San Francisco Wins Battle Of The Bay. Raiders, And Niner Fans Finish Without Class In Brawl Melee, That Ended With Gun Shots.

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The Shameful Battle Of The Bay NFL Rivarly

The Shameful Battle Of The Bay NFL Rivarly

What’s up sports fans? It’s funny I always start my blog with that statement and after this weekend I’m not sure if it applies. Last weekend we watched a classic match up with the “Battle Of The Bay.” From the start it went well if your a Niner fan. If your a Raider fan you weren’t happy from the start.  San Francisco’s Alex Smith went 8-13 for 126 yards, and only had one interception. This is good if your a Niner fan because the big question this years is can Alex Smith be the starter that Jed York and San Francisco’s front office thinks he can be. “Despite not getting in the end zone, I think we still did a tremendous job with learning a new offense and putting everything together within three weeks,” responded Vernon Davis . “I think we have a promising future ahead of us. Once it’s the opening of the season, I think we’ll be where we need to be.”

Now if your a Raider fan it wasn’t a good day. Raider fans had to wait until the fourth quarter before they could even score. Raiders were 1-8 on third down efficiency, and only had 6 rushing first downs throughout the game. Jason Campbell got hurt and what’s worse the entire game is marred by the violence that overshadowed what should’ve turned out to be a fun weekend. It was so bad that police had to contain the situation and they had to have it contained by using more than half of it’s police  force.  San Francisco Police chief Greg Suhr stated that there were 10 percent more officers at the game than normal, and that the fight was “An aberration.” What is interesting is that the fight itself is the first of it kind. I mean I’m a die hard Forty Niner fan and in all the years I’ve been following them there has never been a tailgating fight between the Raider Nation and the Forty Niner Faithful.

S.F. Police Chief Greg Surh with S.F. 49er Owner Jed York Try To Asess NFL Melee.

S.F. Police Chief Greg Surh with S.F. 49er Owner Jed York Try To Asess NFL Melee.

Even though I am a die hard Niner fan I don’t hate the Raiders. I see them as I’ve always seen them as our cross town cousins. I even root for them in the AFC. I would love to see them play us in the Superbowl. It would be like the Dream Series in 1989. Really I think what Frank Gore said about it puts it all in perspective, “I think some of the fans take it too serious,” Gore said. “It’s a football game. I don’t think they should be fighting and shooting and all that.” He’s right. After all, not only is it just a game, but it was just a pre-season game. I don’t know about you but I work my tail off because I’m poor. When the weekend comes if I have any money left I try to use some of it to enjoy with family or friends. A chance to see a live NFL game even if it’s pre-season is a chance of a lifetime for me. So why would I let some guy who has a strong opinion about his team be a cause for ruining my weekend.

Not to mention that some of those guys got arrested.  Especially those who thought “Well your team isn’t as hard as mine. I’ll show you how hard my team is.  I’ll pull out a gun and….”  You get the picture. By the way, when  those people got arrested, they might have forgotten it is the weekend, so they won’t even see the judge until Monday. And to the people who were fighting, you set an example to your children, family, and your friends they will never forget. The fans should remember at the end of the fourth quarter the clock will go 00:00.  When it does the fans have to go home. I don’t know what that means for you, but for me it means to go back to my job where I make just enough to keep the lights on and get ice cream for my nine year old every now and then. The fans should also know that the players on the field are getting paid millions, and they’re not in the parking lot fighting the visiting opponent week after week for bragging rights or because they lost the game.

Trust Me Folks, This Isn't Bay Area NFL Football

Trust Me Folks, This Isn't Bay Area NFL Football

You fans even went as far to go way beyond what NFL competitors would do by pulling out a gun and shooting someone.  The whole thing was disturbing but two things that were very disturbing and stood out to me is that in one of the fights a woman was trying to get clear of the fight because she was holding a child and it appeared because of the crowd she didn’t really have a lot of room to run away to.  The second was that there was video footage of some ladies fighting, although from the view I saw on Channel 7 News at the time they didn’t look or acted lady like. If I was single, which I’m not I know I wouldn’t want to be dating any of those women. It’s hard I wanted to blog about the game but just like the Melee at Candlestick took away the fun of the game, it also took away me covering the game like I wanted to.

I guess if I can fit it in the Niners prevailed 17-3, in what shouldn’t been a nice way to spend a Saturday.  Instead it became a day that we both Niners and Raiders fans showed the NFL, that here in the San Francisco Bay Area our thirst to win is more important then simply playing what is considered to be a decent game of what players, coaches and sports enthusiast call, a game of healthy competition. I say to the fans pull out your Webster’s dictionary and look up the word sportsman. You might learn something. You think I’m right or is this just another rant? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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