Golden State’s Road Trip Car Runs Out Of Gas In New Jersey. Nets 94- Warriors 90

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Golden State Basketball


What’s up sports fans? Well it looked like the road trip was long and arduous. If your a Golden State player or a fan, you just wanted it to be over so the team can come home  and get a better reception than it’s been getting. The reception got worse in New Jersey. This was yet another winnable game that the gas in the tank of the car just ran out. Golden State in the closing minutes of the game just couldn’t buy a shot to save their lives. You could tell the guys were ultimately tired. New Jersey didn’t have Derron Williams which they recently acquired from Utah in a trade deal. So you thought, “Okay maybe we can get this one.”, but no it was anoter loss and wha’ts worse it was another road loss by just a few points.

You wanted to see a 3-5 road trip effort but buy the time that last minute was ticking in the 4th quarter, the Warriors just looked like they didn’t have anymore energy to put a fight for that coveted 3-5 record. Brook Lopez scored 26pts. and had 10 rebounds. With seconds on the clock he hit clutch free throws which pretty much put the game away.”The team definitely fought through on this one,” Lopez said. “I knew we’d pull it out just because of the way we were playing defense. We were getting stops.” You wondering how the Warriors felt in the locker room after the game, well just ask Monta Ellis,  “We are not happy at all,” guard Monta Ellis said after scoring 16 points on 7-for-22 shooting. “We only won two games (on this trip). That’s not enough to get us where we need to be.” This is a team that has the potential to be a playoff contender, and it’s almost as if there is something missing and you just can’t put your finger on it.

Once again it was another former Golden State Warrior who caused havoc for them. Anthony Morrow, oh yeah remember him? That’s what he was saying to Golden State when he was hitting 22pts. and five of his six rebounds in the 4th quarter. For Golden State it’s do or die. They have to have a miraculous record for the rest of the season. They would probably need to win 13 games with the last half of the season staring them in the face. Out of those 13 games most of them are going to be against teams that are playing above 500 basketball.   “We’ve just got to keep fighting,” guard Stephen Curry said. “Getting kind of late in the season. Kind of run out of excuses for the losses we’re having. But we’re all learning from it. We’ve just got to figure out what winning basketball is night in and night out.”

I feel for Curry and the rest of Golden State right now. “We didn’t play smart, (Keith Smart) basketball down the stretch,” the Warriors coach responded. “We had a chance to walk away with this game and unfortunately we didn’t. Stephen Curry is a young player and he is going to grow and become a better player. He will learn and manage these situations better. Point guard is the toughest position in the world because every player wants the ball. Every situation you have the ball is critical.”All the games on this road trip that they lost were games that were close. Games the opposing teams knew by the end of the game they got played. There wasn’t anyone from the opposing side skipping away from games after they played the Warriors. They were tired, winded, sweaty, and some of the games down the stretch they had some of these teams confused.

“That was game 64, It’s late,” Dorrell Wright said. “We have got to make that playoff push. That’s our goal. Every night we go out and play hard. In practice we challenge each other. It’s just that we keep falling short.” It’s hard to write this  but there was another former Warrior who had his hand causing the Golden State problems. Brandon Wright grabbed two rebounds and scored two points, it’s small numbers, but you take two points away and Golden State’s only down by two.  “I’m excited about the opportunity over here,” Wright said, “how they really want to see what I can do. They think I bring a different aspect to the team. They told me they would give me an opportunity to play. They want to see what I can do these last five weeks of the season.” Brandon Wright like so many former Warriors was able add to our losing woes. Golden State has to find a way to change their dynamic if they are going to be a serious playoff contender.

David Lee did finish with another double double, 17pts. and 10 rebounds. Steph Curry finished with 15pts. and Reggie Williams chipped in 10pts. We didn’t see a lot of defensive rebounding and scoring from Golden State’s big men. Three point shooting from Dorrell Wright would have made more of a challenge for the Nets. What can you say? It seems night after night a former Golden State Warrior is causing us problems.  It makes you wonder when everytime they’re playing someone it’s someone that used to play for us. I think it’s time the Warrior organization start learning how to retain good players instead of letting players go all the time. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBARAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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