49ers Show Some Talent On Final Game Of The Pre-Season By Beating The Chargers. San Franciso 20-San Diego-17

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Josh Morgan Is Driven Out Of Bounds By Antoine Cason

Josh Morgan Is Driven Out Of Bounds By Antoine Cason

What’s up sports fans? The Niners might have read my blog the other day. The one I did on “The Pluses and Minuses of Pre-Season.” I’m starting to think maybe they did. I saw a much more competitive team out there on Thursday night. In that piece I pointed out one of the pluses was the Niners defense. That they have been good inside the red zone. Which is something that is very important throughout the season. Stopping teams from scoring is a critical part of winning games. I wonder how Harbaugh is going to handle who to keep and who to let go. Especially in the running back section. He’s got Frank Gore and thank God they finally signed him because we need him, but now who the number 2 back. Is it Anthony Dixon or is it Kendall Hunter.

Most people might think Harbaugh should go with Dixon, but when you look at what’s on paper Kendall Hunter has performed better. The reason why is his speed. Dixon as produced 129 yards on 40 attempts in preseason, while Hunter has produced 231 yards on just 35 attempts. If I had to choose I’d go with Hunter. 49ers need speed in the backfield. I’m not taking anything away from Dixon, it’s just that Frank Gore is the starter and if you’ve been watching the league you seen what speed at running back can do for your team. Arian Foster racked up 1616 yards in 2010 which lead the league last year. Chris Johnson ran for 1,364 yards on 316 attempts last year for the Tennessee Titans. So you get the idea that with speed in the backfield you can manipulate defenses and be a little more craftier at it. I have to tip my hat to Alex Smith. He played well against the Chargers, he was 8 of 10 for 45 yards.

You might think it’s only 45 yards, but what a lot of spectators and not players don’t understand is that his contribution caused the Chargers defense to second guess the 49ers offense. They couldn’t tell when he was going to hand off or when he was going to pass. That’s what NFL offenses have to do, keep the defense guessing. By the time the drive was just about complete Alex Smith had orchestrated an 80 yard drive. Which eventually led to a score.  “I don’t know if we had anything to prove,” Smith said. “We definitely wanted to get the taste out of our mouth from last week, though. Get some rhythm, convert on some third downs, move some chains and hopefully put points on the board, and we were able to do that.” Defense came with their game face on. They forced a fumble early which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

“We took the opening drive all the way down and stuck it in and were able to get the ball on the turnover and put that one in, as well. So it was a great start,” said Smith. I have to admit I was impressed.” If your a Niner fan you should be impressed.  I guess it’s because this is a core of guys who, if you’re an opponent, start thinking, ” Okay it’s just San Francisco let’s go in hand them the loss and move on.” It’s that type of thinking that can cost you the game. I know what your thinking, “Yeah Rich that’s good but it’s against San Diego. They didn’t fare too well against Tennessee.” Understand they didn’t have to fare well against the Titans. Harbaugh’s strategy was too see if they could keep a prolific offense out of the end zone during red zone opportunities with the second and third string defense. You saw some of what the first string defense could do during the San Diego game.

“I was definitely pleased the way the offensive line played,” Harbaugh said. “I thought they played with a lot of urgency and it’s been a challenge for them all week. It was a short week, but a good week.” What a lot of spectators will remember is the score. They won’t remember how the Texans scored. That 30 points wasn’t from the Texans driving down on every drive and scoring a touchdown. It was a touchdown then two to three field goals, and other Niner miscues, and what do you expect from the second and third string. I say to the Niners preseason, let’s wait and see what happens. In the NFC West most people I talk to believe that either Arizona or Seattle are the Niners nemesis. I say nay to both of those choices. I think right now the team they should give them heavy contention is the St. Louis Rams. Sam Bradford is coming back from a great rookie season. They beefed up their offensive line, which will give Bradford more time to throw.

They have just a beast of running game in Stephen Jackson. He could have his best season of his career. They’ve picked up great acquisitions in their defensive secondary, they are incredibly fast. I believe their measurement begins with St. Louis. If they can handle them they can win the NFC West. But remember all of this will take time. D0 you agree or disagree? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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