Nowitski Has The Flu, But It’s Miami’s 4Th Quarter Shooting That Makes The Heat Sick. Mavericks-86 The Heat-83.

Posted: June 8, 2011 in ABC Sports, Basketball, Espn, NBA Basketball

What’s up sports fans? This is for those of you who say, “The NBA playoffs are boring.” If your not watching the NBA playoffs this year it’s because your boring! The NBA Playoffs are more exciting than ever. I couldn’t believe this game. First Dallas comes out with a flurry of shots lead by Dirk Nowitski. In just the first two and a half minutes he went three for three without breaking a sweat. Dallas was leading 6-0 over Miami. The Mavericks came after the Heat from the gate and you could tell they weren’t going to let up. What also came to be known from the announcers table is that apparently Dirk Nowitski had the flu, and it was being noted that he wasn’t at his full strength. “We all seen him go through walkthroughs. Every time he started to talk he started coughing. He was wheezing. We just played with incredible heart and passion,” responded Dallas center Tyson Chandler.

Mr.  Chandler had 13pts. and 16 rebounds. Nowitski finished with 21 pts. and 11 rebounds. Jason Terry finished with 17pts. 6 of those points came at a crucial time towards the end of the fourth quarter. So what about the big three? Well Dwayne Wade finished with 32 points 2 assists and 6 rebounds. Chris Bosh finished with 24pts. 6 rebounds and 1 assists, and Lebron James finished with just 8pts. and he was 2-4 from the free throw line. The Heat not showing a lot of stamina down the stretch, which was kind of ironic because really the person who should’ve been losing their stamina should’ve been Dirk Nowitski. As I stated Dirk only had 21pts., but the reason why it might just be his best performance as a pro is because you have to consider how it ignited his team.

No he didn’t score 35 to 40pts. in this one but he delivered when it was time to. Something the Miami Heat ought to call him up and take some notes as to where he’s getting that extra push late in the fourth quarter. This is at a time when the game is like watching Ali vs. Frazier. It’s going back and fourth in a fight to decide who’s ahead in the game. This is also at a time when fatigue becomes a major factor in performance. I was just telling a friend of mine just the other day the problem with Miami is that when Dallas uses the smaller line up they kind of get confused. I told him watch what happens if they decide to start J.J. Barea. I said if they do Miami is not going to be able to handle the speed of they way he sets up the pick and rolls. It worked, they used Dashawn Stevenson on those pick and rolls and he was open on several occasions. By the way Stevenson was 3 of 7 from 3pt. land for 11pts., which gave Dallas an added scorer that the Heat had to defend against.

Right now Miami has to find a way to become the Closer! This is the second straight situation where they have been ahead against Dallas and they allowed the Mavericks to hang around and when the game was late in the fourth quarter it was like the Heat just ran out of gas. You could tell too, because they weren’t going to the hole at all after six and a half minutes left to play in the game. They also have to find a way to get Mike Bibby in the game. His production was terrible. This is a guy who can put up good numbers, but tonight J.J. Barea made him look bad. Bibby didn’t score the entire game. A couple of nights ago after game 3, during the press conference Lebron James was asked by a reporter, “A Lebron three games in a row for you in the fourth quarter not much, the fourth quarter that’s when superstar’s in the NBA become superstar’s, you’ve seem to shrink, what’s going on?” Lebron’s response was that he really was incensed at the reporters question, as a matter of fact you could tell he wasn’t and didn’t like the reporter’s question.

Personally I think it’s a question he probably should’ve listened to. The reporter made a wise observation. Tonight game is tantamount to that fact, because late in the fourth quarter Lebron, Mike Bibby, Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers didn’t play championship basketball, and if they don’t find a answer to this fourth quarter problem the end result is going to be the end of their season without the championship trophy. I believe the Miami Heat can take the series in seven games. You think Dallas is going to win? Think I’m wrong? Tell me what you think. Remember f9lks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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