Kaepernick Under Pressure From Houston's Texans

Kaepernick Under Pressure From Houston's Texans



What’s up sports fans. Well I guess this is a question we Niner fans don’t want to hear but know we have to answer. What do you think of the 49ers pre-season so far? If your like me you probably can’t call it. The Niners pre-season has been like a seesaw. They loose, then win. When they finally get a win it’s ugly. Was it their fault? No. Let’s be honest the players on the field had no idea the fans from both NFL organizations were going to act they way they did two weekends ago. But still if your like me, in the back of your head you gotta be thinking, what are we going to do with the regular season begins. We’re not really sure about our quarterback situation, Frank Gore still hasn’t been offered a contract, and most of what we have is only signed for one season.

Those are the minuses. I wanted to list the minuses because I like good news better than bad news. I like our defense. What I’ve noticed in the pre-season is teams are finding it difficult to score in the red zone against us. That’s very good. Even though we lost by a lot against the Texans, a lot of their scoring weren’t all driving down and throwing touchdowns in the end zone. We had some penalties. There weren’t many of them but they were at crucial times which allowed Houston to take advantage of us and score. What is still encouraging is the Texans think they did a good job. I guess I would too if my team won 30-7. I think what they did forget is even though they put up 30 points, passed for 245 yards, rushed for 172 yards, racked up 28 first downs, and dominated the time of possession at 40:36, all this was done against the second and third string defense.

It’s a pre-season loss I’m sure Alex Smith wants to forget.  “Obviously we took our lumps tonight,” Smith said. “It was rough for all of us. We have to find a way to get something going and get right.” Still if I’m Jim Harbaugh, and I watched him when he was at Stanford. He a statistician. A guy who meticulously keeps track of everything and everyone then on Monday goes to the briefing room with his assistants and adds everything up to see what he has. If that is so then you can bet even though they lost, Jim Harbaugh is happy because he found some answers that he didn’t have before. Like in a regular season game a lot of those players out there on Saturday couldn’t handle a top rated first string offense. See, Houston was using their first string for three quarters of the game. San Francisco barely used their first string at all. Which is why the game was so lop sided.  The ugliness of the game still had to be tended to.

The city by the Bay came through. The game was so secure even the security chief Jeff Miller of the NFL attended the contest.  “We all recognize what happened last week was very unsettling and something we want to change,” Miller said. “Tonight what I saw in the parking areas was that the police were extremely engaged. They did a fantastic job working with the fans, trash removal, little things like that.” Obviously the experience of the game for the San Francisco organization has always been for the fans and their families to come out to candlestick, relax and enjoy game. That’s the message that was permeated throughout the day. There was a special message from San Francisco’s players during commercial breaks to re-emphasize the need for fans to keep things civil so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Now Jim Harbaugh and San Francisco know where their mistakes are, they also know what changes need to be made, and they also know this is still a work in progress. If the 49er fans think that Harbaugh is going to come in and in one season transform this team they’re grossly mistaken. They need to remember this is the NFL. Building a championship team in this leagued is like Rome, and we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Think I’m telling the truth? Do you think I’m wrong? Maybe you the reader have a better understanding of the franchise. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

  1. The NFL season is finally upon us! I’m ready to see some poweful hits and amazing plays. Who is my pick for the Superbowl winner? Right now I would have to say that I think the Ravens or the 49ers look like they have the best shot. My favories part of the NFL is that you never know who is going to be victorious. Drama and excitement, welcome home Football!

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