San Francisco Misses Opportunity With Hasslebeck, Kolb, And Puts Up Heavy Gamble With Alex Smith.

Posted: August 1, 2011 in ABC Sports, CBS Sports, Comcast Sports BayArea, Espn, Facebook, Football, Fox Sports, Google, National Football League, NBC Sports, San Francisco 49ers, Yahoo Sports

Welcome 49ers Fans To Your 2011-2012 Season.

Welcome 49ers Fans To Your 2011-2012 Season.


What’s up sports fans? I know I wrote about San Francisco going with Alex Smith just yesterday, but there was rumors flying that the Niners may fore go Smith and take either Kevin Kolb, or Matt Hasslebeck. They didn’t do either, which makes us spectators wonder where this franchise is headed. San Francisco only signed Smith to a one year deal, so if he doesn’t pan out then they’ve got their rookies Colin Kaepernick, and Bethel-Thompson McLeod to rely on. And if Smith does for whatever reason leave after that year, Kaepernick and Mcleod will have one year to develop.

Which could mean that they will go a different avenue if Smith can’t deliver. I don’t know about you but it still makes me think the front office isn’t sure about the direction they’re taking. If they would’ve signed Smith to a longer deal than I would’ve said, “Okay they are settling with Smith”, but with a one year deal sounds to me they’re keeping their avenues open.  In my opinion Niners should’ve went after Matt Hasslebeck. It was the right opportunity for San Francisco. He knows the NFC West and he knows Seattle. It would’ve been a wise chess move for the Niners to sign him. They have a new head coach in Harbaugh with a different offensive structure. What they need is a veteran quarterback.

Don’t get me wrong they have one in Alex Smith, the problem is his consistency and the Niners didn’t cement the deal. I don’t gamble but if you know a sure thing then you put up the whole pot because you know it’s a winner. I’ll say it again the fact that they only signed him for a year means they’re not convinced he’s the sure thing. With Alex Smith it’s still a heavy gamble because if he’s false as he’s proved before then the team is back to the drawing board. While teams like Greenbay, Arizona, Chicago, and Minnesota, start taking advantage of their more logical decisions when it comes to quarterback selections. It doesn’t really matter now. Kevin Kolb is in Arizona to bring a lot of pain and anguish to the Niners in the NFC West. Hasslebeck went to the Tennessee Titans, and I’m still not sure that was a good move for him.

If he would’ve went to Philadelphia or even Dallas I might see the sense of it. I just don’t see much promise in Tennessee with Jeff Foster gone and the quarterback position over there not solidified as far as the way the Titans run their offense. I wonder what’s going to happen to San Francisco front office if by next year we find the Niners trying  to cling to a 6-10 record. It’s a nightmare that could happen if Harbaugh and company can’t put together key ingredients for the franchise. One of those ingredients is defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin. He’s going into his ninth season in the NFL and if San Francisco can sign him he will have spent five with the Niners. They need an experienced individual at the defensive tackle spot. Not signing Franklin would just be stupid.

To let him get away would be a bad decision for the front office. Another key ingredient is Frank Gore. He held out of his contract for obviously more money. I personally think Mr. Gore is worth every penny he’s asking for. His performance through the years has shown that he’s an impact player. The Niners need impact players for next season because it will allow them to come out the gate fast. A fast start will send a message to that division and the league that there’s a new sheriff in San Francisco. I only hope Harbaugh’s deputies can put it together. Do you think he can or is it just going to be another mediocre year? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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