Grading The 49ers 2013 Preseason

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Can Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers put another Title Run?

Can Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers put together another Title Run?

Hello sports fans. Hope you got a chance to look at your 49ers during the  brutal preseason. The reason why I say preseason is brutal is because you know as much as I do we fans can’t wait for the season to begin. So until that great day happens, we fans are in agony, AGONY I TELLS YA! But we are civilized people so we’ll show some patience. So what did you think of the Niners preseason? To me the boys in red looked good. Now I know most of players aren’t the starters, but they still represented the SF logo with intensity and fire red fierceness that we fans love to see. What I couldn’t understand is that when you watched the games, San Francisco had some nice stand out players that the red and gold cut instead of signing them.

Some of the more breakout players did get cut or traded, and the reason why is because they didn’t breakout. First we have A.J. Jenkins. This guy was the Niners No.1 pick. He had mad skills while playing for the University Of  Illinois, but for some crazy reason he puts on a Niner uniform and can’t catch a ball. What happened to this guy? We also traded Forty Niner veteran Parys Harralson. I saw him in uniform and I thought, “Okay great. We have a veteran who knows the system and will bring more umph! to the pass rush. Nope, didn’t happen. Then there’s Austin Collie. Here’s a guy that the masses just knew Collie was going to make the cut and he didn’t. But what is more interesting is that there was some breakout performances and they also got cut . The cut that has me scratching my head as to why the Niners cut him is Lavelle Hawkins. This guy makes the best play in preseason football and the Niners cut him.

If you haven’t seen his miraculous touchdown he made against the San Diego Chargers, your need for fantastic football plays has diminished. I guess Harbaugh & Co. just decided he wasn’t made for the 49er format. Not to mention they let go of Cam Johnson who definitely look good this preseason. Then there’s Kasim Osgood and Chad Hall. Now I know the 49ers organization can’t keep everyone, But I’m sorry I would’ve found a way to keep Lavelle Hawkins, and Cam Johnson. Only because to me Hawkins looked very athletic. Johnson looked hungry at defense, and the Niners need more hungry defensive personnel. But hey,  I’m just a armchair quarterback writing about a few observations. I don’t really know what happens in a NFL franchise during preseason. Still it makes you wonder what’s going to happen once the season starts. We will probably see these guys wearing an opposing teams uniform.

Who knows maybe Cam Johnson will be blitzing for the Rams and injure Kaepernick and make his career short. Or we’ll watch Lavelle Hawkins catch a pass in the end zone, and it will cost us a season we will regret ever cutting the guy. It’s happen to us before up here in the Bay Area all to many times. We mold great players there’s a disagreement and now there playing against us and they beat us. And the only thing we’re thinking is man! Why couldn’t we keep that guy! All in all the 49ers preseason did look good, But if I had to grade them, I’d have to give them a B+. And I feel like that is a fair grade, since they did loose 1 game in preseason play. Not to mention that the crew at ESPN has the Niners ranked 3rd in the league. They are also saying that the Seahawks are the best team in the league. You can’t wait to see what happens and neither can I. You think ESPN got it right? Tell me what you think, drop me a line. Remember folks, it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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