Warriors Open The Flood Gates Score 84PTS. In The First Half Take Out Toronto, Warriors 138-Raptors 100.

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? Well when it rains it pours. It rained on Toronto at Oracle Arena Friday night. The Warriors figured well were not going to the playoffs and we lost six in a row, were going to take it out on the Raptors. That’s exactly what they did. Golden State scored a franchise record and I believe it’s probably the most points in a half in the NBA, but I’m going to have to research that just to be sure. They reached a franchise record 84pts. just in the first half. I was at the game to watch the display, and it was an exhibition. I had some fellow spectators sitting next to me. Johnny and Jennifer who were watching and apparently Jennifer was a Toronto Raptors fan, and Johnny was a Warriors fan.

We all sat and idly made comments but couldn’t help to notice how Golden State was shredding the Raptors defense to almost nothing. “I wanted to send a message to our team that we are building,” Smart said. “This is a process. The way we have always done it at this time of year, to sit back and not play, you’ve got your better players on your team who want to play and will play, and that’s a good thing.” Monta Ellis had 27pts. and 10 assists, Dorrell Wright finished with 26pts., and Steph Curry finished with 23pts. and 8 assists., by the time the game was over, well it was actually over by half time, because the Raptors never caught up and were really playing like gekko lizards. “It’s probably one of the toughest games mentally I’ve had to go through in my career,” Davis said. “It’s tough. You never want to go through that again.”

What is interesting is that the only other team the had a point production in first half this season like that was done by Denver when they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 127-99, they scored 80pts. in the first half. The Warriors decided they couldn’t go to the playoffs, but they could still leave the mark on the league. Leandro Barbosa had 19pts, and Demar De Rozan had 19, Ed Davis chipped in 18pts., but there was not question about it, the Raptors got humbled at Oracle. “All those guys want to play, and they’re excited about playing,” Smart said. “Because our time is going to come.” David Lee had 21pts. and 7 rebounds and he hit a rare three pointer, it was nice to watch him do that. It was really something I personally thought they should’ve been doing all season with him. He a decent shooter, if you can get him to step back a bit beyond the arc those are valuable points and extra production that the Warriors can rely on.

The Warriors were ahead by 47pts. in the fourth quarter, mainly because of uncontested dunks and a series of alley-oops that put the Raptors in a quandry. That quandry continued when Raptors head coach Joe Triano asked Julian Wright to go in and he flat out told him, “No.” “We were six deep already at the wing spot. I asked him to go in, he didn’t go in,” Triano said. “That’s fine. I just went back with Leandro.” Monta Ellis was on the verge for the first time this season to get a tripple double he fell shot by just a few rebounds, “I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted us to win the game.”, his response while being interviewed by Comcast Sports Net’s Jim Barnet. Nice output by Golden State and what way to give the fans something to look forward to next season, or maybe not? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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