This Is Not A Optical Illusion. Yes, You Are Reading This Correctly. The 49er Are 12-3. Twelve & Three People!!! San Francisco – 19 Seattle – 17

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What’s up sports fans? Did you have an interesting weekend? You probably did with the holidays being here and all. My weekend was the same as any other day. Reason why is because I don’t celebrate holidays. Now I know what your thinking is, “How could he not celebrate holidays?” Well the reason why is because it’s against my faith and I’ve been this way all my life. In any event every year it’s the same. People running around trying to get the special gift for that special someone. Well it appears that Jed York the owner of the 49ers got his gift. The San Francisco 49ers are, yes I know even I can’t believe I’m writing this but here it is. You ready? San Francisco is 12-3 ladies and gentlemen. Can you believe it!! 12-3!!! I’m using so many exclamation points because we Niner fans know what last year was like under than head coach Mike Singletary.

We struggled. We couldn’t wear our Niner gear in style or pride. Now we are the envy of most teams in the NFL. Not to mention we at have just learn that we have eight, count em,  eight players going to the Pro Bowl. San Francisco was behind in this one, down 10 – 3, when Frank Gore ran for a touchdown to even the score. Seahawks did make it interesting though. They relied on the running of their latest runningback  stand out, Marshawn Lynch. He’s called “The Beast” in Seattle. Seattle utilized him to get the first rushing touchdown against the Niners defense this season. Lynch also finished with over a hundred yards rushing at 107. Head coach Jim Harbaugh had the pulse of the game. “I thought it was, like I said, a real good preview for what the playoffs are going to be like,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. “Overcoming adversity. Nobody flinched. We had some real difficult situations, you know, some real pressure-to-perform situations, and our guys performed.”

The 49ers ability to overcome adversity will be the key in the playoffs. What was also significant was that 49er field goal kicker David Akers set another NFL record for field goals with 4 on the day. He now holds the most in the league surpassing Niel Rackers at 42. There was no question that San Francisco’s defense would be tested in this game as the two games before this one, with Patrick Willis still out with injured hamstring. They’ve been resourceful in finding suitable replacements with their starters. Exclusively in utilizing players like Larry Grant who has been a exceptional linebacker to fill in for Willis. He was able to make impact in this game by forcing a fumble and a turnover on Seattle’s Tarvaris Jackson which gave them good field position and the ability to score.  “He doesn’t tuck it at all, he keeps it loose and keeps his eyes downfield,” Grant said. “Knowing he does that, when you’re coming from behind the first thought is you’ve got to rake for the ball.”

Michael Crabbtree had a sensational game with 5 catches for 85 yards, one of them was deep route thrown by Alex Smith for 41 yards.  It’s really the performance we Niner fans would like to see from him because we know he’s that talented. Alex Smith finished with 14 of 26 for 179 yards passing. Both runningbacks scored touchdowns. Frank Gore scored on a 4 yard run in the end zone, and Marshawn also ran the ball in for Seattle’s score. This is the first time San Francisco beat Seattle in Seattle since 2008. The Niners did have one flub and it came when Seattle’s Heath Farwell blocked an Andy Lee punt which set up Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown. As I said Seattle did keep it interesting when Tarvaris Jackson hit Doug Baldwin on a 13 yard pass to put Seattle ahead in the first quarter. He also feels very strongly about Lynch going to the Probowl. “If Marshawn Lynch isn’t in the Pro Bowl, there is something wrong with the voting system. Plain and simple, he’s proved it week in and week out.”

The Niners David Akers missed his first field goal try from 52 yards in the first quarter, and then the San Francisco 49ers let his boot do the talking. Akers hit from 53, 29,  and 44 yards. Davids Akers rewrote the NFL history book with his boot. “All our players and coaches, everybody is really happy for David’s success,” Harbaugh said. “Another great effort by him today.” All San Francisco has to do now is beat the Rams and they will have the coveted No. 2 seed going into the playoffs. Once again you have to credit San Francisco’s defense. They held Seattle to just 72 yards in the second half. The 49ers  coaching staff was so elated that as the game was ending they ran through the press box saying, “Merry Christmas everybody,” as Smith took a knee to drain the final seconds. San Francisco believes they’re in the drivers seat. What do you think? Can they get the No. 2 seed ? Or will it be another up hill battle? Tell what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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