49ers Preseason Game 2. Kaepernick V.S. Smith: From Teamates To Rivals.

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Believe It Or Not. Without Alex Smith San Francisco Will Be Starting All Over Again.

Alex Smith is now a Kansas City Chief

Good afternoon sports fans. Well we kinda knew this was coming. After our once hero Alex Smith was let go and picked up by a team trying to rebuild. We all knew that Alex would get picked by one of the NFL’s franchises. Only question was, which one. And that was a question that we didn’t have to wait to long to get a answer. Kansas City saw that opportunity and pounced on it as soon as they could. The question that is in the back of the faithful minds is, if he goes to a new team how fast will it effect us, and how severe will it effect us. Most people I talk to on the street say, Like this guy I talked to the other day, “It won’t effect us. We’ve got Kaepernick.”


Wow! I’m not sure how to respond to his statement. Have we the faithful all of a sudden become a “Trash & Dash” fanbase? The only reason why I ask is because, I understand that we can’t be as loyal to players like we want to. The NFL is a sports corporation, and when players get traded it’s business. When it happens GM’s aren’t giving us a chance to chime in with an opinion poll as to whether a person should stay or go. Now I know a lot of people want to blame Alex Smith for the teams 10 year drought out of the NFC West Division title. But there is a few items that shouldn’t be overlooked. Now most of you reading this might think well Rich, you’re and Alex Smith fan. That was the case two years ago. Why because he was a 49er. But what I can’t ignore about the 49ers while he was at quarterback is that the guy went through 5 offensive coordinators in his first five seasons with the red and gold.

Look! I don’t care who you get Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, you change their offensive scheme every year for 5 years they’re not going to be good at quarterback. That’s what Alex had to go through. Then to make matters more interesting, when the opportunity came to get Peyton Manning the organization was ready to cut ties with Alex like he was a bad habit. Instead of jumping ship Mr. Smith stays loyal and re-signs with San Francisco. Alex showed some loyalty, something you just don’t see in the NFL. And the 49er faithful benefited for it. That same year Alex delivered the 9er’s all the way to the NFC Title game. So you may think I’m a Alex Smith fan. I was until he left the faithful and became a Chief. I’m just a person that likes to observe the facts. So with that, Friday, Alex will represent his new home Kansas City, and we will have his  former under study Colin. But if you think I’ll be rooting for Alex Smith, you’re are dead wrong.

It’s all about the red & gold machine. I’ll be watching the secondary for pass protection. I’ll be doing what I have been doing  since 1974, rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. Goooooo Kaep! Gooooo Patrick Willis! Gooo San Francisco! I do want to see how Kaep plays against Kansas City’s defense. And I want to see what San Francisco has in the backfield besides La Michael James.  It’s just preseason, but with all the history and scenario’s it’s definitely worthy of watching and of talking about. So who’s going to win. I think 20-12, Niners. But hey, I’m just another sports writer who’s ramblin. Tell me what you think. Remember folks, it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified! Next week we’ll take a look at the Oakland Raiders.


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