Edgar Renteria Makes The Giants See Cincinatti Red. San Francisco is Swept With A 9-0 Loss On Sunday.

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Reds Celebrate Sweep Of San Francisco

Reds Celebrate Sweep Of San Francisco



What’s up sports fans? I tell ya, it’s one of the worst parts of having a sports franchise. When you trade someone and your gut tells you, you shouldn’t trade him because this deal may comeback to haunt you, and then it does. That what happened to the Giants this weekend. From July 29-31 the Giants got swept by the Cincinnati Reds. What’s worse is that the last game they got blanked with a 9-0 loss. That trade that the Giants would like to have back, goes by the name of Renteria. Edgar Renteria reminded the Giants one of the reasons why they won the World Series last year, it was because he and others on the team at that time was putting up clutch hits for them. So how do the Giants reward Edgar by sending him to the Cincinatti Reds.

He even commented that the contract that Brian Sabean offered him to re-sign with San Francisco was, “An insult!” Well as you probably know that with living in the Bay Area, and with living with Bay Area sports history, is that we always trade away players only to watch them comeback here and have a extreme significant part in dismantling our hopes of a title shot. Let’s be honest for a moment. Big name, or veterans sports stars don’t come here to play professional sports, we build them here and send them to give other cities championship seasons. Edgar Renteria and the Cincinatti Reds solidified that fact by sweeping, god I can’t believe I have to write this, by sweeping the Giants in three games last weekend. When you consider my statement earlier about big name sports stars not coming here, look at our last year World Series Champions.

A group of no name guys, but Sabean and the Giants found a way to capture the World title. I betcha one thing for sure by next year if the Giants don’t make the playoffs this season a lot of those names will be most likely playing somewhere else. I’m sure for Giants fans it’s hard to watch Renteria contribute to your teams loss. I said what’s worse already but I have to use the term again, Miguel Tejada is injured and it seems that San Francisco’s been burning through players like it’s the fourth of July and setting off bottle rockets is the in thing to do. The Reds also had Johnny Cueto. I hate to say it but he kept the Giants bats quite. Once again one of our former Giants had a hand in beating us. You remember Dusty Baker. Yeah, the old skipper for us back during the Barry Bonds days.

Well he told Cueto to pitch a complete game for the Reds, and that’s exactly what he did. Cueto pitched a three hitter. We had no answer for that guy, “Dusty asked me for a complete game this morning. I said, ‘I will”’, Cueto said. “I have been working on my mechanics,” said Cueto.  I hope Brian Sabean and the Giants front office have a lot of scotch to drink cause that was a depressing weekend they went soon forget and couple of shots might make swallowing the losses a little easier going down the throat. Dusty was happy,   “We were swept by the Mets and came back to sweep the Giants,” Baker said. “Johnny gave us what we needed. He was masterful. He works hard. He competes. You see him out running line to line. He didn’t get any hits, but works on his hitting and bunting. He is trying to be a better base runner.”

I wonder if Bay Area owners and staff offices are ever going to get it. Yes you can save a few dollars trading someone, but in the end the losses come back to haunt you later. Our guy for some strange reason, Barry Zito couldn’t get it going. What was also strange was that he pitched well in the beginning of the month of July and just disappeared toward the end of the month. There is no question the Giants need more offensive attack against these teams and if they don’t watch themselves they could go into a serious slump and not come out of it. Think San Francisco can rebound or do you think the party’s over? Tell me what you think. Leave me a comment that way I’ll know what’s on your mind. I want your feedback Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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