Falling A Sleep In Seattle! Niners Can’t Control The Noise Or Their Offense. Seattle – 29 San Francisco – 3

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Good morning sports fans. Well we new at some point the ugly was coming, but it still doesn’t remove the pain. And we have to admit this one was ugly and painful. San Francisco had came off a big win against the Packers and were flying high. So they thought they could go up north, get some revenge for the last two losses that they had to suffer at the hands of the Seahawks, and that ever pressing, loud, and boisterous fan base. Well, that didn’t happen. The game looked like it was going to be a defensive struggle, mainly because both offenses struggled to get in the endzone. Marshawn Lynch had another great game, and are own Frank Gore didn’t have such a great game. It was defensive from the start.

As a matter of fact, no real points were even put on the board until the second half of the game. The Niners offense in the beginning was okay, but as the game progressed you could tell they were intimidated by Seattle. The crowd noise only put more salt in the wound. As a Niner fan it was hard to watch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was as if the team as a whole just forgot about what plays to run. They totally looked out of sync. What I did notice, is that when their play selection wasn’t working they continued to stay with the same plays, they weren’t pliable. The Seahawks defense which is very good mind you, simply just waited for the same plays to come to them and then they responded accordingly. It was simple basic defensive execution.

Seattle didn’t do any thing special to win the game, it was just that the Niners offense was predictable and flat. There were no trick plays, no end around plays, no running backs going out into the flat to catch the football. So it was easy for Pete Carroll’s defense to dismantle Jim Harbaugh’s offense. I was very disappointed in the San Francisco’s offensive line and their receiving team. Anquan Boldin who had a great game against the Packers couldn’t get open. Vernon Davis got injured again, I’ll tell you something,
Vernon Davis doesn’t like Seattle. For some reason he doesn’t play well in Seahawk land. He had 3 catches for just 20 yards, and no touchdowns.

The offensive line couldn’t keep Seattle’s defense out of San Francisco’s backfield. Collin Kaepernick was running for his life. He had what looked to be a decent run, but instead he threw it to Frank Gore who ultimately dropped the pass.  Fans I think it is evident that Seattle exploited a chink in San Francisco’s armor. It’s a problem that Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff are going to have to find a answer to and find it fast, because the league is aware of it now, and I’m sure they will follow suit in stopping San Francisco’s quest for Harbaugh’s glory. Is it attainable? E-mail your thoughts and tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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