Surprise! Niners Pick Up LaMichael James In The Fourth Round Of The NFL Draft. Is San Francisco Loading Up For An NFC Title Run?

Posted: April 29, 2012 in ABC Sports, CBS Sports, College Sports, Comcast Sports BayArea, Espn, Facebook, Football, Google, National Football League, NBC Sports, San Francisco 49ers, Twitter, Yahoo Sports

LaMichael James Brings Speed To San Francisco's Backfield

What’s up sports fans? Well I owe my readers another apology. I haven’t been writing lately, and they probably want to know why. Well as you probably know I don’t get paid to put together my blogs. So I do have to work for a living. But I do enjoy putting together a good sports piece, especially when they’re juicy. With everything that’s been going on trust me, I’ve got plenty to write about. What with The Sharks bowing out in the first round, Warriors appearing to tank their season to get the first round pick, and Aubrey Huff having anxiety issues with the Giants, all of which are juicy pieces to write about.

But, today nothing is more juicier right now than this piece. As you NFL aficionados may have already been drooling over the NFL Draft selections, you may have found out that San Francisco picked up LaMichael James at running back in the fourth round. Yes that same LaMichael James that ran for almost 7,000 yards in his career and last year continued to be a pivotal opponent against the Stanford Cardinal, handing Stanford two losses last season against the Oregon Ducks. Now I don’t know about you but when you look at the fact that San Francisco picked up former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, and Wide receiver Mario Manninham, who both have Superbowl rings. Not to mention they got Randy Moss if they need him.

It starts to make you think, hmm…  Do you kind of seeing where I’m going with this? It starts to make you wonder if the Niners are stock piling a arsenal to battle next season for NFC tile. I have to admit as far as the Niners got last season I’m sure a lot of players want to play here in the Bay Area now. But let’s get serious here for a moment.  This is also happening not just because of  good drafting, it’s because Jed York the Owner of the Niners is doing something he knows he has to do. See Jed, along with the Niner organization, have made serious concessions to bring a brand new 49er stadium to the city of Santa Clara, and if you do that your franchise needs to win ball games.

It’s one thing to lobby for something with a hefty bill, but if you do that and your franchise isn’t winning, your public won’t listen to you, and you give the critics all the ammunition they need to say no to the hefty bill your asking people to help pay for. So are the Niners gearing up to capture the NFC title? Sure, why not? They have to do it anyway. And besides with the title in hand it sends a message to the buying public of the new stadium, and the critics that building a new stadium in Santa Clara was a fantastic idea. “Look, were winning”. We Niners fans won’t argue that point. But I’m still trying to understand how they got LaMichael James. His career stats alone prove that any team in their right mind would’ve wanted this guy.

I understand it’s all part of the drafting system. I just thought he would’ve ended up in St. Louis or even Seattle. Afterall Seattle and Oregon or more geographically situated than down here in San Francisco. Well, on any rate we get LaMichael James speed here in the Bay Area. And are we happy? Yeah, we are. Go San Francisco !!! Do you think LaMichael James can make an impact right away or do you think it’s going to have to take some time for him to adjust to Harbaugh’s system. I want to hear from you. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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