Warriors Get Fryed By Channing’s Return. Phoenix 108-Golden State 97

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Golden State Basketball


What’s up sports fan’s? This is it. This looks like this is the way our season will play out. I actually thought we might have a chance at the playoffs, but the way Golden State is letting these games get away from them we might as well look to next season. The Warriors visited Phoenix and with Channing Frye’s return from a dislocated shoulder injury. He returned as if he never had a injury. He didn’t have a spectacular night but, he did have a brace on his shoulder and he scored on key shots that kept the Suns ahead long enough to get the win.

“My teammates did a great job of just making sure that I kept a level head,” said Frye, who missed the previous five games. “Just tried to get my legs into it. The shoulder’s fine. When I’m out there playing, I don’t really think about that.” One of the shots he hit was a three pointer in the fourth quarter, and then he followed it up with a dunk, that kept the possibility of Golden State’s chance to win the game out of their reach. The usual suspects put forth a valiant effort to try to win the game. Dorrell Wright finished with 30pts. six rebounds and 2 assists, David Lee had another double double with 16pts. and 10 rebounds,  but the Warriors turnover the ball 21 times. The turnovers cost them 24 Phoenix points and with a bench that added 41pts. Channing Frye’s 17pts. and 9 rebounds was just icing on the Suns cake to victory.

No one enjoyed Channing’s return to celebrate the victory cake more than Phoenix head coach Alvin Gentry,  “He’s been dying to get back out there. He shot it feeling like all of them were going to go in,” Gentry said. “I’m not worried about it, I think he’ll knock down the ones he missed.” Whether or not it didn’t matter, because when he wasn’t knocking down shots Phoenix’s bench did the rest. The Suns had good production from Marcin Gortat who finished with 18pts., and 9 rebounds. Gortat has been secretly a thorn in the Warriors side for sometime now. He was causing Golden State problems when he was with the Orlando Magic, now he’s continuing to make problems for the Warriors now that he’s in Phoenix. When you combine point production from the Suns bench, Steve Nash’s 17pts., and 8 assists, and Golden State’s 24 turnovers it makes up a bad concoction for a loss.

Wrights 30pts. did keep things interesting down the stretch,  “Guys were just finding me, it wasn’t nothing really to it,” Wright said. “Same thing I’ve been doing all year, I just caught a little fire. I’ve been a little aggressive getting to the basket and going to the free throw line.” The did get better on defense in the fourth quarter and brought the lead down to seven, but just couldn’t stop Phoenix from scoring. Keith Smart has a tough job right now, and you can tell this is something that’s keeping him up at night, “We will compete all the way through,” Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “I’m proud of them and how they function in that fashion.” Out of 17 games the Suns improved to 13-4 which is allowing Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry to sleep at night,  “A win is what we needed more so than anything, so we got that,” Gentry said.  Phoenix is a playoff contender and Golden State is unfortnately going in the other direction. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM, Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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