The Magic Is In Monta Ellis Not In Orlando. Warriors 123-Magic 120 in OT.

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? What a game! What a game! If you didn’t see the friday night match up between the Golden State Warriors and the Orlando Magic you missed a thriller. The Warriors found the fight in them that would not let this one rest, and would prove to Orlando that the Warriors weren’t going away. Golden State was relentless with a capitol “R”. Late in the fouth quarter Orlando was shooting 48% and the Warriors shooting 41%. They were keeping pace with the Magic, but as the game continued with about 6:30 left in the fourth quarter I was thinking ultimately the Magic was going to win. What’s sad is I’m a Warriors fan. I should never be thinking the opposing side is going to win. I should always be rooting for the home team.

Maybe it was the road trip, the fact that out of  seven games they won 2 of 5, maybe it was that I’d seen the same scenario so many times before and usually even though we gave the opposing side all that we had we’d end up on the losing end of the stick. The Warriors deserved more than ever to win this game and they deserve more faith in them from me, their fan base, and the NBA should give them a lot more respect as a franchise. Golden State set a franchise record by hitting 21 3pt. shots. The night was fueled by Monta Ellis, he had 39pts, 11 assists, in a game that went back and forth, Ali vs. Frazier.  “If we can’t defend the 3-point line any better, we’ll get our [butts] kicked again,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. Towards the end of the 4 quarter this is where I started losing faith, because as soon as Golden State was up by three with seconds left then Jason Richardson came down and hit a three to send the game into overtime.

“I think we kind of looked at the scoreboard and figured we were going to be up by 20 and it was going to be a blowout game,” Richardson said. “We just didn’t finish the game hard in the first half, and in the second half they got a little confidence and went on a run.” Which made me think of what Steph Curry had said in the loss to New Jersey,  “We’ve just got to keep fighting, Getting kind of late in the season. Kind of run out of excuses for the losses we’re having. But we’re all learning from it. We’ve just got to figure out what winning basketball is night in and night out.” Tonight’s game was definitely a testament to Curry’s response. Curry finished with 22pts. and 11assists. There was no question, the Warriors won that game because they fought and they fought hard. You have to give credit to Dorrell Wright, he was matching three point shot for three point shot with Jason Richarson.

It was kinda crazy to watch. Jason Richardson would come down and hit a three then Dorrell Wright would come down and answer with a three. It was almost as if Dorrell was telling Jason Rich… “Eh, your no longer the Warriors answer from three point land, I am.” Dorrell Wright finished with 32pts. Jason Richardson finished with 30pts., Jameer Nelson finished with 24 pts., but  the Warriors shooting display in the second half was and exposition, 21-35 from beyond the arc. “Can we do that every night?” Lacob said, congratulating Monta Ellis at his locker. With 1:48 remaining in the game both Curry and Wright made three’s to give the Warriors a 98-94 lead. No question, it was a game where dazzling plays made the game for the Warriors. Monta had a steal and passed it to Curry who rifled it back to Monta for an easy score.

In the 4th quarter Monta received a bounce pass from David Lee and he performed an amazing behind the back shot without looking at the basket on Hedo Turkulou and drew a foul. This was all in a game that in the first half appeared to be the same old routine where the Warriors was trying, but the other team was just to superior.  Orlando’s biggest lead was at 21pts. I mean up until the third quarter the Magic had no fouls called on them, and the Warrior were already at 16.  The Warriors finished with 23 fouls called on them for the night. Golden State did find a way to keep Dwight Howard contained, and believe or not it was an unlikely person.

David Lee was putting some pressure on Howard, because his point production went down in the fourth quarter, and Orlando had 17 turnovers in the second half. Golden State was ahead in OT, when both Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkulou missed three point attempts and the Warriors got the win. Joe Lacoub was excited, he was slapping high fives, and clapping with delight. “We’ll shock some people and win some big games like this,” Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “But it’s still a process to where we can grow this team to where we have a legitimate, contending team every year.”  Great resiliency by the Warriors. Tell me what you think? Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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