Houston Has No Problems As Kevin Martin Scores 34. Rockets 131- Warriors 112.

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

what’s up sports fans? I’m sure you’ve heard the term, What goes up, must come down. That is true, but not if your a Houston Rocket. Golden State had to contend with the Rockets in Houston and as you probably guessed it, Houston gave the Warriors problems. One of Golden State’s biggest problems was they had a tough time stopping their former nemesis from Sacramento, Kevin Martin. Mr. Martin chewed up the Warriors defense like a wood chipper chews up trees. He finished with 34pts. They also had problems with Chuck Hayes. He had a triple double, 13 pts, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists. “The fan support was great,” Hayes said. “The guys were really cheering me on for this achievement and once it was over, it was like the biggest relief that I’ve had in a long time.”

One of their biggest problems in the  game is that the Warriors couldn’t find a way to get offensive rebounds. It allowed Houston to get more opportunities to set up plays. “It was a good win,” Rockets coach Rick Adelman said. “That’s a tough game to play because they keep coming up and down the court and coming at you. You start thinking you have to shoot it quick, too.” Golden State did shoot it quick, as a matter of fact they did lead in the first quarter 16-15, and it was the only time in the game that they did lead. The Warriors would get close only to watch Houston’s lead go back up 8pts. and then back to 10pts., they just couldn’t battle the board s inside like the Rockets did and that’s what cost them. Golden State’s Dorrell Wright did have a career high 34pts. on the night, David Lee had 19pts., and Steph Curry finished with 16pts.

All in all if anyone could’ve felt slightly good about their performance it should’ve been Dorrell Wright. “It’s OK the career high, but it’s a team game and we lost,” Wright said. “We didn’t do what we wanted to do. There are no lessons learned, it’s just basketball.”  Luis Scola also had 8 of his 11pts. in the first quarter, by the time the quarter was over he had 14pts. Sometimes to win a game away from home you have to take the home teams crowd and emotion out of the game. I felt in this one the Warriors didn’t do that. They allowed the crowd to get into it, which built emotion in their players. Houston believes they can get the eighth spot in the playoffs,  so they responded on that situation and influence of the crowd.

Chuck Hayes was one of those players that responded to the emotion of his home crowd, and it was a performance that head coach Rick Adelman wanted to see him do all year, “I can’t emphasize enough the improvements he’s made offensively to be more than just a screener. He’s becoming a great passer. We saw that tonight. He attacks them. It’s a pleasure to watch a guy like that with his work ethic and everything he does is just really terrific.” The only way to take the crowd out of the game is to out shoot your opponent, but it was a tough rebound and turnover night for the team for the North Bay. One reason was because David Lee didn’t have one of his double double nights. “This is a painful time we are in,” Smart said. “Houston is fighting for a playoff spot. We’re obviously not going to any dance this season. A young team has to learn to step up as a team, not an individual.”

The losses show that they’ve got some growing up to do as far as the league goes, because with the exception of games like this, Golden State even in some of their losses, are more competitive than the way they played in this game. What’s was also note worthy is this is the sixth straight time Golden State has lost to the Houston Rockets. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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