Orange And Black Fight Back, Raise Cain, Shut Down L.A. Giants 10-Dodgers 0

Posted: April 9, 2011 in San Francisco Giants

Whats’ up sports fans. It was the end of a weekend series and the Dodgers and their fans are feeling pretty good about themselves, I mean they beat the Giants twice, their newly acquired manager Don Mattingly is making favorable references about his new pitching staff and all in good in the land of LA LA. So after a night of rest and total recall, Bruce Bochy decides, let’s not let them forget who they’re playing against. Bochy calls up Matt Cain. The thing about Matt Cain is the guy is a no-nonsense pitcher, he just gets in there and by the end of the game all the batters are thinking, “Dang, the BART train just flew by me.” and they’re right, it did.

“He’s always been tough, but it seems like over the last couple of years, he’s been using more of his pitches and he’s turned into a handful,” new Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said of Cain. The Dodgers did get five hits off of Cain but couldn’t score, and it was through six innings. This is what I’m talking about from Cain, the guy just delivers, and this was huge for him because as much as he delivers every pitcher has an achilles heel, and his was the Dodgers. “It was like kind of looming over me, I never beat the Dodgers, so it was definitely nice to get the monkey off the back last year,” he said. I wonder how it must of felt to be in that stadium, be a Dodger fan after you’ve won two straight and watch you cross state rival come in and beat you by 10 runs and you have no answer.




“Matt Cain was outstanding,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “He had good command of all his pitches. I was confident he would be himself. You could tell he wasn’t hesitant on any pitch.” Now you understand what I mean, when Bruce Bochy says, “he wasn’t hesitant on any pitch.” that’s what Matt Cain does well. He’s very confident of what he’s about to do, doesn’t hold back, doesn’t second guess himself. He’s made his decision and he confident it will work, and most pitchers don’t have that, they will sometimes wonder if the pitch they decided on will work. Cain is pitching well against the Dodgers this year. He’s produced a 1.30 ERA against them, and he’s 3-0 when facing them, even though part of it was from last season. The Freddy Sanchez and Aubrey Huff tandem put together three runs, and Miguel Tejada doubled up on RBI’s with two and the defending World Champions woke up.

“The guys weren’t afraid to get into counts and weren’t afraid to take those two-out hits,” Cain said, “so that shows the confidence those guys have that they weren’t worried about not getting the runners in before and stepping up when they needed to.” The torture crew haven’t beaten the Dodgers that good since 2004 when they matched the same amount of runs. Dodgers brought in their newly acquired pitcher Ted Lilly who they signed in October for $33 million dollars on a three year deal. Giants didn’t care who he was or how much money he made. In the fifth inning the Giants bats went to work.  “Certainly that fifth turned into a disaster,” he said. “I was kind of erratic in the zone. I was throwing strikes, but they weren’t quality strikes. I got behind in the count too many times and didn’t throw quality pitches when I had to.”

That fifth inning Giants exploited 3 runs off of Lilly, and this wasn’t a homerun fest, although Freddy Sanchez did hit a solo home run in the ninth inning, but it was a fest of  singles, doubles, RBI’s and just about anything else the Giants bats could throw at Ted Lilly and the Dodger pitching staff. Miguel Tejada was now getting comfortable with his new Giants team, “It’s really special for me,” said the 36-year-old Tejada, who hit in the leadoff spot with his newest team for the first time since 1999. “We just need somebody to start and then everybody follow. We’re all happy today.” Happy and content because they needed this to remind them who they are, they are the 2010-11 defending World Champions. The only way teams in this league are going to know that, is by the way they play and if San Francisco can keep playing Championship baseball like they did today. Can the Giants retain their torture season championship? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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