And Now The 2011 NBA Finals. Dallas Mavericks V.S. The Miami Heat For All The Marbles. Question, Are Sports Franchise Championships being bought?

Posted: May 30, 2011 in NBA Basketball, Special Interest Opinion

What’s up sports fans? Well it’s finally here. The 2011 NBA Finals. I can honestly say it’s really what a lot of people who I talked to weren’t hoping for concerning the champions from the East. Most of the people I talk to stated they would’ve rather have seen the Atlanta Hawks or the Orlando Magic play for the NBA Championship. Well the state of Florida can’t be too upset, I mean they do still have a chance for an NBA title,  just not in Orlando. Instead it will be in, and I know you Cavalier fans are hating this, but in the great City of Miami. It makes you wonder though if sport franchise championships are being bought. It is a good valid question. We live in a commercial sports world where the more championships you win, the more revenue for the franchise.

Which would explain why teams like the Yankees, Lakers, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins and recently over the last decade New England Patriots just to mention a few, are the more favored to win titles. As a matter of fact this year is probably the only time in the last few years that the NBA title game has two franchises that haven’t had a championship in the last five years. But hey let’s continue to be honest these two teams and the teams I mentioned are probably better financially sound to go out a get quality players, and they are more highly respected by their prospective leagues for producing championships. Hey ask just about any rookie coming out of college if he had a chance to play for the Dallas Cowboys or the Detroit Lions where do you think he’ll play? Which helps you to appreciate that sports franchises that are more affluent are more in the driver seat to seal championships than other franchises that are average.

I’m not saying that the sports franchise with the most money always wins, what I am saying is that if your franchise is more affluent, then it is probably the most popular, and more professional athletes are probably more likely to want to play in the more affluent, popluar, and more respected franchises than some franchise that is average in revenue, popularity, and the way the league views the franchise as a whole. We’ve all seen it. For instance certain franchises during games with it’s specialized players will win most contested calls with the officials, then a meager franchise with new break out rookie player. Example, during a game a few years ago Monta Ellis was literally grabbed and pulled down by Derek Fisher during a very close and heated contest that put the two teams by a few points and a few seconds to decide the winner of the game.

Even though clearly Monta Ellis was grabbed and pulled down to the court floor, it was Derek Fisher that was shooting two from the foul line and Monta Ellis called for a foul. All you heard was boos from the crowd and the announcer couldn’t believer what he saw. What was worse was that Golden State clearly had the momentum in their favor. The Lakers were winded, out of gas and were about to loose. It didn’t matter two points went to the Lakers, the clock ran out the final seconds and the Warriors lost by 5pts. I have to admit that of all the sports leagues this happens more in the NBA than all the rest. But Cleveland Cavalier fans would agree with this blog. After all Lebron James didn’t leave Cleveland just so he could get a championship. He had several teams he could’ve went to. Granted he had conspired with Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade during the off season about the possibility of playing together, but hey, at the end of the day the big contract he signed was the deal maker.

Which is the reason why, as much as a lot of people don’t want to see it, the Miami Heat are in the playoffs. So are sport franchise championships bought? Oh yeah, sorry to say. The seesaw back and forth of players between the New York Yankees and Boston Reds Sox is evidence of that very fact. These two sports franchises hated each other so much the money that changed hands back and forth to bring championships for bragging rights purposes was like watching a tennis match of  Ivan Lendl vs.  John McEnroe. I also couldn’t overlook something that NBA enthusiasts didn’t consider, when Shaq went to the Boston Celtics. As long as I can remember I’ve never seen a former Los Angeles Laker leave the Lakers and go to the Boston Celtics or a former Boston Celtic leave Boston and go to the Lakers. Shaq is the first to do that. Maybe I’m wrong, and if I am please drop me an e-mail and correct me please.

But this is just another example of big money sports franchises attempting to buy championships. After all it didn’t work out. Shaq was hurt and Boston didn’t win the East. What is nice is the law of averages. Every now and then the David beats Goliath which is probably why we watch. For instance last year’s MLB playoffs. The big money franchises were in it Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, the Reds, Yankees, Tampa Bay, and our own version of David, the San Francisco Giants. In the end David beat Goliath. Your 2011 MLB Champion isn’t the big money franchise it was the little guy. The law of averages prevailed and what was better it prevailed in our favor. Do you think sport franchises are bought? Or do you think buying superior players doesn’t matter. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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