Valiant Effort By Golden State Comes Up Short, Celtics 107-Warriors 103

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? Golden State had to take on the Celtics, or what I like to call them the “BIG GREEN MONSTER!” This game was different than the last one they played at Oracle Arena. Boston didn’t seem such as a threat, and the Warriors actually in my opinion played better then the Celtics did. But when your an NBA championship powerhouse like the Boston Celtics, no matter how well some pesky team like the Warriors play them, they can always find a way to win the game. Boston had good shooting in the first half by newcomer Jeff Green who came off the bench and finished with 21pts., and Rajon Rondo had 16 assists. I thought Keith Smart should’ve used Ekpe U’doh more in this game, because he could’ve covered Jeff Green.

Ray Allen had 27pts., but the key to Boston’s victory was a pivotal rebound by Ray Allen with seconds left to play.  “That was the best part of the day for me,” said Allen, who wasn’t sure he could play Friday because of a sore right knee. “I’m glad I’m able to do things like that for the team. Just knowing I can get in there. It’s not just about me shooting the ball.” Golden State would make Boston work for this win. David Lee had a double double night with 26pts. and 12 rebounds. Dorrell chipped in 11pts., but without a doubt the game ball went to Monta Ellis he had 41pts. and had the Warriors have someone else to assist with defensive rebounding they probably could’ve won this game. “We played a great game,” Ellis said. “We made some mistakes, but we had a chance to win.”

Ray Allen was the dagger in the Warriors heart, he hit two key free throws, on the only rebound he got all night which I wrote earlier, and just like the last game for Golden State it was the timing of the rebound that killed them. Ray Allen also had hit five straight three pointers which set the tone for the inevitable. Golden State did have an advantage in the game, primarily because Glen (Big Baby) Davis was out with a knee injury and their guard Von Wafer was also injured, Celtics don’t know when he will return or Von Wafer. The Warriors recently acquired Al Thorton, formerly of the Washington Wizards. I thought he would get more playing time in this one simply because of his size.

The Warriors need more big guys in the paint to wrestle down rebounds. “I just thought our intensity level went up,” Golden State coach Keith Smart said. “We became the aggressors.” He’s right because in the second half even though Boston had the lead they couldn’t put the Warriors away. Golden State only shot 5-19 from beyond the three arc, but they’re shot percentage was increased in the second half. The Warriors went on a 14-4 run, partly because Boston defense started to show signs of fatigue late in the game. With 4:06 left in the game Monta Ellis received a pass from Steph Curry, and he hit a three pointer to cut Boston’s lead 100-96. “It was a good test,” Allen said. “We showed some resiliency. We should have never been in that predicament.”

The game had 3:16 left to play when Monta hit another 3, which cut the game to 100-99. Paul Pierce who finished with 27pts. gave the Celtics a sigh of relief when he forced a 3pt. play. The Warriors attempted to tie the game, but Steph Curry tried a pass that ended up in the hands of Kevin Garnett. Boston led 105-101. David Lee dunked for two pts. that allowed Golden State to come within two points 105-103 with 37 seconds left. Ray Allen got a rebound from Kevin Garnett jumper that rimmed out, he was fouled which gave Boston the lead to close out the game 107-103. You like to see Golden State never say die attitude in a game like this, especially since last time they played at Oracle Ray Allen said, “This team over here doesn’t even belong on the same floor as us.” The Warriors almost made him eat his words. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

  1. Trub says:

    The road to THE FINALS is still through Los Angeles! You witnessed the Spurs defeat proving that the Lakers are still the team to beat if you want that trophy…the sleeper is going to be Chicago. The BIG GREEN MONSTER will run out of gas before they even get a chance to see the checkered flag. Wish the Warriors could have got Carmelo! Oh well, more Knicks wins will allow me to wear my old school Knicks “EWING” jersey more…LOL

    • rewing13 says:

      Dj Trub What’s up?

      I liked your comment. Your dead on. There is a piece I did on the Slam Dunk Championship you should look at. It’s in my Older entries tab at the bottom of the blog you read. Feel free to subcribe, because we have some banging content coming in future months. I’ll be blogging you soon. Keep the turntable wheels spinning.

      Best regards,

      Richard Ewing
      aka rewing13
      CIO Chief Info. Org.

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