Stanford Starts Where They Finished Last Season, Winning. The Cardinal 57- San Jose State Spartans – 7

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Andrew Luck with The Stanford Cardinal seeking National Title Bid.

Andrew Luck with The Stanford Cardinal seeking National Title Bid.

What’s up sports fans. If people were wondering what the Stanford Cardinal was going to be like without Jim Harbaugh coaching they got their answer on Sept. 3 2011. New head coach David Shaw was given the game ball by Andrew Luck for winning his first game as Standford’s new chief of operations. He had good reasons for it. The Cardinal roasted the Spartans and barely left any life in them with a 57-7 beat down. Stanford has the N0. 7 ranking in the country. I almost can’t believe what I’m about to write because it’s been so long, but for the first time in almost two decades the Stanford Cardinal of the PAC-12, formerly the PAC-10, has a Heisman Trophy candidate in Andrew Luck who really has a better shot at winning than last year. He scored on a 1 yard pylon dive which set the tone for the game.

It’s also nice to see that bay area college football is still putting up wins and even though there are a lot of east coast nay sayers and haters who don’t like west coast sports. They’re going to have to give credit where credit’s do. The Cardinal this season like last season looks for real. Andrew Luck finished 17-26 for 171 yards passing against the Spartans. He also did well spreading the ball around by hitting 7 different receivers. If your the defense, that type of pass distribution is hard to to keep up with and will probably keep you guessing. If your offense that what you want. Chris Owusu caught 7 passes for 76 yards. The Cardinal’s ball control allowed them to have full control of what is dubbed “The Sillicon Valley Classic.” Stephfan Taylor added 61 yards on the ground and scored twice. San Jose State didn’t help much with their brand of south bay football. They fumbled the ball six times.

If you fumble that many times you can only expect it to be a long day, and it was for the Spartans. With that many fumbles it’s only a matter of time before even a lousy team is going to take advantage. If playing against a team that ‘s ranked N0. 7 in the nation, well you get the picture. The Cardinal scooped up three of the six fumbles, including a errant fumble when San Jose State attempted the Wildcat formation that resulted in Brandon Rutley fumbling and gave Stanford the ball on San Jose’s 13 yard line. The Cardinal took full advantage of the short yardage when Luck threw a pass to tight end Zach Ertz for the score. At this point it was 17-0. You’re starting to think, “Oh Boy, here it comes.” It did come, you know, the avalanche. By the time it was over the Spartans of San Jose were glad just to get out of The Cardinal’s Stadium.

It is interesting that Andrew Luck decided to stay at Stanford another year and it was questionable whether or not that was a good idea. Everything this guy chooses to do is speculative, and no matter what he does he still has critics saying he’s not going to win the coveted Heisman Trophy. We all know there’s always going to be a critic, but to say that Andrew Luck won’t when the Heisman is just pure bias on the fact that he’s playing for a team that is representing the PAC-12. The critics are forgetting he did finish N0.2 in the Heisman balloting last year. If he where playing for the always televised and meticulously watched SEC, Big 12, ACC or The Big East, then he’d be a lock. This is a direct message to coach Shaw, Andrew Luck and to the Stanford Cardinal. Go show them what Cardinal football is. Take the N0.1 position in the polls, Andrew Luck win the Heisman, and Stanford win the National title so we can shut the critics and everyone else who thinks west coast can’t play championship football. Am I right? Or is this just another rant? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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