49ers Still A Team With Growing Pains As They Allow Injured Tony Romo and Jon Kitna Beat Them In OT. San Francisco 24 – Dallas 27

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What’s up sports fans? Well it appears we Niner fans got a reality check on Sunday.  After a good win against Seattle we Niner fans were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had a new coach, new line up on defense, the future looked bright. On Sunday Dallas brought a cloud over our sunny horizon. The Dallas Cowboys stayed competitive despite be behind in the first half of the game. What was also significant is that they’re were just as many Dallas fans at Candlestick as Niner fans. I tell ya. The diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area brings a lot of things to it’s area, but the one thing this area bring is fans from other teams on the other side of the country. Other teams fans flock here to boo and sneer at our teams than any other. I just couldn’t believe how many Texas fans were in our stadium. It was hard to watch.

What I can’t understand is if you like Dallas that much why are you living here? I mean seriously, if I live in Cleveland I’d root for the Browns. If I live in Rhode Island I’d root for the New England Patriots. But if I lived In New York I wouldn’t root for the Miami Dolphins. Which simply goes to show people love everything about Northern California, just don’t like their sports franchises. That’s why we die hard fans have to be there for our guys no matter what. So when the 49ers had a 14-0 lead in the first half we Niner fans were happy. Then in the second half all of it went right out the window. But let’s not forget how San Francisco got to 14-0 lead. First of all the defense kept the Cowboys at bay. They were pressuring Tony Romo so much that he had to leave the game with an injury. The game almost seemed to be over early, until Romo hit Miles Austin with a 53 yard pass which he took to the end zone in the second quarter. 179 yards for Alex Smith.

I wrote last week that Alex Smith numbers weren’t big and that they didn’t have to be. I re-cant that statement. Alex Smith numbers should be big and they need to get bigger. Last Sunday’s loss should be a lesson to Gregg Roman and to Jim Harbaugh. San Francisco lost this game because the relied to heavily on the defense and didn’t give the offense a chance to prove itself. The perfect opportunity was the 4 and 1 situation. If you go for it and don’t get it then your point is made, defense come in and clean up the offensive mess. But to put the entire game, and were not just talking regulation, were talking overtime. Overtime is a time when defenses are exhausted. So to put the game entirely on your defense. Shows two things, one Jim Harbaugh didn’t show faith in his offense, two if you needed time to let your offense mature this was your opportunity and you passed it up, which resulted in a subsequent loss.

Gregg Roman would you please talk to Jim Harbaugh. Let Alex Smith throw the ball down field. Alex Smith hasn’t thrown a fifty yard pass since he’s been a 49er. How are you going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and can’t throw a fifty yard pass. That’s like being a car painter for Ford Motor Company and can’t operate the painting system. What is also sad is that Romo finished for 345 yards passing while he was injured. We can’t get Alex Smith to pass for over 250 yards in a game. In that game our biggest producer of receiving yard was Ted Ginn Jr at a mere 38 yards to Austin Miles 143 yards. For the love of God Jim and Gregg Roman throw the ball down field. It has really been the reason why defenses have been able to figure us out. We don’t give the different defenses something to think about. When we set up they know it’s a running play because we don’t throw the ball down field. It was sad to watch Tony Romo beat us with something that we’ve should’ve done years ago.

Jim Harbaugh you took to legacy of the WHITE LION “Bill Walsh” you wanted it, okay you got it. But are you going to be like your predecessors who for whatever reason squandered that opportunity. Or are you going to be an individual who seizes the opportunity to you advantage. Dallas won on Sunday. This blog has no spoken excepts. I don’t want no one praising Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. I want to wake up the minds of Jim Harbaugh and Gregg Roman. I know they won’t see this blog. I’m too small time. I just want to let you know. I was a Niner fan before the Montana days and I will always be part of the Red & Gold Faithful. I will not stop writing until you give me somthing to cheer about. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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