The NBA Finals Even At One Game A Piece, After Mavericks Make The Series Interesting By Beating The Heat in Game 2. Dallas 95 – Miami – 93.

Posted: June 5, 2011 in ABC Sports, Basketball, NBA Basketball


What’s up sports fans? Well I guess the finals isn’t as predictable as lot of people thought they would be. I mean let’s be honest with ourselves I’m sure that when the Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks in game 1 92-84 some of you who watched thought. “This isn’t even going to be a series. Miami is probably going to blow them out.” Hold on there sir! Bite your tongue! Really no one can say that more than Dirk Nowitski.  It was a crazy game, I mean I was pretty much caught up in the Miami menagerie also. I mean you got Dwayne Wade making dunks that the Dallas first team could only stand and watch and Mike Bibby hitting three’s, and hands down it was his best night for hitting three point shots the entire playoffs. Not to mention Lebron was being Lebron with monster dunks, so what was to stop the Heat from winning the game.

After all they had a 15 point lead going into the last part of the 4th quarter, what could possibly go wrong? Let me tell you what went wrong.  The Miami Heat fell asleep for the rest of the game on defense. Dallas went on a 22-5 run and believe or not for the first time in the playoffs the Miami Heat looked confused. “You can just sense it in us that we weren’t going to give up, we were going to be resilient,” Dallas guard Jason Terry said. You’d think that somewhere in the last 7 minutes that Steve Spoelstra would’ve tried to regroup the team to see if there was something they could’ve done to stop the Mavericks late rally. Jason Terry finished 24pts. The game kinda went back and forth at the end. You still weren’t really sure who was going to win. The Mavericks were ahead 93-90 until Mario Chalmers hit a 3 pointer to tie the game. At this point if I’m the Miami heat they should’ve fouled someone. They had a chance to foul someone as soon as the ball was inbounded.

What was also interesting is that the Miami Heat had a foul to give.  “We just didn’t execute down the stretch,” Bosh said. “There’s no shock. There’s disappointment. But the reality is the reality. We might as well get used to it and focus on the next one.” A lot of what Chris Bosh is saying while I watched the game is true. In the beginning and the middle of the game the Miami Heat seemed to be responding to everything the Mavericks threw at them. They were making dunks, deflecting passes, getting more rebounds, everything you could do to win a game and play good solid basketball for the first three quarters Miami did. It was that last 7 minutes, that’s where they just weren’t as sharp and weren’t responding like they did in the beginning of the game.  “Just a different series, but we always believe we can come back regardless of the score,” Marion said. “The game is over when the final buzzer rings.”  I think the Heat forgot that one fact.

It’s what I used to always tell my guys when I used to coach them,  and that is that the game isn’t over until the clock say’s 0:00. The Dallas Mavericks took full advantage of that fact and exploited the Heat with it.  Lebron James did score 20 points and Dwayne Wade scored 36pts. but Dirk Nowitski had 24 pts. even with a injured finger. He even hit the last two baskets to give the Mavericks the win.  “Definitely a huge comeback for us and we never gave up, and that was big,” Nowitzki said. What was also hard not to notice is that Dwayne Wade hit a three pointer and made it obvious which the Mavericks became incensed at. They responded because after that the Heat couldn’t score a bucket to save their lives. For once this season  in the playoffs it got cold in Miami, for that last seven minutes and 15 seconds the Heat wasn’t on in Miami. No instead the Mavericks stampeded back with a 15pt. run and never looked back.  “That’s about as tough a fourth quarter as you can have,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “When it started to slide, it just kept on going.”

After 10 games at home without a loss the Heat had to feel the sting of a loss at American Airlines Arean. But you have to give credit to the Mavericks responding the way they did in hostel territory and not allowing Miami to take them out of the their game psychologically. Game 3 is going to be in hostel territory, if your part of the Miami heat franchise because game 3 is in Dallas. Miami will be feeling the heat, or can they take the Mavericks out of their game at their home court. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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