San Jose Canucked During Shoot Out. Lose To Vancouver 5-4.

Posted: March 16, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up sports fans? It would have been nice if the Sharks could have made it four in row. They would’ve opened the playoff window a little wider instead off watching it close before them. The Sharks came in on a 3-0 winning streak and having to deal with the Canucks in HP Pavillion. The Canucks goalie Cory Schnieder stopped all three attempts to score during the shootout by the Sharks, he finished with 44 saves and it really came down to San Jose getting goals by him, if the could’ve continued to do that down the stretch they might have won the game.  All in all it was another back and forth match up, which saw it come down the the very end.

“We seem to be winning all sorts of ways, and that’s a good sign,” said Schneider, who was making a rare start in place of  Roberto Luongo. “They really just kept coming and coming in the third period. We sort of held the fort, and Burrows had the big goal in the shootout to get the win.”  He’s speaking of Alex Burrows. Mr. Burrows killed us in the second round of the tiebreaker which game Vancouver the go ahead 5-4 victory. It’s weird lately Sharks have been dealing with teams that aren’t playing well but have for some reason been finding a way to beat them. Vancouver was in a scoring funk and you would’ve thought San Jose could’ve capitalized on that.

You couldn’t tell last night. Vancouver scored two goals in the first period, first by Burrows, and the second by Sami Salo on an assist from Dan Hambuis and Manny Malhotra during a power-play which gave Vancouver a 2-0 lead.  “Obviously it’s nice, especially when you have been in the box when you are one up in the last minute of the game,” Burrows said. “It’s not a spot you want to be in. The coach believed in me so I could get it done and redeem myself.” San Jose had 48 shots on the goal to Vancouver’s 28, clearly this is a game where the many shots you took didn’t matter, what mattered is the ones that count, and Vancouver made there’s count. San Jose had to answer after being down in the 1st 2-0.

Devin Setoguchi responded with goal on a assist from Joe Thorton and Patrick Marleau. Next Ian White and Logan Couture assisted Ryan Clowe on a goal which knotted the game with 2:04 on the clock in the second period. “We’re on our end still, fighting for our playoff lives, so we have to get as many points as we can,” San Jose captain Joe Thorton  said. “The atmosphere was great; it was an exciting game to be a part of. We just kept coming back. It’s a good sign.” Vancouver however continued their pressure on San Jose. The Canucks didn’t leave the second period without taking the lead. Mason Raymond scored with assists from Ryan Kessler, and Mikael Samuelsson with 5:38 left to play.

Ian White and Kyle Wellwood assisted Tory Mitchell on a score that tied it up and again with 17:47 in the third period and this is getting back to what I was saying, it just kept going back and forth. In the same period Daniel Sedin scored to once again give Vancouver the lead, and San Jose countered when Joe Thorton and Dany Heatley assisted Ryan Clowe for his second  goal which tied it up at 4-4.  “It was a very hard game played along the boards, very competitive,” San Jose coach Todd McLellan said. “The games against them have been very tight. Special teams have worked in their favor, not ours, and it’s probably been the difference in the ones we lost.” There was no score in the overtime period, it was obvious both teams were tired and probably wanted it over.

I sure San Jose wanted to be on the winning end, but during the shootout Burrows hit a 12ft. backhand shot passed Antii Niemi which gave them the lead. Joe Pavelski tried to tie it up, but Schnieder had the big glove to give Vancouver the win. What was notable is that Joe Thorton got his 400 career assist during the game. San Jose will try to rebound against the New York Rangers, do you think they will? Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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