Golden State Warriors Signs Mark Jackson As Their New Head Coach.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Golden State Basketball, NBA Basketball

Golden State Warriors New Head Coach Mark Jackson

Golden State Warriors New Head Coach Mark Jackson

What’s up sports fans? Wow! Are you reading this? I’m writing this. The Bleacher Report has released conformation that the Golden State Warriors have chosen a person that no one considered for their new head c0aching position. Mark Jackson has chosen to come to Oracle Arena to coach the Golden State Warriors. This is Huge! I’m trying to stay in my seat while I’m writing this. When you look at the different choices that were available and the coaches that decided they didn’t want the job, to get Mark Jackson to agree in my opinion means change isn’t coming, change is here. The 17 year veteran of the NBA and ESPN Sports analyst has decided to forgo holding the microphone and start leading the Warriors into NBA battle for the 2011-2012 season.  Here’s a statement from Golden State Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob:

We are tremendously excited about the addition of Mark Jackson as our new head coach. He epitomized leadership as a player in this league for 17 seasons and we think that characteristic — and many other positive traits — will translate very well into his coaching duties with our young team.

He was a leader and a winner both on and off the floor in this league and we’re convinced that he is the right person to guide this team into the future and help us achieve the success that we are striving for as an organization.

You have to give Joe Lacob and Peter Guber a hand. They needed someone with experience in the game and someone who can motivate players. I personally think this is a good decision. When you hear Mark Jackson analyze live games you can tell that he strategizes well.  He made a comment the other night concerning game 3 of the NBA Finals that made a lot of sense. That “While your posting up for shots watch the response of the defense when changing passing decisions.”  See only good players and good coaches would think that much ahead of plays while they develop.  Here is a great opportunity and the new Warriors front office takes full advantage of the situation. There is one thing that Warrior fans should consider.

With the team moving in the direction they are trying to move to, which is success, fans are probably wondering what type of mindset does Joe Lacob and Peter Guber have to make a move like this. I can tell you this, it’s the same mindset Joe Lacob had four years ago when he worked with some key individuals to produce a championship in Boston. Yeah, that’s right. When Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were raising their championship trophy a few years back Joe Lacob had his hand in that. And look who Mr. Lacob partnered with to turn around this franchise.  A man who’s knowledge of the entertainment world can’t be questioned. This what he was able to put together in linking up with Peter Guber. Can you feel it? I can. It’s the winds of change coming to the Bay Area.

Slowly but surely Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to produce a winning NBA franchise. Whew! I can’t believe I said that and I can’t believe I heard those words coming out of my mouth. A winning NBA franchise. That’s something we Warriors don’t know about except maybe once in our lifetime, and even then we were to young to understand the magnitude of the event. The Golden State Warriors have new ownership. They have a new head coach. Now if they can manage to get that certain impact player to change the scheme of the Warriors playing philosophy.  It would put us right where we need to be, in the playoffs! If I were Golden State I would go after Ne~Ne from the Denver Nuggets. The reason why I say this is because when you look at the NBA as a whole, no NBA Franchise has been able to capture an NBA title without a dominate big man. The don’t just need a bigh man, they need a big man who can do the job.

They’ve had big men in the past, they have Andris now and I’m sorry to say but he’s just not doing the job. Ne~Ne can mix it up with the best of them. Plus his contract is up. Mr. Lacob, Mr. Guber, Mr. West, and Mr. Riley I hoping your listening because if you guys can put together a deal and land Ne~Ne, it would change the whole division of the Pacific West, and the days of the Lakers coming in Oracle Arena and beating up on our Golden State Warriors would be over. Think about it Mr. Lacob, Mr. Guber, Mr. West and Mr. Riley. I could see Ne~Ne in a Golden State Warriors uniform. So do think Mark Jackson will make an immediate impact or you think it was a bad idea hiring him? Tell me what you think. I want to know. Remember folks its’ ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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