Woodside Wins The Battle For Redwood City. Woodside – 42 Sequoia – 35

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Facebook, Football, Google, High School Sports, Twitter, Yahoo Sports, Youtube

What’s up sports fans? I want to apologize to some of my younger readers. This article is a bit late because we had some technical difficulties with the video portion of this post. But I am excited to bring to my readers coverage of a very heated and local match up that dates back to the 50’s. It’s the battle of Redwood City, Woodside’s Wildcats v.s. The Sequoia Ravens. This was a game built in the traditional Friday Night lights setting, and was tug of war from the start. Woodside scored first but was countered by the Ravens. It would be a game that Woodside should have run away with but the competition from Sequoia would not allow the Wildcats that “W” without a serious fight.  As a matter of fact that game almost went into to over time until late in the fourth quarter with just a 1:36 left in the game, after a penalty put the Wildcats deep in their own territory, starting quarterback for the Wildcats Ricki Hoffer threw a 37 yard pass to Bryon Castillo to put the Cat’s at midfield.

Hoffer wasn’t through and neither was Castillo. The two connected again on 31 yard strike. Now at this point the two sides are going crazy. I was at the game and I gotta tell ya, it was like watching the NFL. The Wildcats went with runs up the middle and to the left to gain them closer to goal line, you could tell that the Woodside coaching staff led by head coach Sam Nicolopulos and assistants Chris Riccardi and Anthony Riccardi were thinking “The pass got us here, let’s use it to close it out.” It worked. Ricki Hoffer connected with Gino Cockrum for the game winning touchdown. What was also interesting is the look on Cockrum face when got up from the field after the catch. He was nodding his head looking at his quarterback as if to say “Yeah baby. That’s what I’m talking about.”  “I knew it was in my hands. Ricki put it right on the money.” Bryon

Castillo was just as jubilant, “That’s Woodside football baby, never give up, and get the win.” All in all I have to say it was exciting to watch. See I’m a Woodside alum. I attended Woodside back in 79. I got some pretty good video coverage. I know you students who are dying to see yourselves on the internet so here’s the footage. What’s your take on the game? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!














  1. Webmaster says:

    It should be the Sequoia Cherokees, not the Sequoia Ravens. The team names are The Cherokees, although the mascot is a raven.

    • rewing13 says:

      Last I heard they changed the name because of racial differences and disputes from the Indian community. I could be wrong, but that why I stated Sequoia Ravens and not the Cherokees.

      • Webmaster says:

        The dispute was initiated from a teacher and the Cherokee Nation was never involved. The Board of Trustees made a decision to try to make everyone happy, but instead just caused confusion.

        The team names for Sequoia High School are the Sequoia Cherokees. The physical mascot and imagery is that of a raven but the name is Cherokees. This is much like Stanford University where the team name is one thing, “Cardinal” and the mascot is something else, the tree. Please correct this mistake. If you need to, you can confirm this by contacting Sequoia High School principal Bonnie Hansen at

        Thanks for looking into this and fixing it on your site!

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