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Rookie Brett Pill Homers And Then Comes Home.

Rookie Brett Pill Homers And Then Comes Home



What’s up sports fans? It appears the Giants are trying to make the leaders in the N.L West worry a little bit. It started with a game against the San Diego Padres. Giants get a 6-4 win and what was interesting about this win is that Brett Pill got his first Major League home run in his first at bat. Fans were cheering loudly which was kind of ironic since the game was played in San Diego. We at ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM later learned that Brett had a lot of family at the game and they had come to see his first Major League play, and they had no idea that he would get his first homer the first time he went to the plate.  “It’s something you dream about when you’re a kid,” Pill said. “I’ve seen him a few times in the minors, that pitcher, and figured he’d try to throw me a changeup and get me to hit into a double play. He left it up a little bit. When I hit it I kind of knew it was gone, but it was probably the fastest I’ve ran around the bases in a while. It’s just a great feeling.”

Mr. Pill is right about that dream. We’ve all have had the winning moment dream and hoped it would happen to us. It happen to him, and no one was more happy to see it then head coach Bruce Bochy. ” Nice day for those two young players. It’s historic, to hit a home run in your first at-bat. It’s nice to see those guys come out and do what they did and help us win a ballgame.”  It was also nice for the fans. They reason why is that they witnessed a San Francisco Giant prodigy get groomed to represent the Bay Area, and they saw him succeed. He now knows what is to deliver under pressure. What was also significant is that the last time a Giant homered with his first at bat was back in 1986. Giants had guy they dubbed “The Thrill!”. Will Clark did it and you could tell he was going to be somone to watch in the future. Bruce Bochy and the Giants are hoping they find the same in Brett Pill.

Erick Surkamp had a big night also. He struck out two, gave up three runs and five hits, and walk one in five innings. That game gives him two wins to his credit. Carlos Beltran contributed three hits and three RBI’s. The fresh new faces of Pill, Surkamp and Justin Christian who played center is giving Giant baseball what it needs some youth and vitality.   Christian played for the Yankees back in 2008. “It’s fun,” responded Surkamp . “I’m up here, I’m new, it’s awesome.” The Giants are 6 games back of the D’Backs and they don’t look like they’re ready to throw in the towel just yet. We spectators are glad because we’ve watched them go in a slump, but we love our Giants, and we can’t stand to watch them loose. Okay, it’s because were still reeling from last year’s championship run. For  manager Bud Black and the San Diego Padres it wasn’t a good night.

“Wade got some balls up in the strike zone. He just couldn’t get the ball down consistently. They got the bat head on balls just in front of the plate. Had some hard-hit balls to the left side. Wade wiggled out of some jams, so give him credit for that.” San Diego had some fresh new players too that night. Andy Parino hit a sacrifice fly, and so did Kyle Blanks which allowed the Padres to keep it interesting. But there wasn’t a lot of cheering at Petco Park that night. Primarily because of the fact that the Padres didn’t get the win with their new rookies and the Giants did.  Congratulations to Brett Pill and our San Francisco Giants. What do you think? Tell me your side of the story. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!