Monta Ellis Injury During Warriors Game Results In Grizzley Outcome. Memphis 110-Golden State 91

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Golden State Basketball


What’s up sports fans? Well what a difference a day makes? Warrior have just come off a courageous battle in Oklahoma City, and if your Warrior fan you proud of the way they played against Oklahoma. As a matter of fact your thinking they are going to pour it on whoever they play next, right? Wrong, the Warriors barely even showed up in this game. To make matters worse Monta Ellis got hurt. It was a terrible shooting night for Golden State. The Warriors committed 14 turnovers, how in the world do you think you can win a NBA game with 14 turnovers. The Warriors did have a second half 10pt. lead and your wondering okay maybe this isn’t so bad, but then you watched it just dwindle away.

It wasn’t that Memphis was so good, it was just that Golden State shot terribly and continue to commit fouls. They finished with 18 fouls. “Tony Allen’s out there anchoring the defense,” Curry said. “They all work together and move well. They clog the paint, and when you get in the lane, it’s tough to finish. They’ve got some big guys down there. We weren’t making our shots on that outside, and that cost us.” Tony Allen finished with 21pts., 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Mike Conley and Zach Randolph each contributed a combined effort for 40pts., Conley had 7 assists while Randolph had 13 rebounds and 6 assists. Dorrell Wright led Golden State with 16 pts. and 4 rebounds. This would be the Warriors 8 straight road loss this season.

“I think because we are a team that is still growing, you have to understand how to win on the road and how to win in tough buildings and tough environments,” Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “And how to win when you are tired and banged up at this time of the year.”  In any situation this game clearly was about the offensive rebounds which the Warriors could’nt procure for themselves, it was also about offense and since there wasn’t any Memphis just took full advantage in the second. Steph Curry was just 2-14 from the field and just 1-6 from beyond the 3pt. arc. Curry shoots more threes than that in just one half. Not to mention the Warriors weren’t getting up and down on court well they looked like they just didn’t have it in them in this one.

“They were dragging a little bit,” Hollins said of the Warriors. “It’s late in the season. I always say when you start putting pressure on teams that are near or out of the playoffs, you tend to find out if they’ll fight, and most nights they don’t. “They didn’t have enough fight. It’s a long season, and they were losing and tired from a game [Tuesday] night. We just did what we had to do.” To put it plainly from the Warrior fan base and people who I’ve talked to no one could figure the Warriors out and why they played so sluggish. Vladimir Radmanovich had 11pts., David Lee had 12pts. and 9 rebounds, but none of that seemed to matter. “I tell him to concentrate more on defense and less on offense,” Hollins said of his conversations with the sometimes aloof Allen. “I think that some nights the opportunities are there. He slashes. There were a lot of transition buckets. There were a lot of times when the lane was open, and he just drove and beat his man to the basket.”

After watching the game even though Memphis had there rallying point of the game I just still think the reason why the Warriors lost this one is because they just didn’t want. I’ve seen Golden State fight back harder than this. There wasn’t anyone going after lose balls, no one fighting for rebounds, poor shot selection, people not working hard to set up screens it just looked like a different game than the Oklahoma game, a different team. What made matters worse was that it was the Grizzlies that looked tired and sluggish in the first half so you thought it was going to go in Golden State’s favor. “(Coach Lionel Hollins) told us we just weren’t playing hard at all,” Allen said of Hollins’ ranting about energy before the second-half rally. “He told us we needed to step it up a notch on the defensive end, and that’s what we did.”

By the end of the night Monta Ellis had sprained his right ankle and the rest of the team acted like a little kid that just lost his helium balloon, they just sat back and watch the victory fly away. I wondered what the team was thinking as they watched the final seconds tick away with the loss looking at them in the face and there wasn’t anything they could do to stop it. Mr. Smart has given us many explanations for why the Warriors play the way they play. In this one he says, “This is all a learning stage for us.” I can appreciate that part of it because he’s right this team is young, and you see the youth in a lot of their games this year, but this game it’s hard for me to accept his explanation. In this game they just weren’t competitive. What made things even more difficult was that it just looked like they just gave up. What do you think? Write back and tell me. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified


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