World Champion Giants Start Season On A Sour Note Lose To The Dodgers. Los Angeles 2- San Francisco 1

Posted: April 8, 2011 in San Francisco Giants

What’s up sports fans? Well we’ve had our revelry, we’ve had our parade, and we’ve sent a message to all the teams in the east, and that message is that don’t count on you championship before it’s had. Now comes the ugly part, being able to answer the critics. San Francisco was riding high on their 2010 championship season until the 2011-12 season began. It began with a shutdown of our hitters. That shutdown was us getting laid to rest by the Los Angeles Dodgers pitching staff. The Dodgers Clayton Kershaw kept us at by for 7 innings and struck out 9 batters, and Buster Posey tried to throw out Matt Kemp, and that errant throw is what gave the Dodgers the winning run.

It also gave new Dodger manager Don Mattingly the first opening day win since Lou Pinella did it in 1986 with the Yankees. “It feels good. You’re not going to get too giddy,” he said, a book entitled “Wisdom” by UCLA coaching legend John Wooden sitting on his desk. But we in the San Francisco Bay Area aren’t mad about what happened. It’s what this game is all about. The ups and the downs, as a matter of fact it’s the message we sent to the rest of the league last year. See San Francisco fans were used to that “Torture Season”. Always getting close but never getting the win. So we Giant fans can handle win our guys lose a game or two, we know that the 2010 “Torture Season” crew will be giving everything they have every game, day in and day out.

Tim Lincecum after 7 innings  gave up a run after 5 hits and walked three. It’s to be expected, Timmy’s human, and he still pitched a good game, “I felt like I had a good rhythm going,” he said. “Other than that, it was just location more than anything that kind of hurt me. But I was able to iron that out and stayed consistent.” I’m sure once the buzz around the league hit places like New York and Boston that they were happy, Why? Because you know what the statement was, “Giants lossed to their cross state rivals the Dodgers.” I think the Posey throw was a good baseball decision, I’m not sure on the information decision, “I just thought, especially with the ball in the dirt, I might have had a chance of catching him there with his head down. I wouldn’t have thrown it if I didn’t think he was (too far off the bag),” Posey said. “His body blocked Pablo off from it. It was an instinctual play, and I just didn’t execute it.”

See that’s what I’m talking about, I think if he could’ve seen how he was standing next to Sandoval he would’ve probably not thrown the ball. The Dodgers got on base with a grounder from James Loney which Miguel Tejada tried to force and allowed Matt Kemp to take third base. Dodgers also replaced Russell Martin as catcher with Rod Barajas. Barajas liked Kershaws mechanics toward the game, “Clayton is special. He’s got a gift,” Barajas said. “He just continues to develop and gets better every time he goes out there. He makes a couple bad pitches and he’s able to stay at the same level.” L.A. have close Jonathan Broxton who was a closer for them in the past, and he seemed to be comfortable in that role for L.A. until Pat Burrell hit a homer in the ninth inning.

It didn’t keep him off his game he continued to pitch well until the game was put away,  “It’s better than a walk. You never want to walk anybody,” Broxton said about the homer. “I felt fine. Last year is last year. I ain’t going to talk about it.” It’s okay L.A. beat us this time It’s not like we haven’t had that happed before. We’re the World Champs. The rest of the league is trying to catch us, so we are going to lose some games. The main thing is that we stay in constant contention, and defend our title. Do you think we can do it? Tell me what you think? Rember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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