Are You Ready For Some Footballllll?!! You Might Be Waiting Awhile.

Posted: March 13, 2011 in National Football League, Special Interest Opinion

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell & Jerry Richardson

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell & Jerry Richardso


What’s up sports fans? I’ve already talked about the SuperBowl XLV, and how it was hard to see our former California native Aaron Rodgers after 5 seasons in the NFL get his first SuperBowl ring. Well I should be happy with what I saw. I might not see an NFL quarterback throw another pass over the middle for awhile. See they got this NFL lockout thing going. Ya know, when neither the NFL Players Union and the NFL owners can’t agree on a contract, then what happens is the NFL owners do what’s called a lockout. Trust me folks this word lockout in the NFL isn’t like when you were a little kid and your sister locked you out of the house.

Being locked out of the house isn’t good and neither is the NFL lockout.Trust me no one in the NFL is happy about this. The owners can’t make any money in the stadiums because there aren’t any games. The Players aren’t making any money because they aren’t playing. Referee’s aren’t making any money because they aren’t making any calls good or bad. Sponsors aren’t making any money because without games they can’t sponsor anyone. We, the spectators can’t spend any money because there’s nothing to spectate. You can now understand why the word lockout is bad, all they way around.

DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association Exec. Director

DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association Exec. Director

We spectators are going to be pretty upset if the 2011-2012 season is not a season at all. I mean c’mon people, we in the land of the 49ers just got a brand new coach, with a new offensive coach, and new defensive coach. We Niner fans are waiting for the opportunity to see how we’re going to compete in this league, and then the NFL lockout happens. I was anticipating Hank Williams Jr. belt out “Are you ready for some football?” “A Monday Night party. We got Al and …..” We’re not going to have anyone. There isn’t going to be a Monday Night party. The last time this happened was back in 1987. The NFL had a labor dispute, and this isn’t any different.We were told the Barack Obama has gotten involved. Most likely because he has a major stake in the economy of this country.

So if the NFL isn’t working he’s going to want to know why and he’s going to be involved in trying to fix it. Let’s face friends, majors sports produce major revenue so if these sports aren’t working because of a simple dispute then the President believes he can probably help them make adjustments. The President I’m sure doesn’t want the country to lose a little revenue behind a simple resolution. We the spectators just want them to work whatever issues they need worked out. Because were missing that pass over the middle, the referees telling us that after further review, and Hank Williams Jr. asking us the timed football hymn “Are you ready for some football?” Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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