Dallas Uses 18pt. Comback To Beat Golden State. Mavericks 112-Warriors 106.

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? It appears this is something we Warriors fans are just going to have to get used to this season, and that is losing. It’s sad to say but it’s also very true. The Warriors get to a point when things look positive and then they take two steps back. Dallas always plays the Warriors hard ever since the big playoff loss in 2007. I don’t think they will ever forget that loss, which would explain the reason why when ever they play us, they play us like they’re playing for the NBA title.

What is interesting is that Golden State actually had the lead, and were ahead by 18pts. Dirk Nowitski had 34pts. and 13 rebounds, and Jason Terry had 18pts., “It’s tremendous. Everybody’s going to talk about how it’s just another game. Not for this team. Not for us,” Mavericks forward Jason Terry  said of the Spurs. “We’ve struggled since the break against teams that are right there in contention for championships. It’s a measuring stick for us. How far have we come? They’re playing great. ”

What’s sad is that this yet one more winnable game that the Warriors defense couldn’t prevent the Mavericks from making a 18pt. return with a victory. Mavs also got good production from Rodrigue Beaubois. The 6-2 182lbs. guard chipped in 18pts. Dallas scored 15 straight points in the fourth quarter to come back and win the game. Monta Ellis finished with 26pts. and David Lee finished with 23 and after a loss like this it just feels like something is missing in Golden State. “It was tough. We should have had that game. I’ll take the blame,” Ellis said. “Made some mistakes at the end, turned the ball over, I didn’t get the shots that I needed to. I waited too late to get everyone involved.”

A noble position to take for Monta Ellis, but what really needs to be addressed is the continue deficiency of strong play in the fourth quarter. You would think that Keith Smart would think of stressing that eventuality to his team in practices. When the game is in stretch mode and they need a big push whether it’s points or rebounds, after three or four quarters this is when the team needs to produce, not just Monta Ellis, David Lee, Steph Curry, Dorell Wright, but the team has to come in and make sure that whatever’s missing at that time is replaced so that they can be more competitive. This wasn’t about the Warriors playing good basketball this was about Golden State allowing a competitor to continue to comeback over and over again.

“We probably got a little stagnant,” Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “I think it was just a combination of not getting what we wanted at the time that we wanted it.” A little? Mr. Smart I think you should really consider instructing situational basketball during practice. It will allow your team to address situations that happen during games that will cause your team to recognized how to respond when each situation occurs. They can take a good look at why they are allowing teams who are down during the game 10, 15, 20 point deficit to come back and beat them when they should’nt. If I’m wrong comment on my site and tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s AllBayAreaSports.com Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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