Dallas Cool Off “The Big Three” In Their Fourth Quarter Drought. Dallas 2011 NBA Champions. Nowitski Crowned 2011 MVP. Dallas-105 Miami-95.

Posted: June 13, 2011 in ABC Sports, Basketball, Espn, NBA Basketball, Special Interest Opinion

What’s up sports fans? Well I’ve been proven wrong before when it comes to picking the winner of different match ups. I thought the San Jose Sharks were going to win the Stanley Cup. I was wrong. I thought the Miami Heatwould beat the Dallas Mavericks in seven games. Thanks to Miami’s performance last night, they have made me wrong again. Once again it was the same situation that had happened in the last two contests between these two conference champions. Miami couldn’t gain any ground on the Mavericks during the fourth quarter. It was really hard to watch. In the beginning of this series, you had arguments from both teams why either one of them  should win the finals. When you were done arguing you would figure, that after watching everything that has  transpired over the last three seasons in the NBA, with Lebron having being raised to Jordan like status in Cleveland, the fact that Dwayne Wade already had a title in Miami, and Chris Bosh had done all he could do in Toranto.

Beatin The Miami Heat In The 4th Quarter Is So Easy, Even A Caveman Could Do It.

Beating The Miami Heat In The 4th Quarter Is So Easy, Even A Caveman Could Do It.

And Bosh was ready to move to a franchise and capture his first title, which was suppose to happen in Miami once the other  premier players were signed. The fact that the league had clearly showed that when you put together three premier players in a franchise that was a contender it could produce results. We saw it in Boston when Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, matched up with Paul Pierce and the Celtics, we saw it in Los Angeles when Pau Gasol , Kobe Bryant, and Lamar Odom with the Lakers, and it was supposed to happen in Miami. When “The Big Three” were set up in Miami, and the fact that the Heat themselves showcased the entire event,  it looked like the new fall fashion of the super models runway in Milan. Not to mention that Lebron James and Espn put together a special which featured his decision as to where he would play once he left Cleveland. All eyes were on Miami to not only perform well in the playoffs, but to exceed that and win an NBA title. Why was so much placed on Miami to succeed so soon? Because Miami placed so much on themselves.

They didn’t have to do that runway presentation like they did. They could’ve just signed Lebron and Bosh and quietly do whatever it was they needed to do, without pomp and over hype that they flaunted in the beginning of the season. None of that matters now. Dallas is the 2011 NBA Champion, and for good reason. Dallas did what NBA teams should do. They quietly came in the playoffs excepting scrutiny from the leagues fan base and it’s afficionado’s and responded by not taking offense, but instead playing their game, and they received the ultimate pay off, a NBA title. Dallas exposed Miami’s weaknesses. And the Heat’s weakness was their inability to produce big numbers in the fourth quarter. The Heat weren’t taking the ball to the hole, instead they kept passing the ball until there were shot clock violations or until they would loose control of the basketball. The Heat committed 17 turnovers, and anyone who’s familiar with the game knows, you can’t loose the ball that many times and expect to win the game.

The Heat kept shooting jump shots in the last six and half minutes of the game. If I’m Erik Spoelstra, at about five minutes left in the game, I’d probably tell my guys, “Look! Stop passing the ball so much! Stop shooting so many jump shots, and take the ball to hole, and draw fouls!!! Instead he allowed Miami to continue until they were running out of time. Really the league shouldn’t just have an MVP award, they should have and official “Heart Of A Champion Award.” If they did in this years playoffs and in this years finals,  it should go to J.J. Barea. Barea played like a true champion the entire playoffs. When he was flagrantly fouled by the Lakers he handled it like a true sportsman. He continued to use his speed and agility to out maneuver his opponents. Deshawn Stevenson and  Mario Chalmers played well throughout the playoffs, but showed terrible class in game six. Stevenson started the fracas when he shoved Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers came to Haslems aid. In any case it was in bad taste for the league and I’m sure some fines will be issued.



Eating Crow! They Have All Summer To Think About What Went Wrong.

Eating Crow! They Have All Summer To Think About What Went Wrong.


I just can’t figure out why Lebron James, or Dwayne Wade didn’t do what’s been their success all season,  drive the lane more in the last seven minutes of the game. When they were doing all that passing the Mavericks continued to shoot. Jason Terry finished with 27pts and Dirk Nowitski finshed with 21pts.  “We worked so hard and so long for it,” Nowitzki said. “The team has had an unbelievable ride.” For Dirk Nowitski, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd the wait is over. They have been on both sides of the table. They now know what it is to loose and to win. They also finally know what it is like to work so hard for something and finally taste success. “It goes without saying,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “You’re never really prepared for a moment like this. … Neither team deserved this championship more than the other, but Dallas earned it.”  The Mavericks did earn it. Unlike Miami who had this idea that “If we sign superstar players we’ll win the NBA title.”

That didn’t happen. Right now, Miami’s “Big Three” are having a hot bowl of crow, and I’m having some too, because I got caught up in the “Big Three.” hype like all the other Miami fans. “It was a failure in ’07 when we lost to the Spurs when I was in Cleveland,” James said. “It’s a failure now.” This also sends a message to other franchises in retrospect to my question in my other post that I did a week ago when I asked if sport franchises were buying championships. To Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and to the Miami front office, I hope your listening. Championships can’t be bought. You want to win a championship you better play with all the blood, sweat, tears, and heart. Because after you loose the hot bowl of crow you have to eat still taste terrible to digest, all summer long. Think Miami can get back in contention for the NBA title or do you think that time has come and went? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM


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