The NFL Doors Are Open, You Are Now Free To View The Gridiron From Across The Country.

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Alex Smith Has Soimething To Prove In The 2011-2012 Season

Alex Smith Has Something To Prove In The 2011-2012 Season

What’s up sports fans? Are you ready for some football? The return of the Monday Night party, and we the fans, are so glad the bickering is over. I can get my San Francisco 49er poncho out ready for the season. I know you Raider fans don’t want to hear that but the truth is the truth. I’ve been a Niner fan since the days of Gene Washington, and when you’ve been a fan that long you don’t change. I know some people do, but those people are band wagon fans. Soon as they see the San Francisco winning then you see them come out of the woodwork. See, real Niner fans know to be part of the Gold Rush you have to be a Niner fan when they are winning or losing.

I’ve met Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Fred Dean, Dwight Hicks, Keena Turner, Dwight Clark, Steve Bono, J.J. Stokes Frank Gore, Patrick Willis and I’ll eventually meet more of them. You see I’m a Niner fan.  I’ve been through the Ericksen years, the Mariucci years, and it’s sad for the Mariucci years because those weren’t bad years. We as a team did well just couldn’t get over the hump. In any case it’s time for 2011-2012 season and we think we have a serious stake in the NFC West. Now I know the haters want to point out how we fell short with Singletary, but we’re not looking back. We are ready to press forward with new players, new coach in Jim Harbaugh and we are cementing the completion of a huge stadium deal down in Santa Clara. It is definitely time to build on our San Francisco 49er history and remind the NFL that there is football excellence still on this side of the country.

The Niners started this year by signing all there rookies and by giving Alex Smith, Tony Wraggae one year deals, and Ray McDonald to five year deal. What is interesting is how Alex Smith will fare with the coming season and the horrors of seasons past. He’ll have to perform at grade A status, because Jim Harbaugh won’t stand for anything less. Jim Harbaugh came from a winning program that he built from the ground up, and I’m sure that he going to want hard work, dedication and really the tenacity of his players. If Alex Smith shows any kind of variance in his work ethic I personally don’t see him lasting a full season. I’m not saying this to say I want to see Alex fail, I’m saying this because I’m sorry, this is a player that has the support of his team’s organization.The 49ers are taking chances on him again, and this time he can’t use any excuses.

Okay so he didn’t have a good offensive line the first two seasons, the offensive line has  grown and matured. He went through several offensive structures and coordinators and couldn’t really get used to them because he didn’t have enough time to meld with them. He had too many head coach changes, and yes he did. Let’s make it know though, he doesn’t have that problem anymore. Harbaugh’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The offensive line is getting primed for this season. The new head coaching staff will give Alex all the time he needs to understand Harbaugh’s offense. No more excuses. Get out there Alex Smith and show the league what San Francisco 49ers football is all about, solid gold. If I’m wrong then this is another one of my rants and you can prove me wrong. What do you think? Tell me how you think the 2011-2012 season will pan out. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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