Dustin Brown Shootout Goal Brings San Jose Back Down To Earth. Kings 4- Sharks 3

Posted: April 8, 2011 in San Jose Sharks



What’s up sports fans? Well you know what they say, ” You can eat all the cake.” Actually I don’t think they say that. San Jose losses to the L.A. Kings 4-3 in a shootout in the fifth round by the Kings captain Dustin Brown. With the playoffs looming nearby the Sharks let one get by them that allowed the Kings to stay tied with the Nashville Predators and be just 5pts. behind San Jose. Each game is crucial for San Jose now because of the point differential. The Sharks don’t want any teams getting playoff availability simply because of them losing to teams that are in contention for a playoff spot. Dustin Brown of the Kings is one of those players that can smell playoff redemption with each win, “It’s nice to score some goals for this team,” Brown said. “That’s the spark we needed on the power play. But we need to tighten up defensively. There’s no way we can give up that goal to them. Those are the type of plays that’ll come back to haunt you.”

But we have to keep things real for a moment. After all there’s no need to panic, but for die hard Shark fans it does bring a little worry to them. See Shark fans know this situation all too much.  They remember the many times this franchise went to the playoffs smelled the Stanley Cup and watched another team come and take it away. L.A. Kings coach Terry Murray enjoyed the win, “I’m not disappointed and I’m not surprised that stuff like that happens,”  said Murray. “I’m watching games in this league right now, and it is incredible what has been happening late in games. We would love to have it shut down when you have a face off with 11 seconds left. But they’ve got some very good players and got the bounce that they needed.” Joe Pavelski put the puck through the net which allowed San Jose to move into a tie with the Detroit Red Wings for second place because of the consolation point during the loss.  L. A. Kings defenseman Willie Mitchell scored and 2 assists were supplied by Alex Martinez.

The Kings goalie stopped 25 attempts by the Sharks on 28 shots which helped the Kings seal the win, and this is back to what I had blogged before concerning previous Shark games, and that is that this game is a clear cut example that just because you shoot more doesn’t necessarily mean you win more games, but it gives you a better opportunity. We out shot the Kings and still lossed.  Patrick Marleau had another sensational game during a difficult loss. He scored twice, which was nice to look at because he’s been one of their go to guys all season. “Patty’s really played well lately and he’s scored big goals for our team,” coach Todd McLellan said. “I thought that even from the beginning of the game, he showed up to play. But I thought we were missing some players early. You can’t win at this time of the year with only 12 or 13, and the rest only watching or gliding along.”

The problem was L.A.’s captain Dustin Brown also scored two goals, one of them during a crucial and pivotal time of the game, during a shoot out that would decide the game. This is definitely one San Jose would have liked to get back, the reason is because of the division race. It was also significant in the fact that before this game the Sharks ruled Los Angeles on the power-play. Against the Sharks on the power-play the Kings were 0-10 this season, until Dustin Brown tied the game with just a 1:17 seconds in the second quarter.

Kings goalie Quick, even though they got the win still wasn’t totally satisfied with the outcome, “That’s the one disappointing thing about this game—we had a lead with 11 seconds left and they got a point out of it,” goalie Jonathan Quick  said. “We want to win this division. We know we’re capable of doing it, and it’s unfortunate that they got a point out of it. But the good thing is we got two out of it.” Whether we like it or not we have to brunt the loss and hope the Sharks can go back to their winning ways in Phoenix against the Coyotes, or will they? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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