The A’s Complete A Weekend Sweep Of The Giants By Beating Them On The 19th. Oakland-2 San Francisco-1

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Comcast Sports BayArea, Major League Baseball, San Francisco Giants


A's Savor Their Winning Moment

A's Savor Their Winning Moment



What’s up sports fans. You ever have the re-occurring nightmare that seems to never stop, and the only thing your hoping for is that you wake up immediately? Well that kind of what the Giants went through last weekend. Sorry to say but the A’s had San Francisco’s number, and it 3 games to none. It’s funny I tend to go up to the city because of some acquaintances that I socialize with. So I’m down by third avenue when the Giants games are about to start. Let me tell you you would think they were still in the world series the way people flock to AT&T Park. It didn’t matter how many were there this weekend because they all saw the same thing.

A beat down at the hands of our cross town cousins the Athletics. I must say it was a whipping we had coming. I know Giants fans don’t want to hear that but let’s face it we been whipping on the A’s pretty good here these last couple of years, it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to beat us. I will say that our pitching was better on Sunday then the beginning of the weekend. And I just learned we lost another one to Minnesota 9-2. I think Bruce Bochy is probably going to need a alka-seltzer. “We have to get this offense going,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “It’s been like this for a while. It’s frustrating for us. Guys just aren’t having years they are supposed to have.”

This is the rough part of being a World Series Champion. Trying to repeat. It’s always in question. They ask, “We’ll they repeat as champions. I tell you I wouldn’t want to be Bruce Bochy this season. Last season I would’ve had no problem being him.  He was producing something that hadn’t been done before, bringing a World Championship to a franchise that has over the decades drooled over on success for decades. Now that the Giants have won he’s got to find a way to raise the bar. To make matters worse he’s won in a part of the world where winning is greedy amongst it’s fanbase. We will not stand for anything less. I wouldn’t  be surprised that if Bochy doesn’t find a way to stay in the playoff hunt for another three seasons, he may well be run out of the city of San Francisco in just two seasons.

I wonder how many Landon Powell nightmares he’s been having. Landon Powell was the player that hit the tie breaker in the eight inning to give the A’s the go ahead win.  “Sometimes you’re pitching has to do it, sometimes you’re hitting has to do it,” Powell said after Oakland extended its season-high winning streak to five games. “That’s what good teams are about and that’s what we’re trying to be.” Giants and their fans can’t be to upset, they’re still in first place, and there is still a lot of baseball to be played, but right now the gold jerseys from Oakland California gotta be feeling pretty good they did something a lot of teams have be struggling to do sweep the Giants.   “When you play games like this you just want to keep rolling every day,” Melvin said. “If you stay positive some good things can happen.” I’m still waiting for one of my readers to leave me a comment that proves me wrong. Think the Giants can go all the way, or just make the playoffs? Tell what you think. Remember folks, it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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