Warriors Can’t Keep Pace With Indiana, Fall 109-100.

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? What can I say? The “L” category is becoming a familiar place for Golden State and it’s fans. Golden State continued it’s hazardous road trip by losing to Indiana 109-100. In a game where it was time to find a turn around on this self destructing road trip, the Warriors continue to let games get away from them. “I’ve got two teams right now: a great offensive team and a good defensive team,” Smart said. “I have two of them in the middle and I have to figure out how to splice that and turn them into one again.” Mr. Smart you better figure it out fast.

Danny Granger finished with 27pts., 7 rebounds and 2 assists. What was pivotal for Indiana was 1. Granger’s free throws. He was 16-16 from the line, perfect! 2. Paul George and Tyler Hansborough combined for 26pts. off the bench. What was also key for the Pacers was the timing of each of their players contributions. Most of Paul George’s points came late in the forth quarter with 6:05 left to play. Tyler Hansborough killed the Warriors with his three point plays. Golden State had no defense for him, and he continued to pound shots inside the 10-20 feet area of the paint. Granger and Roy Hibert combined for 21 pts. and controlled the game early. This was a good win, not necessarily a big win,” Pacers forward Tyler Hansborough said. “We really needed the victory after those two losses.”

Tyler Hansborough has only been in the league for 2 seasons and he can already say that a win against Golden State isn’t a good win. I stated in my blog concerning the Boston Celtic’s game that this league doesn’t respect the Warriors and his statement proved just that. What is interesting is that both teams are evenly matched, so why couldn’t the Warriors get the win? Once again, no Defense! No Defense!! Warriors got out rebounded in the second half 24-17. The Warriors did hold the Pacers to a lower shooting percentage in the fourth quarter, the problem was Golden State’s offense fell asleep in the fourth. Dorrell Wright missed a key 3pt. shot that would put the Warriors within three points of the lead.

“I think we’re focused on what we’re trying to do,” Curry said of the Warriors’ defense. “We have a lot of effort. We have to look at film and see what teams are doing. I’m trying to find an answer. I don’t really have one.” This is a team that when they play defense as unit, they can match up well with the best franchise’s in this league. They’re also a team that when don’t play as a unit they can fall harder than stone. Reggie Williams did shoot 25pts. Once again Andris failed to show any real numbers, 3 Offensive rebounds no block shots, and what made matters worse he couldn’t score. I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for the way Andris Biedrins is playing.

The guy is making $65 million over a 5 year deal, I’m sorry but when your making that kind of money you need to show some better numbers than that. No double double night for David Lee he finished with 19pts. Monta Ellis finished with 13pts. “Tonight, we did a great job answering their runs,” George said. “We were able to fight them off and ultimately get a win.” You can only hope that Golden State finds some silver lining in this road trip, get some wins and make the road trip Golden. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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