2011-12 Season For San Francisco Starts In The “L” Brackett. Dodgers 4- Giants 3

Posted: April 9, 2011 in San Francisco Giants

What’s up sports fans? Boy who seen this coming? I know I didn’t. I mean after all we are the World Champs, aren’t we? The reason why I asked is because the way things are going we better figure out the fact that party time is over, and we better get down to business. That’s what the Los Angeles Dodgers did Saturday night. They got their second win of the season at the expense of us. By the way, who’s bright idea was it for us to start the season off by playing in L.A. We just won MLB Championship, don’t we at least get to choose how we want to start our season? Guess not cause the Dodgers are starting to get giddy again.

I don’t know what’s going on or if we just plain forgot how we got the Championship Trophy. Just a reminder, it’s by playing good solid baseball, which in the last two games we haven’t done that.“That’s not what you thought would happen opening up here,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “We’re just shooting ourselves in the foot.” Giants give up three runs in the sixth inning and the winning run drove in by Rafael Furcal which allowed them to get the 4-3 victory. Dodgers were down two runs when once again James Loney hit a sacrifice fly to bring home Matt Kemp.  His single got him on, and then on a Marcus Thames grounder he advanced all the way to third. “I was just trying to make some things happen,” Kemp said. “My instincts were on point today. That’s one thing we talked about in spring training. Everybody is trying to get that extra base.” Giants were able to get some ground on Chad Billingsley.

They got three runs on five hits in six innings, he had a 1.37 ERA against San Francisco, and right now the right hander is 5-1. Billingsley walked one, and struck out four, “Guys played hard and fought,” Billingsley said. “We’re putting pressure on the defense to make plays. They have to make a good throw to get you out.” To make matters worse Giants had to deal with closer Jonathan Broxton again, this guy is 6Ft 4 and is 300lbs. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t remember I saw a pitcher that big before. He sounds like an offensive lineman. I’m sure a football team in L.A. would drat him if L.A. had a football team. When it came to runs we, just like score board said, gave up four runs. Jonathan Sanchez had that responsibility and he did the best he could I think it was just that the Dodgers came after us. They knew what to expect so they prepared for it.

They did get seven hit off of Sanchez, he walked three and struck out eight. Rod Barajas scored after getting on with a single which was set up when Aaron Miles shot one to third base and Pablo Sandoval attempted to throw out Miles but the throw went by Rookie Brandon Belt and Barajas was able to get to third. Billingsley for what ever reason couldn’t bat, so Hector Gimenez batted for him and hit a hobbler that was on the left side of the pitchers mound, where Jonathan Sanchez tried to get him out but  couldn’t quite make the play which resulted in a error.  “I went too fast on that play and I just missed it. That cost us the game,” Sanchez said. “But that’s baseball. We’re not perfect. We’re going to make errors.”  It allowed Barajas to bring in the tying run.

The Giants did get a nice  shot deep into center field that brought in three runs from the Rookie Brandon Belt on a 2-0 pitch. It was his first major league hit and it gave the Giants a 3-1 lead going into the fourth. Billingsley however acted as if it didn’t phase him, he retaliated with three quick outs, and all of it resulted in the 4-3 win for the Los Angeles Dodgers. To see Brandon Belt get the hit in just his second game of the season and his first homerun shows some promise for our Giants. It’s still kinda hard to think promise when your still haven’t won a game. What do you think? I want to know, write back and tell me. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM.Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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