On Our 50th Post, Sharks Cause The Stars To Fall, Rally From 2 Goal Deficit To Beat Dallas. San Jose 6-Dallas 3

Posted: March 24, 2011 in San Jose Sharks


What’s up sports fans? Well this is exciting for two reasons. First in my last blog I stated that the Sharks needed some resiliency because the playoffs would be in question if they went into losing skid. Well San Jose answered by taking down big bad Dallas. The second reason why I’m excited, is because this is our 50th post on our blog. We started in the middle of February of this year and we have hit a small by yet still significant milestone. So congratulations to the team at ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Now back to Sharks action. San Jose found themselves behind in this one.

“Yeah, these were the results we were looking for,” McClellan said. “We challenged them after the effort that we had last night. We haven’t had to do that much lately. We being coaches, we were disappointed, but you could see it in the players’ eyes that they were even more disappointed. To come back, fall behind and then battle back in the game is pretty rewarding, especially against a team that plays that hard.” I’m sure coach McLellan is glad to be on the winning side of a comeback against Dallas instead of the losing side. If you remember Dallas had a 3-0-1 advantage playing against the Sharks and I’m sure the McLellan didn’t want to see the past come and haunt them again. San Jose matched the Stars shot for shot at 37 shots a piece, but Antii Niemi had just one more save then Dallas did at 34.

After being pulled during a game, I’m sure this was a confidence booster for Niemi.   “It was important for us to show that we believed in (Niemi) after pulling him in his old arena and in front of those fans,” McClellan said. “We also thought it’d be a pretty good motivating factor tonight to use him. We didn’t think that his mates would hang him out to dry again like they did yesterday and it worked.” Joe Thorton had two goals, and Ryan Clowe broke the tie  in the final period, Joe Pavelski had 4 key assists for the win. Torrey Mitchell also netted a goal right after Clowe’s score to cement the game. Jamie Benn raced down on a power-play and scored for the Stars, he also had two assists. The Stars Toby Petersen and Mike Ribeiro both scored to keep the contest interesting.

Dany Heatley also put in two goals, and during a goal by Ribeiro at about 3:48 left ing the second period the Stars winger Loui Eriksson received a studly hit from San Jose’s Douglas Murry. Eriksson is the Stars No.3 scorer with 23 goals on the season. He apparently had an upper body injury and he went to the locker room. “I think that’s one that (the league) will review and I’m sure that they will,” Crawford said. “We’re hopeful that Loui’s going to be all right. He’s not feeling very good right now and we’ll see where he’s at tomorrow. It’s always the next day that you got to look to. The league has said that you want to take those hits out of the game, but it ends up being something we can’t control and it’s out of our hands now.” Naturally when a hit like that happens a fight breaks out and the Stars Center Steve Ott decided to ablige Murray for 20 seconds and was penalized for misconduct and being an instigator.

Murry thought the hit on Eriksson was clean and his intention wasn’t to hurt him, he was just playing hockey. “Well, when it comes to Eriksson, it’s a 50-50 puck,” Murray said. “If he pokes it by me, he’s getting a breakaway, so as far as I remember the situation, I went to play the puck in the body at the same time and I hit him. You never try to hurt a guy but it’s unfortunate.” Being down 2-0 and to come back in the this fashion shows really how the team isn’t allowing a bad situation to get the best of them. San Jose sent the bad taste of defeat to a team that this season pretty much had their number. Dallas came in thinking We’ve beaten this team three times, we know how to handle these guys. The Stars now know that they have to respect the Pacific division leader. After all that’s how the Sharks got there, buy showing what I stated they needed in my last blog on the Sharks, some resiliency.

“We capitalized on their mistakes,” Pavelski said. “We just have a lot of confidence now and momentum’s a little bit more on our side. It’s kind of what happened to us last night in Chicago. We were going right and make a mistake or two and it ends up in our net.” The turn around is what San Jose needed as they make their stand for the Pacific Division crown, and more confidence when the playoffs begin. So for now Shark fans you show a sigh of relief or can we? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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