Ravenous Sharks Clinch Playoff Berth By Blanking The Stars. San Jose 6- Dallas 0

Posted: April 9, 2011 in San Jose Sharks


What’s up sports fans? Well it’s done. Sharks have clinch a playoff berth by beating the Dallas Stars 6-0. I am almost certain that Dallas was hoping for a win with good play of course, then maybe they thought “Well as well as the Sharks are playing maybe we’ll give ’em a good game and they’ll find a way to win like they’ve been doing all season.”, but I’m almost certain they didn’t expect to lose like this. Let us not forget this is a franchise that had to claw it’s way back to playoff contention two months ago. Regardless of how they got here, the main issue is they have arrived, and it could’ve have come at a better time. This is a team that has put together the most wins in the Pacific Western division and has earned a legitimate shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup.

I’ve already blogged on how I really believe this year is the years Lord Stanley’s Cup shall reside in San Jose. I believe it because this team just has too much depth to lose. Look at the way they beat the North Stars. Antii Niemi had a perfect game, he made 29 saves on 29 shots, it’s his sixth shutout this season. Patrick Marleau unleashes 2 goals to keep Dallas at bay the entire game, they weren’t even in this one. This is San Jose’s seventh straight playoff appearance, Shark fans I know you are excited, cause I know I am. Listen to me people as I tell you again, “SHARKS ARE GOING TO WIN LORD STANLEY’S CUP! DID I STUTTER!” “I like where our team is at right now with the pressure we’ve had to play with the last two months,” coach Todd McLellan said. “We’ve never had the opportunity to put it on cruise control and I don’t want us to push that button at all. I want us to keep going so when that tournament does start, we’re at the top of our game and not trying to find it.”

Dallas is wondering about it’s playoffs hopes with this loss, they are three points behind Chicago and if the pendulum weight shifts anything could happen. “They were more ready than we were,” defenseman Stephane Robidas said. “They crashed the net and put the puck in. I don’t now how to explain it except tonight they were the better team. It’s as simple as that. They made plays and jumped at us early.” San Jose got good ice play from Logan Couture, and Dan Boyle. With goal support from Marc- Edouard Vlasic and Ben Eager. This is they way the Sharks have been playing all season, and maybe that’s why they are in the playoffs because of the fact you really can’t put your finger on any one player night after night.

Maybe their leading scorer goes down and someone else come in and does the job, or maybe the guy who been consistent gets hurt and your thinking, “Okay he’s out so now we don’t have to worry about him.”, all of sudden the very next game he’s back and he’s playing harder like he was never injured in the first place. “It’s been like this the last four or five weeks,” captain Joe Thorton  said. “Everyone has been contributing. It’s a whole team right now.” So San Jose is poised and ready. I hope you are, cause I am. If the Sharks can find a way to win the Stanley Cup, do you realize we will have to sport franchises in the Bay Area with a championship in just one year. I bet the guys at ESPN aren’t ready for that, but we in the San Francisco Bay Area are., Go Sharks! Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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