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What’s up sports fans? Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal continue in their quest to take the PAC – 12 title. They would have to get by Oregon State to receive that title. In the beginning Stanford struggled. In what has been a season of late offensive pushes for the Cardinal. They’ve definitely been a second half team most of the season. It showed against Oregon State, because by the third quarter Stanford was winning but not by much. They were ahead 17-13 and it appeared that the Beavers would make it a contest. Until the Cardinal let a waterfall of offense destroying the Beavers Dam. Stanford went on the win it 38 – 13. Andrew Luck threw for 3 TD’s and 206 yards.

Resilient Luck performed well in the rain and cold to give his team the win. “I think we have a mature football team,” Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck said. “We understood it could be a trap game sandwiched between two great teams but I think our football team is mature enough to understand that if we don’t win this game the rest of the games don’t matter.” He’s right about one thing, if  Stanford loses a game the rest won’t matter, because in the NCAA no team in the country will be scrutinized more by a loss in the BCS than Stanford. Alabama, LSU, or any team in the ACC, Big East, or Big Ten can lose a game and still get the No. 1 ranking and the BCS Championship, but not the Cardinal. If Stanford wants the BCS title they will have to be perfect. We all know that isn’t fair, but that’s how east coast wants it. Hey let’s keep it real.

The east coast decides who gets national titles in college sports, not here in the west coast. The only west coast team that won a national title in the last 20 years has been USC. That’s it. No other west coast football team has won that coveted title, and the reason why is because of the power rankings. It’s true Stanford has a great chance this year and the win against Oregon State move them even closer to the possibility of getting a national title. But until they go undefeated they are going to be only in the top ten. Because that’s the way the BCS will place them and allow teams in the east coast like LSU, Alabama, Ohio State or even Florida to all ways be considered a higher ranked school when it comes to college football. It must be frustrating to head coach David Shaw. He and his team are going to be more frustrated because the win came at a huge loss when Chris Owusu was injured on a hit from Oregon State’s cornerback Jordan Poyer helmet to helmet.

“It was a bang-bang play. The ref saw helmet-to-helmet contact. He’s going to make that call every time,” Poyer said. With Owusu out Luck is going to need someone who can fill his shoes, and we have to admit that is a task that isn’t going to be easy. Owusu draws defenses and allow Luck to hit other targets. Without Chris Owusu Stanford’s offensive depth won’t be as strong. Plus the timing of this loss is crucial. The Cardinal has No. 9 Oregon next week. Think they can stay unbeaten or will they fall to the Ducks? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!



What’s up sports fan? Well we’ve watched Stanford appear to be not human when it plays it’s opponents this season. Mainly because really they haven’t had any real competition. But as good as they’ve been playing the collegiate sports world has been labeling them as average. Let’s face it in all my years of watching college football I’ve never in my life seen a team go unbeaten and go from a No. 4 spot in the country to the No. 8 ranking. Unfortunately for our local Stanford football team they are the first to do it. It wasn’t until they beat Washington 65-21 last week that they were ranked No. 8. And maybe it was a mix up in the BCS selection process. I’m writing this and some of you out there probably didn’t catch it when it happened. In any event I listened to KCBS this morning and they had David Shaw commenting on the how they were resilient when they needed to be. That’s exactly what they needed to do to beat USC.

The Trojans were definitely prepared for a competitive game against Stanford’s offense. At one point USC led and it appeared that they would beat the Cardinal, and Andrew Luck for once appeared to be human. He actually threw a interception.  Head coach Shaw stated on the KCBS Sports Desk that he saw Luck seething over his mistake but right after that went to every member of the team and told them, ” Were going to win this game. Don’t worry. Were going to win this game.” David Shaw said, ” After he threw that inception, he hated it. It killed him to make that error. But then he just went to his teammates and let them know he wasn’t going to let them down.  It’s been his resolve his whole college career.  Andrew Luck is a fierce competitor, and I’m just glad he’s on our side. I wouldn’t want to have job of having to coach against him.”

With the Cardinal playing the way they are this season it makes you wonder how this win feels to the starting quarterback, “I might need a couple minutes to digest it, but it’s definitely up there,” Luck said when asked where the night ranked among his football memories. “More than anything, I’m just happy to get a win.” Andrew Luck and Stanford have been doing more than just getting a win. They are now 8-0, and in sole posession of first place in the Pac-12, and they could easily argue for the national title. He was so mad at himself,” said David Shaw “He wasn’t going to let that play lose the game for us. … We put the ball in our quarterback’s hands, put it on his shoulders, and the kid came through.” Luck finished 29-40 for 330 yards, 3 TD’s and 1 int.  Both teams scored in overtime and it just seemed that the team that would lose composure was going to lose the game. It’s hard to watch because really both teams played well except, “No excuse, I just fumbled,” said McNeal,  “I feel like beating myself up, but I’ve just got to keep pushing. I’m going to face worse things in life. I just have to keep my head up.”

Stanford’s dingy defense forced Curtis McNeal to cough up the ball and give the Cardinal the win.  Both teams produced a total  of 948 yards of total offense. Stanford with 516 and USC with 432. The Cardinal remain unbeaten and we’ve just learned that they have moved up in the BCS ranking’s to No. 4 in the country. It does appear that they are on a collision course with No. 6 Oregon. Think they can win the PAC – 12 title? Or are the analysts correct that the other universities like Alabama and LSU are the powerhouses in the BCS? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified.

Andrew Luck and The Stanford Cardinal

Andrew Luck and The Stanford Cardinal



What’s up sports fans? Another week into the season and Stanford wasn’t about to let anything change from last week. After blowing by the San Jose State Spartans it was time to take on an ACC foe. It was the Duke Blue Devils. What was significant is that this is a school that has made Stanford look pitiful on the basketball court and has pushed Stanford face in it for decades. The Cardinal decided when it comes to boys basketball we’re still working on it. But when it comes to football, Duke, now you get humbled. Humbled with a capital H. Because last Saturday the Stanford Cardinal left Duke wondering what they could try next to stop the 44-14 smack down they received at Raleigh Durham, North Carolina.

“I’ve only been around a couple quarterbacks that see everything,” Shaw said. “He was able to tell us exactly where the safeties were. … I thought he managed the game very well. Early on, we had a couple of protection issues where he had to slide and throw the ball off his back foot.” If you saw the game it just looks like Andrew Luck is just getting better and better with each contest. When he rolls out of the pocket the look in his eye is like a hungry man seeking his dinner. To the new teams in the new PAC-12 this is what you have to look forward to. I can’t tell you the last time I saw a Stanford quarterback that focused since maybe John Elway. Dukes defense wasn’t on time when it came to making plays as well.

“We have to make plays and we weren’t able to do that,” safety Matt Daniels said. “We kind of just broke down. It really didn’t have anything to do with fatigue. We had a lot of missed tackles, a lot of missed assignments.” I would have to say that Stanford had their finger on this game from the beginning and wasn’t going to take it off until the Blue Devils put away their plans of winning. They did that in the beginning of the fourth when Andrew Luck hit Zach Ertz for another score after that Duke really had no answer for the Cardinal. The Cardinal put up 299 yards in the air, and 209 yards on the ground. It was a solid attack for a total of 504 yards. Luck did have one mistake, a pick six from Lee Butler that cost 76 yards for a score for Duke, but other than that it was all Stanford Cardinal football. Luck was 20-28 for 290 yards with 4 touchdown passes.

Chris Owusu had 7 catches for 106 yards. Jeremy Stewart kept things hot for the Cardinal with a 30 yard scamper to the end zone for a score. Duke head coach David Cutcliffe had to try something so the Blue Devils went with a fake punt on a 4 and 7 that worked only to watch it fail because Duke’s field goal kicker missed his second field goal of the day, which allowed he Cardinal to keep Duke in depression type state until the game was all but won. Another triumph for head coach David Shaw, and for Andrew Luck who’s confidence is even felt amongst his teammates.  “I guess you could say Andrew makes a lot of hard throws look easy,” Fleener said. Duke’s starting quarterback Sean Renfree was 19-27 for 179 yards in the loss, it’s something head coach Cutcliffe and his staff are going to have to look at and re-think or re-tool their game plan.

It’s funny the ACC Network when they show the highlights of the game they only show a couple of scores and they aptly show Dukes touchdown, and then they just show you the final score. Trust me if the situation would’ve been reversed they would’ve showed highlights from the entire game. Gotta love the east coast The Cardinal are 2-0 and have Arizona next week. Think they can beat them? Or do you think Arizona can stymie David Shaw’s offense? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!