ICE KAEPPED!! Aaron Rogers & Green Bay Sent Packing. San Francisco-31 Green Bay-28.

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Good morning sports fans. Well, we got our fix, the wait is over and now we can breathe because the season is officially here. The marquee match up of the weekend is without a doubt the Packers vs. the 49ers. This was a game that wasn’t controlled by the defenses, really, it was the offenses. Which I was a little surprised at that. I thought our defense would stymie the Packers offense a little more then they did. But I will have to say that we are talking about the Aaron Rodgers. He’s a Superbowl champion and a stiff competitor. He can definitely keep it interesting when the game is close, and this one was definitely that. I have to also mention that Collin Kaepernick made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

I was also surprised to see Jim Harbaugh respond to the Packers attempt to stop Kaepernick’s ability to run the football. Kaepernick shocked all the eyes that were watching him, and proved that he has the great ability to throw the football. Collin threw for over 400 yards, and three touchdowns, with no interceptions. Niners showed the league it’s new high powered offense with the acquisition of Anquan Boldin. Bolden caught 13 passes for 200 yards receiving. And this is the best part. You knew picking up Boldin was a smart move, but you didn’t know if he would be an immediate impact to San Francisco’s Arsenal, or a good future part of their season. It looks like that question was answered. Anquan wanted to make a impact right away, so he did.

Frank Gore had 21 carries for 44 yards. The play that everyone has been talking about is the Collin Kaepernick hit by Clay Matthews when he was out of bounds. “First off, it wasn’t a very smart play,” Matthews said. “I’d already committed to hitting the quarterback. I guess I should’ve figured he was going to step out of bounds. But it’s nothing personal. I went up to him later and was joking around with him.” It charged up the crowd at the Stick. Clay Matthews had stated to the press the week before that he wanted to get some good hits on Collin in the game. During the press conference Collin was asked what he thought about Matthews comments. His response was, “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.” Which goes to show that I have again under estimated Kaep. This young man is fearless. His passing ability was to me a exhibition.

I know everyone’s talking about Russell  Wilson up there in Seattle, but this guy Collin I just like him. He just comes in assumes the role of leader like he was just ready from the beginning. Joe Staley didn’t like the hit at all. “I’ll try to do a better job just keeping my cool,” Staley said. “I didn’t want see Kaep get nailed like he did out of bounds. That’s our guy out there. I’ll protect anybody. Anything I feel like is outside the rules … some of it was the comments he made this week about going after the quarterback. I wanted to grab him and let him know that’s not going to fly. That’s all I did.” Rogers finished with 21 of 37 for 333 yards, and he threw 3 touchdowns, and one interception. The interception came from newly acquired cornerback Eric Reid, which is turning out to be another good pick up for Jim Harbaugh. Vernon Davis also scored twice, he finished the day with 6 catches and 98 yards receiving.

Jordy Nelson finished with 7 catches for 130 yards, and one touchdown. Both quarterbacks finished with high percentages, which is why I said our defense didn’t produce that same fight we saw last season. But we do have to remember it was a good match up. Almost like a good game of chess.  I know the loss leaves a bad taste in Packers head coach Mike McCarthy mouth. It makes you wonder why a game like this is so pivotal? Because it can set the tone for the rest of the season. Not only that, the Niner organization knows that everyone had that looming question concerning last season, were the Niners last season a fluke. I can tell Jim Harbaugh and CO. want to make it clear and show the NFL that it wasn’t. Or was it? San Francisco has probably their stiffest competition this year next week. The battle in Seattle. Who’s going to win? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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