Giants Can’t Sweep Dodgers. Give Up Late Run, But Still Stay In First In N.L. West.

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Comcast Sports BayArea, Major League Baseball, San Francisco Giants

Clayton Kershaw Stymies The Giants.

Clayton Kershaw Stymies The Giants.


What’s up sports fans? Well the “G” Men drop one of the three this last week against the Dodger Blue. What’s worse, we lost to the guy whose for some crazy reason been the one whose had our number this season, Clayton Kershaw. The Giants pretty much had a pitcher dual until late in the seventh inning when Dioner Navarro hit a deep sinker into McCovey Cove, and that’s where it sank for the winning run. “I’ve been trying to reach that was since day one,” Navarro said. “I never could. Not even in batting practice.” What was sad is that Navarro’s hit came on a 1-0 pitch and he got all of it. What is also difficult to swallow is that before that Tim Lincecum was strong in this one.

He only allowed 5 hits in seven innings. He walked four and struck out seven. It really appeared to be anybody’s ball game until the Dioner hit. But let’s face it, in a pitchers dual usually the guy who flinches first ends up losing.  “I flinched first,” Lincecum said. He shouldn’t feel bad. After all Dodgers got that win because they had to show up. Before that game San Francisco beat them on Monday July 18, 5-0, and then on Tuesday July 19, 5-3. So were they looking for some payback? You better believe it. You got to tip your hat to Clayton Kershaw though. The power lefty dropped his ERA against the defending World Champions to 1.41. He definitely gave us something to remember him by. Like in the season opener, he beat us then too. We could only hit 3 times against him in eight innings. He struck us out 12 times, he’s leading the league at 167 strike outs. What’s tough is that the Dodgers weren’t playing well on defense which means this one could’ve been ours.

The problem was that Kershaw continued to pitch well regardless of what his outfield was doing. Dodgers skipper Don Matingly thought he was wearing his star pitcher out.  “I was waffling a little bit, to be honest with you,” Mattingly said of taking Kershaw out before the ninth after 111 pitches. “I just felt like he did his job.”  Waffling? What’s waffling? Some of the words that guys in baseball come up with I just don’t get. What is important is that even though the Giants lose one of three games which is seemingly good, the main thing is that they continue to lead the National League West division. Remember this is a team that got laugh at when the won the world series. I don’t know about you but you win the world series you should start taking that team seriously. But the rest of the baseball country didn’t, and they laughed and said, “San Francisco will be lucky if they even make the playoffs for the 2011-2012 season.” I can tell those people who laughed, they can stop laughing.

The Giants have the best record in the N.L West. They have a two time Cy Young winner in Tim Lincecum. They lead the N.L. West with people injured. I don’t know about you but if they get everybody healthy, and  if I’m an opposing team I’d be worried. I say to those who laughed, stop laughing. The MLB league has to come to San Francisco to get the championship, cause right now it’s in San Francisco. So stop laughing A.L. East. You want the trophy, come and get it. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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