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Rookie Brett Pill Homers And Then Comes Home.

Rookie Brett Pill Homers And Then Comes Home



What’s up sports fans? It appears the Giants are trying to make the leaders in the N.L West worry a little bit. It started with a game against the San Diego Padres. Giants get a 6-4 win and what was interesting about this win is that Brett Pill got his first Major League home run in his first at bat. Fans were cheering loudly which was kind of ironic since the game was played in San Diego. We at ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM later learned that Brett had a lot of family at the game and they had come to see his first Major League play, and they had no idea that he would get his first homer the first time he went to the plate.  “It’s something you dream about when you’re a kid,” Pill said. “I’ve seen him a few times in the minors, that pitcher, and figured he’d try to throw me a changeup and get me to hit into a double play. He left it up a little bit. When I hit it I kind of knew it was gone, but it was probably the fastest I’ve ran around the bases in a while. It’s just a great feeling.”

Mr. Pill is right about that dream. We’ve all have had the winning moment dream and hoped it would happen to us. It happen to him, and no one was more happy to see it then head coach Bruce Bochy. ” Nice day for those two young players. It’s historic, to hit a home run in your first at-bat. It’s nice to see those guys come out and do what they did and help us win a ballgame.”  It was also nice for the fans. They reason why is that they witnessed a San Francisco Giant prodigy get groomed to represent the Bay Area, and they saw him succeed. He now knows what is to deliver under pressure. What was also significant is that the last time a Giant homered with his first at bat was back in 1986. Giants had guy they dubbed “The Thrill!”. Will Clark did it and you could tell he was going to be somone to watch in the future. Bruce Bochy and the Giants are hoping they find the same in Brett Pill.

Erick Surkamp had a big night also. He struck out two, gave up three runs and five hits, and walk one in five innings. That game gives him two wins to his credit. Carlos Beltran contributed three hits and three RBI’s. The fresh new faces of Pill, Surkamp and Justin Christian who played center is giving Giant baseball what it needs some youth and vitality.   Christian played for the Yankees back in 2008. “It’s fun,” responded Surkamp . “I’m up here, I’m new, it’s awesome.” The Giants are 6 games back of the D’Backs and they don’t look like they’re ready to throw in the towel just yet. We spectators are glad because we’ve watched them go in a slump, but we love our Giants, and we can’t stand to watch them loose. Okay, it’s because were still reeling from last year’s championship run. For  manager Bud Black and the San Diego Padres it wasn’t a good night.

“Wade got some balls up in the strike zone. He just couldn’t get the ball down consistently. They got the bat head on balls just in front of the plate. Had some hard-hit balls to the left side. Wade wiggled out of some jams, so give him credit for that.” San Diego had some fresh new players too that night. Andy Parino hit a sacrifice fly, and so did Kyle Blanks which allowed the Padres to keep it interesting. But there wasn’t a lot of cheering at Petco Park that night. Primarily because of the fact that the Padres didn’t get the win with their new rookies and the Giants did.  Congratulations to Brett Pill and our San Francisco Giants. What do you think? Tell me your side of the story. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


Reds Celebrate Sweep Of San Francisco

Reds Celebrate Sweep Of San Francisco



What’s up sports fans? I tell ya, it’s one of the worst parts of having a sports franchise. When you trade someone and your gut tells you, you shouldn’t trade him because this deal may comeback to haunt you, and then it does. That what happened to the Giants this weekend. From July 29-31 the Giants got swept by the Cincinnati Reds. What’s worse is that the last game they got blanked with a 9-0 loss. That trade that the Giants would like to have back, goes by the name of Renteria. Edgar Renteria reminded the Giants one of the reasons why they won the World Series last year, it was because he and others on the team at that time was putting up clutch hits for them. So how do the Giants reward Edgar by sending him to the Cincinatti Reds.

He even commented that the contract that Brian Sabean offered him to re-sign with San Francisco was, “An insult!” Well as you probably know that with living in the Bay Area, and with living with Bay Area sports history, is that we always trade away players only to watch them comeback here and have a extreme significant part in dismantling our hopes of a title shot. Let’s be honest for a moment. Big name, or veterans sports stars don’t come here to play professional sports, we build them here and send them to give other cities championship seasons. Edgar Renteria and the Cincinatti Reds solidified that fact by sweeping, god I can’t believe I have to write this, by sweeping the Giants in three games last weekend. When you consider my statement earlier about big name sports stars not coming here, look at our last year World Series Champions.

A group of no name guys, but Sabean and the Giants found a way to capture the World title. I betcha one thing for sure by next year if the Giants don’t make the playoffs this season a lot of those names will be most likely playing somewhere else. I’m sure for Giants fans it’s hard to watch Renteria contribute to your teams loss. I said what’s worse already but I have to use the term again, Miguel Tejada is injured and it seems that San Francisco’s been burning through players like it’s the fourth of July and setting off bottle rockets is the in thing to do. The Reds also had Johnny Cueto. I hate to say it but he kept the Giants bats quite. Once again one of our former Giants had a hand in beating us. You remember Dusty Baker. Yeah, the old skipper for us back during the Barry Bonds days.

Well he told Cueto to pitch a complete game for the Reds, and that’s exactly what he did. Cueto pitched a three hitter. We had no answer for that guy, “Dusty asked me for a complete game this morning. I said, ‘I will”’, Cueto said. “I have been working on my mechanics,” said Cueto.  I hope Brian Sabean and the Giants front office have a lot of scotch to drink cause that was a depressing weekend they went soon forget and couple of shots might make swallowing the losses a little easier going down the throat. Dusty was happy,   “We were swept by the Mets and came back to sweep the Giants,” Baker said. “Johnny gave us what we needed. He was masterful. He works hard. He competes. You see him out running line to line. He didn’t get any hits, but works on his hitting and bunting. He is trying to be a better base runner.”

I wonder if Bay Area owners and staff offices are ever going to get it. Yes you can save a few dollars trading someone, but in the end the losses come back to haunt you later. Our guy for some strange reason, Barry Zito couldn’t get it going. What was also strange was that he pitched well in the beginning of the month of July and just disappeared toward the end of the month. There is no question the Giants need more offensive attack against these teams and if they don’t watch themselves they could go into a serious slump and not come out of it. Think San Francisco can rebound or do you think the party’s over? Tell me what you think. Leave me a comment that way I’ll know what’s on your mind. I want your feedback Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

Clayton Kershaw Stymies The Giants.

Clayton Kershaw Stymies The Giants.


What’s up sports fans? Well the “G” Men drop one of the three this last week against the Dodger Blue. What’s worse, we lost to the guy whose for some crazy reason been the one whose had our number this season, Clayton Kershaw. The Giants pretty much had a pitcher dual until late in the seventh inning when Dioner Navarro hit a deep sinker into McCovey Cove, and that’s where it sank for the winning run. “I’ve been trying to reach that was since day one,” Navarro said. “I never could. Not even in batting practice.” What was sad is that Navarro’s hit came on a 1-0 pitch and he got all of it. What is also difficult to swallow is that before that Tim Lincecum was strong in this one.

He only allowed 5 hits in seven innings. He walked four and struck out seven. It really appeared to be anybody’s ball game until the Dioner hit. But let’s face it, in a pitchers dual usually the guy who flinches first ends up losing.  “I flinched first,” Lincecum said. He shouldn’t feel bad. After all Dodgers got that win because they had to show up. Before that game San Francisco beat them on Monday July 18, 5-0, and then on Tuesday July 19, 5-3. So were they looking for some payback? You better believe it. You got to tip your hat to Clayton Kershaw though. The power lefty dropped his ERA against the defending World Champions to 1.41. He definitely gave us something to remember him by. Like in the season opener, he beat us then too. We could only hit 3 times against him in eight innings. He struck us out 12 times, he’s leading the league at 167 strike outs. What’s tough is that the Dodgers weren’t playing well on defense which means this one could’ve been ours.

The problem was that Kershaw continued to pitch well regardless of what his outfield was doing. Dodgers skipper Don Matingly thought he was wearing his star pitcher out.  “I was waffling a little bit, to be honest with you,” Mattingly said of taking Kershaw out before the ninth after 111 pitches. “I just felt like he did his job.”  Waffling? What’s waffling? Some of the words that guys in baseball come up with I just don’t get. What is important is that even though the Giants lose one of three games which is seemingly good, the main thing is that they continue to lead the National League West division. Remember this is a team that got laugh at when the won the world series. I don’t know about you but you win the world series you should start taking that team seriously. But the rest of the baseball country didn’t, and they laughed and said, “San Francisco will be lucky if they even make the playoffs for the 2011-2012 season.” I can tell those people who laughed, they can stop laughing.

The Giants have the best record in the N.L West. They have a two time Cy Young winner in Tim Lincecum. They lead the N.L. West with people injured. I don’t know about you but if they get everybody healthy, and  if I’m an opposing team I’d be worried. I say to those who laughed, stop laughing. The MLB league has to come to San Francisco to get the championship, cause right now it’s in San Francisco. So stop laughing A.L. East. You want the trophy, come and get it. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


A's Savor Their Winning Moment

A's Savor Their Winning Moment



What’s up sports fans. You ever have the re-occurring nightmare that seems to never stop, and the only thing your hoping for is that you wake up immediately? Well that kind of what the Giants went through last weekend. Sorry to say but the A’s had San Francisco’s number, and it 3 games to none. It’s funny I tend to go up to the city because of some acquaintances that I socialize with. So I’m down by third avenue when the Giants games are about to start. Let me tell you you would think they were still in the world series the way people flock to AT&T Park. It didn’t matter how many were there this weekend because they all saw the same thing.

A beat down at the hands of our cross town cousins the Athletics. I must say it was a whipping we had coming. I know Giants fans don’t want to hear that but let’s face it we been whipping on the A’s pretty good here these last couple of years, it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to beat us. I will say that our pitching was better on Sunday then the beginning of the weekend. And I just learned we lost another one to Minnesota 9-2. I think Bruce Bochy is probably going to need a alka-seltzer. “We have to get this offense going,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “It’s been like this for a while. It’s frustrating for us. Guys just aren’t having years they are supposed to have.”

This is the rough part of being a World Series Champion. Trying to repeat. It’s always in question. They ask, “We’ll they repeat as champions. I tell you I wouldn’t want to be Bruce Bochy this season. Last season I would’ve had no problem being him.  He was producing something that hadn’t been done before, bringing a World Championship to a franchise that has over the decades drooled over on success for decades. Now that the Giants have won he’s got to find a way to raise the bar. To make matters worse he’s won in a part of the world where winning is greedy amongst it’s fanbase. We will not stand for anything less. I wouldn’t  be surprised that if Bochy doesn’t find a way to stay in the playoff hunt for another three seasons, he may well be run out of the city of San Francisco in just two seasons.

I wonder how many Landon Powell nightmares he’s been having. Landon Powell was the player that hit the tie breaker in the eight inning to give the A’s the go ahead win.  “Sometimes you’re pitching has to do it, sometimes you’re hitting has to do it,” Powell said after Oakland extended its season-high winning streak to five games. “That’s what good teams are about and that’s what we’re trying to be.” Giants and their fans can’t be to upset, they’re still in first place, and there is still a lot of baseball to be played, but right now the gold jerseys from Oakland California gotta be feeling pretty good they did something a lot of teams have be struggling to do sweep the Giants.   “When you play games like this you just want to keep rolling every day,” Melvin said. “If you stay positive some good things can happen.” I’m still waiting for one of my readers to leave me a comment that proves me wrong. Think the Giants can go all the way, or just make the playoffs? Tell what you think. Remember folks, it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

Aubrey Huff Hits 3 HR's Against St. Louis

Aubrey Huff Hits 3 HR's Against St. Louis




What’s up sports fans? Aubrey Huff managed to get his gear in place before his game against the St. Louis Cardinals and didn’t wonder what the game was going to be like. His wife was celebrating her birthday and she told him to hit a homerun for her. He did, and he just didn’t stop there. Mr. Huff decided he’d add another pair and hit three homeruns, six RBI’s, and the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 12-7 in Missouri and gain a half game up on the Diamondbacks in the National League West division. Before this game Aubrey Huff was hitting 219 batting average. You can probably guess his average went up, because on this day Aubrey Huff made Giants fans, players and Manager Bruce B0chy very happy he was on their team.

“It’s a tremendous day,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “I don’t think it’s any coincidence that he’s getting it going and we’re getting going. It’s a day he’ll never forget and a big day for us.”  It’s also a day none of us will forget either. With this win the Giants are continuing to keep pressure on the division and basically keeping their hat in the fray for contention of the National League West title. St. Louis had decent pitching in the beginning of  the game, but came up short in the sixth when Tripple A call up Lance Lynn was able to strike out only one of four Giants batters. Albert Pujols had a steal, two hits and scored twice, and St. Louis got good production from Colby Rasmus who had a grand slam his second of his career and six RBI’s. But in the end it was too much Aubrey Huff. ” When Huffie gets going, he can carry the team. He did it last year He’s getting that confidence back and his swing is back.”

Freddy Sanchez called it correct. It happens to a lot of players that deal with the long season. MLB baseball players play over a hundred games, and sometimes they can have a bad month and they have to keep competing to pull themselves out of a slump. That’s what Aubrey Huff did. He kept his competitive composure and came up big.  The run in the sixth came when Colby Rasmus overplayed a lead-off double by pitcher Jonathan Sanchez. He drifted to the left when he should’ve went rightt and the ball went into the gap and bounced into the stands. “I kind of gave up on it there a little bit,” Rasmus said. “I ain’t going to blame it on anything, I just missed the play.” The play allowed the Giants to get on base and the rest is just good Giants baseball.

The Giants eventually won 12-7 and even though a lot of people were saying after the World Series that the Giants winning it all was a fluke, the way they are playing the league is starting to take notice of the fact that beating the Giants regardless of whether or not they’re in contention for the playoffs, is still pretty hard to do. “Our numbers were so low it was a matter of time before these guys would get it going,” Bochy said. “We’re getting more consistent quality ABs, and I’m a firm believer that the more opportunities you create, the more times you’re going to score.” What’s also interesting is that this is at a time when two of their best hitters Pablo Sandoval, and Buster Posey are out injured, and the Giants continue to find a way to stay competitive. Think they got what it takes to stay competitive or not? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!

What’s up sports fans? The Giants continue to show and prove that last years championship win wasn’t a fluke. They have probably made a believer out of the Colorado Rockies, especially after this weekend. The Giants move themselves into second place last weekend and they weren’t going to easily give it up. They started by beating the Rockies on Friday May the 6th 4-3, and the “Fear The Beard” Guhru Brian Wilson continued to show he’s like the television show “The Closer.” In the end it was Freddy Sanchez who drove in the winning run which allowed the Giants to win the game.  “We didn’t do anything to lose the game. They just came back and won it,” Rockies manager Jim Tracy said. “They had some good luck in my opinion with some well-placed hits.”

Cody Ross & Brian Wilson congratulate each other after sweeping the Rockies

Wilson struck out two in the ninth to secure the Giants win that night, it continued on Saturday. May 7th Giants beat the Rockies a second time and once again in the ninth inning, and just like on Friday Brian Wilson continued to put fear in the eyes of Rockies batters with the beard. “It’s like last year—there’s magic inside,” Fontenot said after the first game-ending RBI of his career. “It can definitely get us going. To get a chance to come back home and pull off two walk-off wins is huge for us.”  Sunday’s game was not just to beat the Rockies, but I think to also send a message to them that the pressure is going to be on them all season long if they are going to want the National League West title. It just seems ever since San Francisco won their first MLB Championship in San Francisco they’re not only feeling more confident as a team but even the new talent who put on a Giant uniform are feeling like they can beat anyone they play, just ask new Right hander Ryan Vogelsong who helped three relievers close out the Rockies on Sunday 3-0 and allow the Giants to get their first season sweep.

Ryan Vogelsong bringing the heat.

“That’s the best experience I’ve ever had in baseball, to be honest with you,” Vogelsong said. “It was awesome. My first start here as a Giant, and to pitch like that and to have the fans recognize not only the way I pitched but I think also the journey that it’s been … to have them recognize that, that’s what made it the best.” I mean I still remember hearing nay sayers in the off season especially Dodger fans, “Giants have a glass jaw.”, “Their title is a one in a million.” , “They don’t have what it takes to repeat.” Look I’ll be honest, baseball was never my first sport. I’m really a big basketball fan, but last season the Giants made me watch Bay Area baseball again. It was primarily because, let’s face it if your a Bay Area native like me, hey Championship baseball! In San Francisco! C’mon that just isn’t heard of.

But if you capture a title any title, that to me says that you played at a level above everyone else, and even though the Giants only got one title in San Francisco, if I’m a Dodger fan, which I’m not. I wouldn’t say anything to ridicule the Giants. I played sports, and if you taunt someone to much who’s playing against you, they could come back and hit the two run homer to win the game. They could hit the 35 footer with 1.3 seconds left to send the game into overtime, they could even slap a goal in the tiebreaker to seal the win. So to those hecklers I say you probably should be quite and wait till the seasons over, cause the Giants just swept the National League West Division leading Colorado Rockies and they’re in second place.

Not a bad way to start off a season. If the Giants are a one Championship, one hit wonder that’s one Championship anyone in the MLB would love to have. You think I’m joking just ask the Phillies, the Padres, and the Texas Rangers. Brace yourselves Giants fans and you Giants haters it’s yet another fear the beard year and another year of the oh so Orange and Black torture that we love so well, GO GIANTS!!! Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!

Whats’ up sports fans. It was the end of a weekend series and the Dodgers and their fans are feeling pretty good about themselves, I mean they beat the Giants twice, their newly acquired manager Don Mattingly is making favorable references about his new pitching staff and all in good in the land of LA LA. So after a night of rest and total recall, Bruce Bochy decides, let’s not let them forget who they’re playing against. Bochy calls up Matt Cain. The thing about Matt Cain is the guy is a no-nonsense pitcher, he just gets in there and by the end of the game all the batters are thinking, “Dang, the BART train just flew by me.” and they’re right, it did.

“He’s always been tough, but it seems like over the last couple of years, he’s been using more of his pitches and he’s turned into a handful,” new Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said of Cain. The Dodgers did get five hits off of Cain but couldn’t score, and it was through six innings. This is what I’m talking about from Cain, the guy just delivers, and this was huge for him because as much as he delivers every pitcher has an achilles heel, and his was the Dodgers. “It was like kind of looming over me, I never beat the Dodgers, so it was definitely nice to get the monkey off the back last year,” he said. I wonder how it must of felt to be in that stadium, be a Dodger fan after you’ve won two straight and watch you cross state rival come in and beat you by 10 runs and you have no answer.




“Matt Cain was outstanding,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “He had good command of all his pitches. I was confident he would be himself. You could tell he wasn’t hesitant on any pitch.” Now you understand what I mean, when Bruce Bochy says, “he wasn’t hesitant on any pitch.” that’s what Matt Cain does well. He’s very confident of what he’s about to do, doesn’t hold back, doesn’t second guess himself. He’s made his decision and he confident it will work, and most pitchers don’t have that, they will sometimes wonder if the pitch they decided on will work. Cain is pitching well against the Dodgers this year. He’s produced a 1.30 ERA against them, and he’s 3-0 when facing them, even though part of it was from last season. The Freddy Sanchez and Aubrey Huff tandem put together three runs, and Miguel Tejada doubled up on RBI’s with two and the defending World Champions woke up.

“The guys weren’t afraid to get into counts and weren’t afraid to take those two-out hits,” Cain said, “so that shows the confidence those guys have that they weren’t worried about not getting the runners in before and stepping up when they needed to.” The torture crew haven’t beaten the Dodgers that good since 2004 when they matched the same amount of runs. Dodgers brought in their newly acquired pitcher Ted Lilly who they signed in October for $33 million dollars on a three year deal. Giants didn’t care who he was or how much money he made. In the fifth inning the Giants bats went to work.  “Certainly that fifth turned into a disaster,” he said. “I was kind of erratic in the zone. I was throwing strikes, but they weren’t quality strikes. I got behind in the count too many times and didn’t throw quality pitches when I had to.”

That fifth inning Giants exploited 3 runs off of Lilly, and this wasn’t a homerun fest, although Freddy Sanchez did hit a solo home run in the ninth inning, but it was a fest of  singles, doubles, RBI’s and just about anything else the Giants bats could throw at Ted Lilly and the Dodger pitching staff. Miguel Tejada was now getting comfortable with his new Giants team, “It’s really special for me,” said the 36-year-old Tejada, who hit in the leadoff spot with his newest team for the first time since 1999. “We just need somebody to start and then everybody follow. We’re all happy today.” Happy and content because they needed this to remind them who they are, they are the 2010-11 defending World Champions. The only way teams in this league are going to know that, is by the way they play and if San Francisco can keep playing Championship baseball like they did today. Can the Giants retain their torture season championship? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!