Jeff Tedford Becomes Bears Winningest Coach, And Cal Stays Golden @3-0. Beats Presbytarian 63-12

Posted: September 21, 2011 in ABC Sports, Cal Bear Athletics, CBS Sports, College Sports, Comcast Sports BayArea, Espn, Facebook, Football, Fox Sports, Google, NBC Sports, Yahoo Sports, Youtube

Jeff Tedford Receives Commemorative 75 Jersey From Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barber.



What’s up sports fans? The Golden Bears of California have kept their bid for the PAC-12 title by literally running over Presbytarian 63-12. It was interesting watching football played at AT&T Park. The water cannons which were normally used for Giants games were now being used for the Cal Bears. Every time they scored water got shot out those cannons. Which if your a Bears fan it was something extra added to the normal game. This was a game that in my opinion that didn’t need all the fanfare that it received. If the Bears were playing a division rival or maybe if there was something on the line then it would’ve been more interesting. Cal did give Jeff Tedford his 75th win.

It also made him the winningest coach in Cal football  history surpassing Andy Smith who had the record since 1925. When Isi Sofele wasn’t tearing up the ground game Zach Maynard was throwing bombs in the air. Sofele scored twice and had 105 yards rushing. Maynard was 15-25 for 215 yards and threw three touchdowns. He did have one interception, and it was picked off by Presbytarian’s Justin Bethel. Bethel also blocked a punt and ran it in for a touchdown. But it was all California Golden Bears at AT&T. They had good reason for playing there even though it seemed kinda weird. Cal’s Memorial Stadium is being retro-fitted for safety. It’s costs $321 million dollars to complete the work. So even though the work at the Stadium must go on, so does the Cal Bears football season.

Cal also had a kick returned for a score by Brendan Bigelow. You kinda started to feel bad for Presbytarian. Here they are all the way from South Carolina in California home of the defending World Champions AT&T Park with Cal Bears fans who were also Giants fans, I’m sure the Blue Hose felt outnumbered. Really there’s not much to write about in this one. It began pretty much the way it ended. Cal was just too much for the Blue Hose and I think they just wanted to get out of AT&T Park with their dignity. Because everything else they came with the Bears took with them. The closing ceremony was nice though. Tedford receiving a number 75 jersey to commemorate his 75 wins from Athletic Director Sandy Barber. What is noticeable is that Presbytarian isn’t in their division and isn’t even in the top 25 ap poll. Not to mention they have next week Furman. Why is Cal getting these schools that aren’t even ranked or in the top 25? This would be interesting. Since Stanford is top ranked in the country the teams opponents are more competitive and it would make you make one wonder, does Cal have the easy road to the PAC-12 title?  One might think that.

But when you look at their schedule their next six games are going to be tough, with the exception of Utah. They’ve got Washington, # 10  Oregon, #23 USC, UCLA, Washington State, and Oregon State. And you can’t leave out THE 114th BIG GAME Stanford v.s. Cal for the Axe. So it’s not going to be so easy for them. But me being a Bay Area guy I like to see Cal get a good win. Congratulations to Cal and a great start for the 2011 season. Think Cal can win the PAC-12 championship? Or will they eventually fall. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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