Is The Cost Of San Francisco’s Stadium Deal Preventing The Franchise From Signing Long Term Contracts With Impact Players?

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San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

What’s up sports fans? I heard through some creditable sources that San Francisco signed former Cleaveland Browns receiver Braylon Edwards to a one year deal which would make him  a 49er for next season. I’m not upset about that, Braylon Edwards is a top notch receiver and really an added plus to San Francisco’s offense. What’s really bothering me is the fact that we couldn’t sign him for at least three season. Of course we’d love to have him for five seasons or more, but if we can get him, get him for at least three seasons. All of this makes me leery. I guess because recently San Francisco signed Alex Smith to a, you guessed it a one year deal. Which got me to thinking. I wonder if this huge stadium deal in costing San Francisco so much money that it may be hindering their ability to sign more expensive impact players.

You’d have to admit that it would explain a lot to the way the front office is looking at the league as far as selecting draft picks, and how it chooses other NFL prospects. Let’s face it, the franchise hasn’t tried to get players that would be seemingly logical, as far as the more contending teams direction is going around the league. When was the last time we saw the 49ers get a legitimate candidate who could compete in the NFC West division, let alone the NFL in the pass rushing department. I remember the days of Fred Dean, Keena Turner, Dana Stubblefield, Bryant Young, Ronnie Lott. It was a time when Offenses came into San Francisco and they were worried. Now teams come into Candelstick Park and have the time of their lives racking up yardage and points because they can. I know Jed York has never even seen my blog, and that’s fine with me. But if your going to run this franchise remember Mr. York that your family built this heritage.

Is This The 2011-2012 Season ?

Is This The 2011-2012 Season ?

It’s a rich heritage with five golden rings. So if Mr. York your going to sign some players, make it count. If your going with Alex Smith then go with Alex Smith with confidence, sign him for at least three years, at least then you’d be showing your fans and the league that you not only made your decision, but you’ve made a firm decision. Be shrewd when it comes to signing players. Every now and then do like the east coast does us, grab some players from these other divisions. They do that to us west coast teams all the time. Wheres Tom Brady? On the east coast. Where’s Aaron Rodgers? Who by the way wanted to play in San Francisco, naw we wanted him to go to the east coast. How many time does this have to happen where other teams in the league are taking players from the Bay Area and we won’t even look at some of the east coast players.

We let Abrayo Franklin go, and not to take anything away from Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, or Issac Sopoaga, but if we let Franklin go we should’ve replaced him with an impact player. Who knows maybe I’m speaking to soon. Maybe the core people we got is enough to satisfy the fanbase and the teams plan for the new season. All I know is this is a season the fans are getting anxious about. It really isn’t a good time for them to do it, but they are. The reason why is because the team hasn’t brought a winning season going on six years in a row. People used to say back when the 49ers were winning that “Niner fans are spoiled.” and that “The niners always think they should have winning seasons.” They said the same about Dallas, New England, Pittburg and Greenbay, and you know why? Because they were winning.

The reason those teams were winning is because they were signing quality players with good tenured contracts. I know money management is a pickle of a situation to deal with in the NFL, but as owners and decision makers you gotta remember the bottom line is getting the ultimate prize, which is the championship. If this stadium deal is hindering the 49er franchise’s ability to sign quality players, then this will be yet another time San Francisco’s franchise bit off more than it can chew. This season will tell, and after a dreadful 24-3 pre-season shallacking from the New Orleans Saints San Francisco’s mouth is looking full. Think I’m right or is it just speculation? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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