Raiders Can’t Stop Broncos Run Or Tim Tebow’s Run. Denver – 38, Oakland – 24

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What’s up sports fans? Well it’s the second week with newly acquired quarterback Carson Palmer, and it still isn’t looking good for the Raiders. What was also interesting is that the Broncos were ready to cash in the whole season because they benched Kyle Orton and started Tim Tebow whose outing last week against the Lions was less than stellar. Raider fans were thinking maybe they could get a redemption game. Fat chance. Raiders drop another one in their race for the AFC West title by losing to the Broncos 38 to 24. Carson Palmer did have a better performance then he did against Kansas City.  He finished 19-35 passes 332 yards, 3 TD’s and 3 inerceptions. He is doing what he means to do and that is to perform, and produce. He did that, it’s just that as a team the Raiders continue to flounder. One of the reason is they continue to sputter when it comes to stopping the run.

The Broncos had a combined total of 298 yards on the ground. Part of that arsenal came from Tim Tebow. He wasn’t about to allow the idea of him being replaced at the quarterback position be on his head coaches mind. He had other ideas. By taking his frustration on on the Raiders. “Honestly it doesn’t necessarily matter too much how you drew it up as long as you get this feeling at the end, because it was pretty special,” he said. Tebow ran for a 117 yards. It hurt the Raiders because it allowed the Broncos to gain a win that put them within a game of first place.  Willis McGahee had 163 yard rushing and part of it was a 60 yard touchdown run.  “As long as it worked, that’s all I care about,” McGahee said. “He did a great job as far as reading the ends on what he had to do as far as keeping it or giving it. When I got the ball it was my job just to get some yards.” Tebow’s performance was what he needed to stay at the starting quarterback position, the problem is it came at the Raiders defense expense.

“We knew exactly what they were going to do and we just didn’t stop it,” Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour said. “We knew exactly what was going to happen, and they ran exactly what we thought they were going to run and we didn’t get the job done. That’s the disappointing part.” Being able to stop the run is a concern head coach Hue Jackson has to answer. Raiders have been giving up way to many points. Most of their games are close on either side with the loss or win column. The reason why is the defense isn’t capitalizing on defensive stops. Denver get 3 interceptions on the Raiders and the Raiders get none off of the Broncos. When you add the almost 300 yards on the ground it adds up to bad defense. That bad defense was okay for Denver head coach John Fox. He was also happy with Tebow’s performance.  “I thought he improved throwing the ball,” Fox said. “I think he’s always run the ball pretty effectively. He’s very competitive by nature. You see evidence of that. Now it’s just learning how to be an NFL quarterback. In my opinion he’s gotten better each time out.”

One thing is for sure Tebow bounced back and changed Broncos fans minds about him quarterbacking the team. Palmer is changing the Raider fans minds slowly also, he just needs to fine tune what he’s doing. “It’s kind of a crash course the last couple weeks,” Palmer said. “It’s like you’re jamming or cramming for a final or a test. But I just got to continue to work, continue to study, continue to have it down and learn from every opportunity I get.” I got a feeling that soon as Palmer relaxes and focuses on what he’s doing the Raiders will play better, or is he? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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    No complaints on this end, silmpy a good piece.

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