Sharks Need To Find Some Resilency As Playoffs Near, With 6-3 Loss To The BlackHawks.

Posted: March 24, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up sports fans? I know what San Jose fans are thinking, please, say it isn’t so. Are the Sharks starting to sink going into the playoffs? I don’t think it’s time to have a coronary over it, but it is starting to look scary. San Jose losses to Chicago 6-3 at their home. Marian Hossa scored not once, but twice in the second period and the BlackHawks just opened it up. San Jose tried to keep up with Chicago, but I guess it was just to much for the Sharks. Chicago moved into fourth place in the Western Conference standings and the defending world champions left San Jose looking for answers.

“The first period wasn’t our best,” Hossa said. “We settled down, tried to play our game. We started working as a team, and were closer to pucks, out battling them. Chicago out shot the Sharks 38-18, this was ironically a situation where even if we shot less we mathematically were beaten. I’m only saying that because in past games this month and last month we would be out shot by the competition and still manage to win the game. I guess that’s just the carom of the puck.  “If I was going to sum up the game: They skated and we glided,” San Jose coach Todd McLellan said. “They were hard on the boards, we were soft. They were determined at the net. We played ‘I hope’ around the net.“We were looking for a win the easy way. I don’t know why we chose that route tonight, but it’s not the recipe we’ve followed for success.”

This was one of those games when even though your “Bigs” are doing the job it didn’t matter the opposing team just wasn’t going to be denied. Joe Pavelski, Joe Thorton, and Logan Couture all scored and Chicago still got the win. As I said it just wasn’t going to happen for San Jose tonight. The rookie for Chicago Corey Crawford made 33 saves. Antii Niemi had 14 saves on 18 shots, he was replaced by Antero Niittymaki after allowing four goals on 18 shots in the second period with 7:25 left on the clock. I guess Mcllellan had seen enough, but it didn’t matter whether he wanted to see it or not, Chicago was getting the victory.

The BlackHawks in their last 17 games improved to 11-2-4 which is where right now they want to be, because it puts pressure on the Detroit Red Wings. Chicago also won the face-off challenge at 31-26.   “The second period dictated the outcome of the game, so it was good for us,” Toews said. “Especially when they made it 5-3, we came right back and got the sixth goal.”  No speculation about it the second period just killed San Jose, no matter how Antii Niemi might have felt Chicago exploited him and any other San Jose Sharks goalie we could use for the night. Chicago had scores from Patrick Sharp, Viktor Stalberg and Niklas Hjalmarsson, it was pretty much out of San Jose’s hands.

Jonathan Toews is a fouth year forward that now has 71 points, that a career high for him and anyone who is playing the forward position after just four years. It make you wonder how San Jose is going to defend against teams like this in the playoffs especially because the Sharks are a team that is always in question during the playoffs.  Do you think this year is different or do you think it’s the same? Tell me what you think. ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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