Spurs Lose Tim Duncan After Injury, While Beating Golden State. Spurs 111-Warriors 96

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? I just can’t put my finger on this one.   Warriors go into Texas desparately needing a win, and who do they have, the big bad silver and black of the San Antonio Spurs. This causes a huge problem, because the Warriors haven’t beaten San Antonio since Duncan was drafted in 1997. That would make it 14 straight season against this team with a loss. Big mountain to climb, you better believe it is. What is interesting is that Tim Duncan injured himself to where he had to leave the game. He had to be helped off the floor by trainers and head coach Greg Popavich said he would be, “Out awhile.” with no timetable.

He did confirm a diagnosis and that is that he has a sprained ankle. Antonio McDyess talked to Duncan and he said that Duncan told him, “He’s in severe pain.” Now with Duncan out it made you wonder if the Warriors could exploit that situation and get a win. But also reality set in, when it comes to getting a win in San Antonio, Tim Duncan is just one of the Warriors problems. Duncan’s a big problem, but still it’s just one.   “I thought he had done real damage, like broken or fractured,” McDyess said. “I was just happy to see it was just a severe sprain. I actually thought it was worse.” What caused us to lose this game is our poor defense, lousy offensive output, and some coaching decisions that should’ve been re-thought.

Manu Ginobli had 28pts., Tony Parker had 17pts. and 15 assists, and San Antonio’s Tiago Splitter from Brazil finished the game in place of Duncan.  Splitter finished with 10pts. and 14 rebounds.  This isn’t the first time Golden State caused San Antonio to almost loose Tim Duncan, back in January the Warriors lost 113-102 and that night Duncan was diagnosed with a hyperextended left knee. “I saw him in pain. He’s not one of those guys that’s going to pretend or do that if he is not hurting,” Ginobili said. “It’s bad, but hopefully it’s just a couple of games and he’ll be back soon.”  Acie Law and Dorrell Wright eached scored 14 pts. It didn’t matter the Warriors couldn’t get rebounds, defensive or offensive.  Ekpe U’doh led Golden State with 15pts. and 7 rebounds.

All in all it was one of the poorest performances by the Warriors this season. This is extremely difficult for me as a writer to have to write something that isn’t good about the team you like. In this game no one hit over 15 pts. in the starting five or off the bench. With no offensive production and poor defense even with Tim Duncan gone the Warriors couldn’t have bought their way out of this one. Tim is 34 yrs old and is a two time All Star, and you start to wonder if time maybe catching up to him, which is kind of ironic because everyone in the league was saying that he appeared to be Mr. durability. It was his durability that was allowing the Spurs to be the Raiders of the NBA.

The Spurs have a 57-13 record and a 7 game lead over the Los Angeles Lakers. For the Spurs this is as untimely as it gets. “You don’t want to see a good guy like that getting hurt,” Golden State coach Keith Smart said of Duncan. The Spurs will have to re-group if they are going to be able to give stiff competition in the west. Teams like the Lakers, Dallas, Oklahoma, Phoenix they will bring their best to contend for the illusive Western Conference Championship regardless if Tim Duncan is playing or not. Really for them they see it as a blessing, because he’s one less big 7 foot problem they have to contend with. For the Warriors this loss sums up their season, and it makes you wonder about the new management if they will be able to make any real changes, or make a difference for next season because this season is officially over. Or is it? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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