special gift for that special someone. Well it appears that Jed York the owner of the 49ers got his gift. The San Francisco 49ers are, yes I know even I can’t believe I’m writing this but here it is. You ready? San Francisco is 12-3 ladies and gentlemen. Can you believe it!! 12-3!!! I’m using so many exclamation points because we Niner fans know what last year was like under than head coach Mike Singletary.

We struggled. We couldn’t wear our Niner gear in style or pride. Now we are the envy of most teams in the NFL. Not to mention we at have just learn that we have eight, count em,  eight players going to the Pro Bowl. San Francisco was behind in this one, down 10 – 3, when Frank Gore ran for a touchdown to even the score. Seahawks did make it interesting though. They relied on the running of their latest runningback  stand out, Marshawn Lynch. He’s called “The Beast” in Seattle. Seattle utilized him to get the first rushing touchdown against the Niners defense this season. Lynch also finished with over a hundred yards rushing at 107. Head coach Jim Harbaugh had the pulse of the game. “I thought it was, like I said, a real good preview for what the playoffs are going to be like,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. “Overcoming adversity. Nobody flinched. We had some real difficult situations, you know, some real pressure-to-perform situations, and our guys performed.”

The 49ers ability to overcome adversity will be the key in the playoffs. What was also significant was that 49er field goal kicker David Akers set another NFL record for field goals with 4 on the day. He now holds the most in the league surpassing Niel Rackers at 42. There was no question that San Francisco’s defense would be tested in this game as the two games before this one, with Patrick Willis still out with injured hamstring. They’ve been resourceful in finding suitable replacements with their starters. Exclusively in utilizing players like Larry Grant who has been a exceptional linebacker to fill in for Willis. He was able to make impact in this game by forcing a fumble and a turnover on Seattle’s Tarvaris Jackson which gave them good field position and the ability to score.  “He doesn’t tuck it at all, he keeps it loose and keeps his eyes downfield,” Grant said. “Knowing he does that, when you’re coming from behind the first thought is you’ve got to rake for the ball.”

Michael Crabbtree had a sensational game with 5 catches for 85 yards, one of them was deep route thrown by Alex Smith for 41 yards.  It’s really the performance we Niner fans would like to see from him because we know he’s that talented. Alex Smith finished with 14 of 26 for 179 yards passing. Both runningbacks scored touchdowns. Frank Gore scored on a 4 yard run in the end zone, and Marshawn also ran the ball in for Seattle’s score. This is the first time San Francisco beat Seattle in Seattle since 2008. The Niners did have one flub and it came when Seattle’s Heath Farwell blocked an Andy Lee punt which set up Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown. As I said Seattle did keep it interesting when Tarvaris Jackson hit Doug Baldwin on a 13 yard pass to put Seattle ahead in the first quarter. He also feels very strongly about Lynch going to the Probowl. “If Marshawn Lynch isn’t in the Pro Bowl, there is something wrong with the voting system. Plain and simple, he’s proved it week in and week out.”

The Niners David Akers missed his first field goal try from 52 yards in the first quarter, and then the San Francisco 49ers let his boot do the talking. Akers hit from 53, 29,  and 44 yards. Davids Akers rewrote the NFL history book with his boot. “All our players and coaches, everybody is really happy for David’s success,” Harbaugh said. “Another great effort by him today.” All San Francisco has to do now is beat the Rams and they will have the coveted No. 2 seed going into the playoffs. Once again you have to credit San Francisco’s defense. They held Seattle to just 72 yards in the second half. The 49ers  coaching staff was so elated that as the game was ending they ran through the press box saying, “Merry Christmas everybody,” as Smith took a knee to drain the final seconds. San Francisco believes they’re in the drivers seat. What do you think? Can they get the No. 2 seed ? Or will it be another up hill battle? Tell what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


What’s up sports fans? Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal continue in their quest to take the PAC – 12 title. They would have to get by Oregon State to receive that title. In the beginning Stanford struggled. In what has been a season of late offensive pushes for the Cardinal. They’ve definitely been a second half team most of the season. It showed against Oregon State, because by the third quarter Stanford was winning but not by much. They were ahead 17-13 and it appeared that the Beavers would make it a contest. Until the Cardinal let a waterfall of offense destroying the Beavers Dam. Stanford went on the win it 38 – 13. Andrew Luck threw for 3 TD’s and 206 yards.

Resilient Luck performed well in the rain and cold to give his team the win. “I think we have a mature football team,” Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck said. “We understood it could be a trap game sandwiched between two great teams but I think our football team is mature enough to understand that if we don’t win this game the rest of the games don’t matter.” He’s right about one thing, if  Stanford loses a game the rest won’t matter, because in the NCAA no team in the country will be scrutinized more by a loss in the BCS than Stanford. Alabama, LSU, or any team in the ACC, Big East, or Big Ten can lose a game and still get the No. 1 ranking and the BCS Championship, but not the Cardinal. If Stanford wants the BCS title they will have to be perfect. We all know that isn’t fair, but that’s how east coast wants it. Hey let’s keep it real.

The east coast decides who gets national titles in college sports, not here in the west coast. The only west coast team that won a national title in the last 20 years has been USC. That’s it. No other west coast football team has won that coveted title, and the reason why is because of the power rankings. It’s true Stanford has a great chance this year and the win against Oregon State move them even closer to the possibility of getting a national title. But until they go undefeated they are going to be only in the top ten. Because that’s the way the BCS will place them and allow teams in the east coast like LSU, Alabama, Ohio State or even Florida to all ways be considered a higher ranked school when it comes to college football. It must be frustrating to head coach David Shaw. He and his team are going to be more frustrated because the win came at a huge loss when Chris Owusu was injured on a hit from Oregon State’s cornerback Jordan Poyer helmet to helmet.

“It was a bang-bang play. The ref saw helmet-to-helmet contact. He’s going to make that call every time,” Poyer said. With Owusu out Luck is going to need someone who can fill his shoes, and we have to admit that is a task that isn’t going to be easy. Owusu draws defenses and allow Luck to hit other targets. Without Chris Owusu Stanford’s offensive depth won’t be as strong. Plus the timing of this loss is crucial. The Cardinal has No. 9 Oregon next week. Think they can stay unbeaten or will they fall to the Ducks? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


What’s up sports fan? Well we’ve watched Stanford appear to be not human when it plays it’s opponents this season. Mainly because really they haven’t had any real competition. But as good as they’ve been playing the collegiate sports world has been labeling them as average. Let’s face it in all my years of watching college football I’ve never in my life seen a team go unbeaten and go from a No. 4 spot in the country to the No. 8 ranking. Unfortunately for our local Stanford football team they are the first to do it. It wasn’t until they beat Washington 65-21 last week that they were ranked No. 8. And maybe it was a mix up in the BCS selection process. I’m writing this and some of you out there probably didn’t catch it when it happened. In any event I listened to KCBS this morning and they had David Shaw commenting on the how they were resilient when they needed to be. That’s exactly what they needed to do to beat USC.

The Trojans were definitely prepared for a competitive game against Stanford’s offense. At one point USC led and it appeared that they would beat the Cardinal, and Andrew Luck for once appeared to be human. He actually threw a interception.  Head coach Shaw stated on the KCBS Sports Desk that he saw Luck seething over his mistake but right after that went to every member of the team and told them, ” Were going to win this game. Don’t worry. Were going to win this game.” David Shaw said, ” After he threw that inception, he hated it. It killed him to make that error. But then he just went to his teammates and let them know he wasn’t going to let them down.  It’s been his resolve his whole college career.  Andrew Luck is a fierce competitor, and I’m just glad he’s on our side. I wouldn’t want to have job of having to coach against him.”

With the Cardinal playing the way they are this season it makes you wonder how this win feels to the starting quarterback, “I might need a couple minutes to digest it, but it’s definitely up there,” Luck said when asked where the night ranked among his football memories. “More than anything, I’m just happy to get a win.” Andrew Luck and Stanford have been doing more than just getting a win. They are now 8-0, and in sole posession of first place in the Pac-12, and they could easily argue for the national title. He was so mad at himself,” said David Shaw “He wasn’t going to let that play lose the game for us. … We put the ball in our quarterback’s hands, put it on his shoulders, and the kid came through.” Luck finished 29-40 for 330 yards, 3 TD’s and 1 int.  Both teams scored in overtime and it just seemed that the team that would lose composure was going to lose the game. It’s hard to watch because really both teams played well except, “No excuse, I just fumbled,” said McNeal,  “I feel like beating myself up, but I’ve just got to keep pushing. I’m going to face worse things in life. I just have to keep my head up.”

Stanford’s dingy defense forced Curtis McNeal to cough up the ball and give the Cardinal the win.  Both teams produced a total  of 948 yards of total offense. Stanford with 516 and USC with 432. The Cardinal remain unbeaten and we’ve just learned that they have moved up in the BCS ranking’s to No. 4 in the country. It does appear that they are on a collision course with No. 6 Oregon. Think they can win the PAC – 12 title? Or are the analysts correct that the other universities like Alabama and LSU are the powerhouses in the BCS? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified.