Lights Out Steelers! 49ers Improve to 11-3 San Francisco – 20 Pittsburgh – 3

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What’s up sports fans? Interesting week, but slightly weird. The Niner’s had a game with big questions. There was speculation all week on how San Francisco would respond to teams with high grade and tenacious defense. The reason why is because of what happened to them the last couple of weeks. Then there was the overwhelming question of what happens to San Francisco when they are in that desolate difficult place, the red zone. How they can’t seem to get touchdowns when they are in that area. It showed in the game against Baltimore, and it showed against Arizona. No matter how revamped the Niner’s are this year, sports analysts are still questioning their ability to beat a heavy playoff contender.

Which is a little weird. I mean you’d think that with the season they are having, playing with the big boys or playoff contenders, they would be as competitive as teams like New Orleans, Dallas, Baltimore, New England and the grand daddy of them all the Green Bay Packers. So if you’re a Niner fan like me, your probably are a little worried about our chances in the playoffs. Which is weird. In comes big bad Pittsburgh, with it’s big bad defense. Like the Niner’s season the game started off weird. There was a power outage, which caused a two and half minute game delay.  Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m a Steeler’s fan with my terrible towel at Candlestick Park, which would be foreign territory for me,  and the lights go out, I’d be thinking this is weird.

What is also weird is that this is  a game that James Harrison linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers was receiving his one game suspension punishment for a helmet to helmet hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.  When the lights went out a second time during the game James Harrison tweeted on twitter, “If I don’t play no one plays. Lights out!” At this point your probably agreeing with me that this game is weird. As weird as it was I’m sure everyone at the game and who saw it on television nationally will all agree, whatever prevention the league sees in getting San Francisco’s stadium completed, they need to move forward on it immediately. “I just feel like San Francisco took a big step to show the NFL and to show the state of California that they need a new stadium,” Steelers safety Ryan Clark  said. “I think it was a very strategic move, and Candlestick may be no more.”

See what I mean, weird. San Francisco ultimately quieted the nay sayer’s by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a night where Ben Roethlisberger was throwing passes in the dark, literally. Which would explain why in his first two offensive series he threw interceptions into the 49ers secondary. Both power outages caused no play time for 35 minutes. So if you recorded the game and you didn’t see all of it, the time delay from the outages is to blame. “I think we showed the world we can play the game of football on a national stage,” Davis said. “At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about: respect.” It was a defensive struggle the entire game. And you know it is when the runningbacks are held to under a hundred yards rushing. Frank Gore finished with 65 for San Francisco, and Rashard Mendenhall finished with 64 yards for the Steelers. Another key note is that David Akers surpassed Jerry Rice for the most points in franchise history with his 38 yard field which gave the Niners a 6 – 0 lead in the first half.

Despite Roethlisbeger’s injury to foot and a few mistakes his numbers weren’t that bad under the circumstances. He finished 25 – 44 for 330 yards, but of course he was sacked three times and picked off twice. You have to credit the Niner’s defense in this one, and coach Jim Harbaugh for respecting Pittsburgh.  “I also want to recognize our defense,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. “NFL record for not allowing a rushing touchdown in 14 games. I think that is huge.” Huge is an understatement. Credit to Aldon Smith who kept pressure on Roethlisberger with 2.5 sacks. Alex Smith was 18 of 37 for 187 yards and threw a touchdown. The Niners are showing a season of not flash and style, but they have showed good hard nosed football. Because of that regardless of what they do in the playoffs, we Niners fans shouldn’t be upset if they don’t fair as well as some of the other top tier teams in the league.

After all those teams had more time to become who they’ve become, were just getting started. You’d have to be happy, man, what a beginning. What Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers have done this season alone is all but short of a miracle season. When Jed York hired Jim Harbaugh he was hoping he could help them turn this team around and help the Niner’s become a competitive football franchise like the days of old. What he got was the answer to this football question, and that is, are the San Francisco 49ers a formidable franchise in the NFL? The 20 – 3 win over Pittsburgh last night in the dark says it all. The Niners got Seattle on the 24th. Think they can get the win or will they fall short? What’s your take on that game? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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