Giants Keep Division Pressure On Rockies With Weekend Sweep.

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Major League Baseball, San Francisco Giants

What’s up sports fans? The Giants continue to show and prove that last years championship win wasn’t a fluke. They have probably made a believer out of the Colorado Rockies, especially after this weekend. The Giants move themselves into second place last weekend and they weren’t going to easily give it up. They started by beating the Rockies on Friday May the 6th 4-3, and the “Fear The Beard” Guhru Brian Wilson continued to show he’s like the television show “The Closer.” In the end it was Freddy Sanchez who drove in the winning run which allowed the Giants to win the game.  “We didn’t do anything to lose the game. They just came back and won it,” Rockies manager Jim Tracy said. “They had some good luck in my opinion with some well-placed hits.”

Cody Ross & Brian Wilson congratulate each other after sweeping the Rockies

Wilson struck out two in the ninth to secure the Giants win that night, it continued on Saturday. May 7th Giants beat the Rockies a second time and once again in the ninth inning, and just like on Friday Brian Wilson continued to put fear in the eyes of Rockies batters with the beard. “It’s like last year—there’s magic inside,” Fontenot said after the first game-ending RBI of his career. “It can definitely get us going. To get a chance to come back home and pull off two walk-off wins is huge for us.”  Sunday’s game was not just to beat the Rockies, but I think to also send a message to them that the pressure is going to be on them all season long if they are going to want the National League West title. It just seems ever since San Francisco won their first MLB Championship in San Francisco they’re not only feeling more confident as a team but even the new talent who put on a Giant uniform are feeling like they can beat anyone they play, just ask new Right hander Ryan Vogelsong who helped three relievers close out the Rockies on Sunday 3-0 and allow the Giants to get their first season sweep.

Ryan Vogelsong bringing the heat.

“That’s the best experience I’ve ever had in baseball, to be honest with you,” Vogelsong said. “It was awesome. My first start here as a Giant, and to pitch like that and to have the fans recognize not only the way I pitched but I think also the journey that it’s been … to have them recognize that, that’s what made it the best.” I mean I still remember hearing nay sayers in the off season especially Dodger fans, “Giants have a glass jaw.”, “Their title is a one in a million.” , “They don’t have what it takes to repeat.” Look I’ll be honest, baseball was never my first sport. I’m really a big basketball fan, but last season the Giants made me watch Bay Area baseball again. It was primarily because, let’s face it if your a Bay Area native like me, hey Championship baseball! In San Francisco! C’mon that just isn’t heard of.

But if you capture a title any title, that to me says that you played at a level above everyone else, and even though the Giants only got one title in San Francisco, if I’m a Dodger fan, which I’m not. I wouldn’t say anything to ridicule the Giants. I played sports, and if you taunt someone to much who’s playing against you, they could come back and hit the two run homer to win the game. They could hit the 35 footer with 1.3 seconds left to send the game into overtime, they could even slap a goal in the tiebreaker to seal the win. So to those hecklers I say you probably should be quite and wait till the seasons over, cause the Giants just swept the National League West Division leading Colorado Rockies and they’re in second place.

Not a bad way to start off a season. If the Giants are a one Championship, one hit wonder that’s one Championship anyone in the MLB would love to have. You think I’m joking just ask the Phillies, the Padres, and the Texas Rangers. Brace yourselves Giants fans and you Giants haters it’s yet another fear the beard year and another year of the oh so Orange and Black torture that we love so well, GO GIANTS!!! Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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